Creatives. Healing Arts Professionals. Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs; all of you here to make a difference:

Whether you were surviving or thriving before the global pandemic upon us, it can feel more important than ever to step up to full presence and clarity. Covid-19 is a wake up call that time is not infinite. If you are an authentic, growth-oriented, professional here to make a difference in our world, it’s time. It’s time to step up and give the gift of your truest contribution. It’s time to honor that voice. You can get clear, face the risk, and gain the confidence you need to move into the opportunity of this global game changing time.

Along with threats, the gifts of this time are also present. Before this, business as usual kept us comfortable and perhaps a bit distracted. True change is freakin’ hard, and rarely happens.  You know what is good for you; but it’s not always what you do. A lot goes on in the precious life of the light walker! A lot to handle in the day to day. And what’s most important, those next steps of soul contribution and creativity, are often last on the list.

And that’s the opportunity here and now. Maybe like you, I didn’t meditate regularly or enough. I fudged taking needed actions. I struggled to prioritize and then procrastinated into overwhelm. I put my self care last and watched my energy and intentions dwindle when I needed them most. Yes, I had accomplished a lot too – but I hadn’t yet created the soul-fired alignment that was calling me.

That was before, friend. And it’s a new now. The calling to step into your soul mission and your full contribution – that bell is ringing way loud now. If  you sense you’re here for a deeper reason, thank goodness,  because all gifts and hearts are needed to take this Earth to the next level. Let’s not waste this opportunity, OK? It is time. You were made for this time. You can step forth to fulfill the destiny that all of your gifts and knowledge are exquisitely designed to deliver.

And know that if you have doubts, if you’re not exactly clear what to do next, that is normal. Often it’s a part of the equation that you need to create a bigger support network for this bigger  you that is set to evolve. Certainly it can help to have the accountability and clarity that you need to make the best laid plan. To take daring action once you are clear, in line with what is sustainable and smart.

Hello and welcome. I’m Denise Barnes and my mission is to help soulful professionals clear the hesitation, the doubts and fears so they can offer their deepest contribution to this needy world. My clients are ready to make the change to invest in their dream and get clear on the next steps. The next daring actions that will rekindle their passion, creativity and aliveness.

I’m a master’s level licensed Psychotherapist, Health and Life Coach, national Trainer for Motivational Interviewing (habit change wisdom), Trauma clearing specialist and Spiritual Counselor. Bla Bla Bla. My renaissance card also includes performance as a singer, writer, one woman show performer, and character comic. No wonder it’s been complicated! The point is, I have done brave things myself, I have created my dream business, and I am always growing.

Clients have landed dream jobs, increased income and recognition at current jobs, resolved spiritual questions and regrets that were blocking happiness, and communicated more effectively at work and with loved ones. They live, create and love better.

I work as a Telehealth Provider as well as out of my office in Boulder CO – in normal times. Phone, and video/phone sessions are enhanced by 19 years experience as a telephone counselor and coach, and by my intuitive listening and energy healing skills. Experiential work is a big part of what I do, using movement, inner inquiry and spiritual meditations to include all parts of the mind, body and spirit in your upcoming transformation. These tools will be with you for life, as I want you to soon be an independent creator of all you want.

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