Is it time to step into your most powerful work and life?

It’s a crazy time. Tons of stress and chaos in the outer world, plenty of distractions to keep you too busy to get real. To face what’s going on below the surface. Things are good really, right? Except there is a voice, an urge, a hunch, an unanswered question. They are not fully formed, no; not entirely clear. But at times you know – I’m not there yet! There’s more potential, more to contribute here. Something is missing! Or there is just too much of something else going on – and it’s not the real deal. Not the most important stuff you’re meant to get to; to give.

When you do occasionally look below the surface of the OKness of life now, you feel the gap. In those moments, you ask, “What did I really come here to do?” “What’s this urge not getting met?”

At times, you might get clear, get a clue or two. But then the next morning, the doubts rise. The old baggage tries to wave you down. Sometimes it’s not even your baggage! Those old voices and patterns that keep you stuck can feel ancient. They may keep you comfortable and safe, sure; but that’s never enough. They sure can keep you quiet, and keep your brilliant gifts squelched.

The angst though, cannot be squelched. That deeper truth and inner voice is hard to ignore. And that’s the good news.

This angst is a sign of a new direction – an invitation for you. If you are unsure or lack confidence about how to increase your best work, your happiness and aliveness, I can help you access your deepest purpose. Your highest intelligence.

You can yes, clear the doubts and baggage that trip you up. You can go beyond the inner dialogue that circles endlessly without results. You can align with your most powerful gifts, and the most important things you came to do. Clarity about this bigger picture will quickly get you back into the flow to empower your work, and bless your life.

It’s a wild and precious life here, as Mary Oliver said.

It takes a lot of time and effort, to gain a life as a human. Don’t waste it! No time to be halfhearted about this mess we’re in as a planet. All hands, all gifts, all humor needed!

Soul fire coaching costs money, it’s true. You never want to go into debt (as I have at times) to get this kind of support. But often there is a budget for it, and you still deny yourself. “I should be able to figure this out. I’ve got this.” Clarity and confidence one day, and then the old whispers the morning after, that want to keep you comfortable. That wonder if you have what it takes. That bring up an entirely irrelevant yet logical point.

But logic is not the only skill you need to come alive, to gain empowerment and joy in your life. It’s taken me quite an investment myself, to get joyfully alive (and the ability to ask for help and get the best training). Lucky for us, now more is known about how trauma and negative past experiences live in the emotional brain and get in the way. Then there is the bigger perspective that intuitive knowing – mine and yours – can add to your understanding of what you really want and need.

That’s the beauty of this work, this soul fire coaching. It combines the latest brain research, the accountability of coaching, the best tools of psychotherapy (without the over focus on fixing), and intuitive knowledge deep within. This container shines with truth and light that expands your creativity and courage. This clarity comes through me but is not necessarily mine. It’s taken years to be this clear of a container. This co-created sacred space is spot on, and, quite fun. We end up laughing a lot. Probably a good sign, huh?

What’s helped me become so good at creating this healing environment of encouragement and deep healing? Some would say it’s my astrology chart, setting me up to be a deep, no BS banisher of any darkness in the way. Some might say it’s the time spent doing the work and my training (coming up on three decades). I’m a master’s level licensed psychotherapist, a fully trained life coach, a trainer of health professionals, and for the last decade, a student intuitive/energy healing. You know how this is. Gifts can be years, and lifetimes, in the making. Let’s make it fun!

It’s time to step into the world changing role you came to offer. To enhance the life in which you use these deep gifts. Because unlike my old biddy ancestors might insist – it doesn’t have to be hard. It’s not about survival, the most toys and cash, right? It’s about the soul mission.

Where to go from here…

If this is ringing your bell, causing your ears and nose to twitch, lighting up your heart or belly – please set up a brief conversation with me to see if we’re a good fit for this fire-side coaching connection. I just take a few clients at a time. You can get on the wait list if I’m full.

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Blessings to your deepest soul mission, comrade. I’ll look forward to sharing some great stories, at that big fire pit in the sky. Namaste!