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Has your inspiration with work and life decreased? Every so often, you can hit that wall or sink a bit. You’ve known you are meant to contribute something to the world. When that is off track, confusion and anxiety or just plain MEH can take over. Fun and energy wane.  Without your clarity and purpose, anxiety can rise, and stress takes a toll. The short terms pleasures, distractions and procrastinations only lead to more restlessness and impatience – the pressure builds and builds.

When you have a calling, often that means constant change. Change makers – you know, creative types who aren’t just about success in the material sense – always face new invitations to grow. Life is calm for a while, but then the unknown arrives again. This can be disruptive, yet on the other side of that shake up is more aliveness and a fresh reboot. A whole new level of life and work is often just around the corner.

Graceful change, living with purpose and contributing your most creative skills while earning a good living – these skills are not commonly taught. Yet these are the most important life skills it turns out, as you seek to expand into all you were meant to be. Some of these areas are new and cutting edge, some of them make you less likely to fit into the hamster wheel anymore. There is a reason they are not common knowledge. When it’s time to take your skills and life to a new level, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can create these shifts with more grace when you have the support you need.

Denise Barnes’ mission is to help the creative helpers work smarter and live with more abundance, joy and fulfillment. She knows that big success is often fostered by small steps. These steps keep creativity and dreams alive, and that aliveness nourishes clients spiritually and materially.

Clients have landed dream jobs, increased income and recognition at current jobs, added exciting creative skills to current work/businesses, and resolved spiritual questions and regrets that were blocking progress. Her background includes a master’s degree, psychotherapy license, national trainer status for Motivational Interviewing (habit change wisdom), trauma and life coach (ILCT) training, and Reverend status as a spiritual guide and intuitive. She’s a one stop shop for unblocking creative flow and aligning and empowering your best work and life.

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