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Spring 2024:
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Supporting healers, leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs to clear doubts, and increase your contribution, success, confidence, and ease.

Even powerful executives can have crippling anxiety and doubts. Is that a weakness? Not necessarily. Is that a problem? Not always.

Creatures of comfort that we are, change is uber-threatening at first. It will rattle your cage when it’s time to grow or deepen your contribution.

But that doesn’t mean STOP. It doesn’t mean you’re a WIMP. (OK, only if you stop…)

The good news is, you can accept this invitation to rise to a new level. To take a courageous next step.

You may lack confidence or feel more stress than usual. So what – that’s fixable.

And – your deepest purpose matters. Your wisdom and courage can grow. And, you deserve ease and abundance while you make this powerful contribution to the world.

We all have our inner Doubt Diva. If she’s in charge – you might be struggling with:

  • Doubts that block confidence and next steps – causing stress and circling
  • Rising anxiety that takes over and squashes fun and quality of life
  • Frustration with money fears and limits when they KNOW they’re capable of more
  • Second guessing vs. Being ON FIRE – so other life areas get neglected

With Soul Fire Coaching, there is hope for growth and transformation.

  • You regain a sense of control and empowerment with life’s challenges FAST
  • There is a return of humor and gratitude – a much more magnetic and fun stance
  • Your mind is cleared of chatter and self-criticism
  • Your heart gets stronger so it can handle emotions and grow in this intelligence
One client’s success story: 

I’ve been guided by Denise as both a therapist and a business coach, and both experiences have been transformational. The wisdom she’s imparted upon me has tangibly made my life better — giving me tools to deal with stress and anxiety, clearing past trauma, and enabling me to be my best self while building a business to name just a few.

When I started, I felt lost in my own thoughts and completely overwhelmed with how to start building my business. I was tired of not stepping up to what I sensed was possible!

Sometimes it can seem that coaching is too expensive or that there won’t be enough time to use it well, but I use the tools I learned in coaching in my everyday life to align with the heart of my business. Plus, they help me gain clarity in my ideal clients, use time efficiently, and develop my genius zone – as well as identify what is NOT my genius work.

I’m eternally grateful for the practical business growth Soul Fire Coaching has given, as well as the overall connection to the spiritual, guiding force of my business. Being more deeply aligned helps me know – the answers are within. It’s so powerful to have access to this knowledge on a regular basis. I’m on a path that truly feels RIGHT, and I’m making money working with soul work clients along the way.
Josephine Agrawal, posing in her genius work, for a soul work client

Clear the doubts that trip you up.
Contribute with your most powerful gifts and the things you really came to do. It’s time. The world needs you to step up, now more than ever.

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