Is it time to banish the barriers that derail your most joyful, powerful life?

It’s a crazy time. Tons of stress and chaos in the outer world, plenty of distractions and derail options. Things are good really, right? Except there is a voice, an urge, a hunch, an unanswered question. Maybe they’re not fully formed, no; not entirely clear. But at times you know – I’m not using my full potential! There’s more to contribute here. Something is missing! Or there is too much of something else going on – and it’s not the real deal. It is not the gold you’re meant to get to; to give. From that deeper place of truth, of your soul’s purpose.

What did you really come here to do? Are you on that path or not?

At times, you might get clear, get a clue. But the old baggage rises to block the progress. Sometimes it’s not even your baggage! It’s ancient history! You may stay comfortable and safe, sure – but that’s never enough. Not when your brilliant gifts and exciting growth is squelched.

That deeper path and inner voice is hard to ignore. And that’s the good news.

This angst is a sign of a new direction – an invitation. If you lack confidence about how to increase your best work, your happiness and aliveness, I can assure you, it’s real. It’s time. Your deepest purpose matters. Your highest intelligence and courage can be activated and it can get fun.

What people say: 

I’ve been guided by Denise as both a therapist and a business coach, and both experiences have been transformational. The wisdom and tools she’s imparted upon me have tangibly made my life better — giving me tools to deal with stress and anxiety, clearing past trauma and enabling me to be my best self while building a business to name just a few.

When I started, I felt lost in my own thoughts and completely overwhelmed with how to start building my business. I was tired of not 

stepping up to what I sensed was possible!

Sometimes it can seem that coaching is too expensive or that there won’t be enough time to use it well, but I use the tools I learned in coaching in my everyday life to align with the heart of my business. Plus, they help me gain clarity in my ideal clients, use time efficiently, and develop my genius zone – as well as identifying what is NOT my genius work.

I’m eternally grateful for the practical business growth Soul Fire Coaching has given, as well as the overall connection to the spiritual, guiding force of my business. Being more deeply aligned helps me know – the answers are within. It’s so powerful to have access to this knowledge on a regular basis. I’m on a path that truly feels RIGHT, and I’m making money working with soul work clients along the way.
Josephine Agrawal, posing in her genius work, for a soul work client

You can clear the doubts and baggage that trip you up. You can align with your most powerful gifts, and the most important things you came to do. It’s time and it is critical now to have everyone leaning in.

It’s a wild, precious life, as Mary Oliver said.

It takes a lot of time and effort, to gain a life as a human. Now is No Time to be half-hearted. All hands, all gifts, all humor needed!

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Soul fire coaching costs money, it’s true. You never want to go into debt (as I have at times) to get this kind of support. But often there is a budget for it, and you still deny yourself. “I’ll figure this out. I’ve got this.” Clarity and confidence one day, and then the old whispers the morning after. It’s scary these steps. You wonder if you have what it takes. Voices bring up an entirely irrelevant yet logical point to hold you back.

But logic is not the only skill you need to come alive, to gain empowerment and joy. It’s takes an investment to break through ceilings, to get joyfully alive. Often you need to ask for help though you have the knowledge but that’s not enough. Luckily, more is known now about how trauma and negative past experiences get in the way. Then there is the bigger perspective that intuitive knowing – mine and yours – can add to your understanding of what you really want and need. Soul fire coaching invites helpful surprises…

That’s the beauty and uniqueness possible. We combine the latest brain research, the accountability of coaching, the best tools of psychotherapy (without the over focus on fixing) AND spot on intuition. This activates your intuitive knowing. This work shines to expand your creativity and courage. The clarity comes through me but is not me alone. Our collaboration, this co-created sacred space speeds your progress exponentially. 

What’s helps create this healing environment of encouragement and deep healing? Whether it could be a personality of a deep, no BS banisher of any darkness or misguided beliefs. Or time spent doing the work and training (coming up on three decades). I’ve been in the healing trenches for thirty decades. Gifts can be years, and lifetimes, in the making. 

Friend, you can do this. Step into the world changing role you came to offer. These deep gifts of your matter! Because unlike my “old biddy ancestors” might insist – it doesn’t have to be hard. It’s not about survival, the most toys and cash, right? It’s about fulfilling your soul mission and purpose.

Let’s talk…

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However you found this, I’m glad you did. More and more soul workers are stepping up. I look forward to sharing some great stories, at that big fire pit in the sky. Blessings your way.