Befriending Money: Clear the Barriers to Soul Blessed Salary
11 minute video by Denise Barnes

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The Doubt Diva Teleseminar

Did you know that the #1 challenge reported by CEOs is fraud? Not financial fraud, feeling like one! Listen to this recent teleseminar for how doubt works for the rest of us, and how to stay courageous and keep doing your soul genius work.

Listen here.

Core Belief exercise

One of my favorite writing exercises for dealing with doubts, and possible limiting beliefs.


A basic money management tool

A problem solving worksheet

An end of the year review questionnaire

A tool for working with negative thoughts


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Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez co-authored the book Your Money or Your Life. See the following website for free information and guidance on using the 9 Steps they name for financial integrity.

Joe figured out the $ thing early, retired, then spent the rest of this life teaching this system to others. One of the roots of the simplicity movement I believe. – for the book, and other programs.

D.K. Brainard – visionary soul astrologer, artist and author – I recommend you get on his e-list at


The book: Creating Money: Keys to Abundance, by Sanaya Roman and DuanePacker.

Making Peace with Money; Earn What you Deserve – Jerrold Mundis.
He is one of the originals in the field of money work.

The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist. A classic text on money work – innovative view.

Unveiling the Heart of your Business, Mark Silver – great book on business with heart.

Let me know how it goes, and what else might be useful to support you in your mission. 

Denise Barnes