Having a Healthy Wealth is a clear relationship with money and work – which increases happiness and helps you give your best contribution and gifts.

Befriending Money: Clear the Barriers to Soul Blessed Salary
11 minute video
(Note: My old website is no longer active. If you’re curious about the Befriend Money Insight session that is mentioned, email soulbizsavvy at or arrange a free consult)

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The book: Creating Money: Keys to Abundance, by Sanaya Roman and DuanePacker.

Making Peace with Money; Earn What you Deserve – Jerrold Mundis.
He is one of the originals in the field of money work.

The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist. A classic text on money work – innovative view.

Unveiling the Heart of your Business, Mark Silver – great book on business with heart.

Let me know how it goes, and what else might be useful to support you in your mission. 


Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez co-authored the book Your Money or Your Life. See the following website for free information and guidance on using the 9 Steps they name for financial integrity.

Joe figured out the $ thing early, retired, then spent the rest of this life teaching this system to others. One of the roots of the simplicity movement I believe. – for the book, and other programs.

A basic money management tool