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Creatives. Healing Arts Professionals. Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs. Visionaries here to make a difference – 

What a time! Whether you were surviving or thriving before the global pandemic upon us, it can feel more important than ever to step up. Covid-19 is a wake up call – time is not infinite. If you are an authentic, growth-oriented professional here to make a difference in our world, your best work is needed. Honor that voice. Give the gift of your truest contribution, and take your work to a new level.

You can get clear, and gain the confidence to move into the opportunity of this global game changing time. You can help!

2020 IS A UNIQUE year! 2021 looks like more of the same…Transformation opportunity or ?

There is a special need and opportunity now. Your work, your true purpose, could be asking for an upgrade – a major reset. It may be asking you to bring more of your essence or soul into your day to day living and work life.

It’s a great time to step it up, to step into your soul mission and your full contribution. Are you here for a deeper reason? Thank goodness! Many feel this way now. Your gifts, your heart and soul are needed to take this Earth to the next level. No time to waste here.

You were made for this time. You can grow to fulfill the destiny that all of your gifts and knowledge are exquisitely designed to deliver. All that brought you here to this moment and time is important. You are at the gateway, to take all of this knowledge and experience to the next stage.


Do you have doubts about what you’re hearing? Are you unclear, unsure what to do next? No worries, that is normal. Often it’s a part of the equation. Soul Savvy coaching brings grounding, clarity and dissolves negative beliefs. Creating a bigger support network is part of what’s needed, for this bigger  you that is poised to emerge. Accountability is needed. Then, taking daring action can happen with ease, in a sustainable, smart and even enjoyable way.


I’m Denise Barnes. Our mission is to help spiritually aware professionals clear the hesitation, the doubts and the fears so they can offer their deepest contribution. My clients are ready to change, to invest in their dream and take the next steps. Those next daring actions will rekindle their creativity, bring peace to their finances, and help the world.

A licensed therapist, intuitive and life coach, I’ve created soul blessed work and salary. As a singer, writer and performer, I’ve kept my art alive and it “comes in to play” in the work I do. Not done yet, I continue to do brave things and dance with my Doubt Diva, but she never takes the stage. I have created my dream business, growing and deepening my work every day.

Soul Savvy Clients have landed dream jobs, increased income and recognition at current jobs, resolved spiritual questions and regrets that were blocking happiness, and communicated more effectively at work and with loved ones. They live, create and love better.

My two decades of experience and “phenomenal arsenal” of experiential tools help you tap into your wisdom and know what’s next. This helps you connect with your own truth. I want you to have the joy of being an independent creator of what is most important and meaningful in this life. Your path will be accelerated, and soon it will be super fun.

It really is time – time to contribute, time to blend spirit and practical steps, time to have a soul-blessed salary using your gifts. This isn’t a selfish thing, because your gifts are needed, and they are a big fat help to this struggling world. So let #thesoulsavvyway help you heal and clear the obstacles, clarify your current purpose, and give you the confidence to keep taking those next steps. You will go from confusion and hesitation, to clarity and confidence that comes from taking right action.

There are so many client success stories to share! And there will be a new program in September. More news to come…


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