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7 Signs That it’s Time to Change

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. -Confucius There are a lot of reasons you can start to feel dissatisfaction with your life. Sometimes, a big change is beckoning. Other times, it can be a small change that’s … Continue reading

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A bit of my story

I consider singing one of the true gifts I have. I used to climb to the top of the oak tree in my backyard and sing to, um, God. We had a great time, as did the neighboring forest. I … Continue reading

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Living a Soul-Infused Life

Denise Barnes here, author of the Soul Savvy Net blog, here to introduce myself and tell you the reason behind the blog. You might call me a musician with a day job. A healer by day and performer by night. … Continue reading

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Aim True for 2019

Put 2018 to bed, and Take 2019 out DancingA clearing and visioning self retreat3 videos and a couple PDFs for Soul Savvy subscribersto make the most of 2019 You’ll need paper and pen or laptop, last year’s calendar, and a … Continue reading

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All Souls Day channel 11-1-18

11-1-18 from High Priestess Octavia Greetings Denise and Kin, Oh hallow, Halloween, hallowed fellows and kin, This is the time, of stopping, of honoring. What a precious act, this 10/31 11/1 doorway. If you could see and know from our … Continue reading

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High Priestess’ Planning Suggestions

10-13-18 I’m working on a new project, and had a little voice start to emerge last week. Well, maybe not so little. She’s the “High Priestess” – with a somewhat unexpected (southern) accent. Let’s see what she has to say … Continue reading

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LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

Law of Attraction. When did you first hear this term? For many of you, it was probably long before the movie The Secret came out in 2007(feels like it was 1997 somehow). Then all the hype that followed, including pushing people … Continue reading

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Soul Mission Control Update: 11-11-14

The group, (John the Baptist, Areeanna of the Pleiades, and Octavia the High Priestess), Channeled by Denise Barnes for Soul Savvy subscribers. To subscribe, please visit – or if here, see that box on the side of the page … Continue reading

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4 Essentials for Energy of Intention Mastery

The Authentic Action Mastermind group is setting the groundwork for some serious dream wrestling. Bringing vision to reality involves translating the metaphysical to the physical, and there can be some bumps in the road. Using energy work can help keep … Continue reading

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July 2014 Energy Report

“CAST OFF THE BIG LUMPY THINGS”   I am grateful to say that my channeling continues to be a fun experiment. This started for me in 2013, after years of interest that I finally followed up on. As you can perhaps … Continue reading

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