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Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson

Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, By Mark Manson

This book starts out with a bang and doesn’t stop. For the soul savvy crew, it’s going to be loved for its humor alongside its mega truths, both given in ample doses. One problem for some is the constant F bomb traffic. Yes, this is a major Los Angeles type of F bomb traffic that won’t let up. For those immune to that problem, you’ll sail through this like a sci fi car that can jolt to air travel. For those from NJ or other lands of constant F bomb traffic, you may well resonate with the way this adds a sexy and enlightening emphasis to the message.

(Caution: I will be reverting to NJ level of comfort with the f bomb lingo, though still couching it uncourageously with the f*ck nomenclature. For now.)

With this albeit shocking title, you might think the book is a new manual for slackers. Or that author (MM) is just a wiseass f*ck head, creating another viral wave, the lucky bastard. But no, this is not about how to slacker surf at all. This is about how to choose wisely, those areas you will give a f*ck about. And he’ll expose the areas you unwittingly put too much energy into, due to outside programming etc.

Humans move along, especially quasi entitled, enlightened humans, working on the latest hacks for self improvement and happiness. Great, smart to do. But then books like this come along that notice, Oh all that focus on evolving has gotten us into a pickle again. It takes a brilliant mind and right timing to be able to say, “WTF! This is all wrong.” Or, “Man, does this model need some tweaking!”

Enter subtle art, all in chapter one. What’s the problem? Continue reading

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Fiery Politics – Thoughts for Sensitives

Temperatures are running high in the US and the world – and it’s not only global warming. The current politics have become so polarized. Respectful debate? A lost art. But wait a minute. Remember the John Adams historical fiction TV series? It depicted our forefathers – sure they had passionate disagreements. Yet, they stayed respectful and honorable toward one another. Some were even deep friends. Even twenty years ago, that was still the case. No, it wasn’t perfect, but intelligent debate was known to be crucial to democracy.

Sensitives, light workers, creative types, are sensitive to moods, anger, conflict, pain, loud noises, and over-stimulation. They’re more negatively impacted by other’s pain than most (more info on the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) here ). Does this mean all sensitives need to hide or withdraw? Not necessarily. But you may have to get uber creative to find ways to make your contribution, and stay engaged. Continue reading

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All Souls Day channel 11-1-18

11-1-18 from High Priestess Octavia

Greetings Denise and Kin,

Oh hallow, Halloween, hallowed fellows and kin,

This is the time, of stopping, of honoring. What a precious act, this 10/31 11/1 doorway. If you could see and know from our view, you would be delighted. To see the timeless blessing of all kin being together in this moment, being embraced. It is a simple act, ritual etc., yet it echoes gloriously through the caverns of time, alighting and aligning so beautifully. Massive resets, hallos/hallows on hallowed ground of existence, this honoring of this doorway.

These moments, well they are rare enough, though they can happen anytime, truly. Agree though that it is a special time. A time to take a moment, to light a candle, to put out some picture frames with your family ones, your ancestors. A time to note those things that symbolize this corridor of connection, of these roots of yours; it is as though a sonorous gong is sounded through the kingdoms. A healing sound, a sound that speaks of love and gratitude, a sound that honors creator and all of existence.

We know that the ancestor territory can sometimes be laden with mixed feelings, mixed blessings, aho for sure. Continue reading

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Book Review: Beyond the Messy Truth, Van Jones

Review – Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart * How We Come Together, Van Jones

The recent Sounds True virtual summit, “Waking up in the World: Heal our Hearts, Cultivate Courage, Inspire Action, was tremendous. I only caught a few talks, one of which was Van Jones (VJ), “Breaking out of your Resistance Bubble”. This great interview, with Tami Simon, had me running to the library to get his book, Beyond the Messy Truth. He is a regular contributor to CNN and he hosts The Van Jones Show (wiki link, & his website).

As a sensitive, I’m not the hungriest consumer of political news; afterwards I often need a sanity-protective bubble. (Heard of Highly Sensitive People? description here.) It can be especially  challenging today, when it seems the art of respectful dialogue is largely lost. This is a more recent state of affairs, though.

That’s why I love love love this book. Great holiday gift for both sides of the aisle. I’ll give you the low down here on the benefits it provides, the salvation even, and why VJ’s background makes him the perfect human to express this desperately needed voice. May his wisdom help us all cope and act with courage and kindness.

I invite your thoughts on how you best cope today, in the comments below or, send a personal email; just hit reply.


VJ wastes no time in this tome. First he explains how it all got so f*ed up; how we’ve come apart. This is helpful, because there’s often so much head scratching on how we got here, baldness results. Continue reading

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High Priestess’ Planning Suggestions


I’m working on a new project, and had a little voice start to emerge last week. Well, maybe not so little. She’s the “High Priestess” – with a somewhat unexpected (southern) accent. Let’s see what she has to say about the importance of this planning and tweaking / course correction stuff…

Hello chil’ (child)

Well now look atcha there. Can I be proud? Do you mind me raisin’ the roof about your past leaps there dear one?? Yep, it has been busy, I know, I know. Let’s just be clear now that you wouldn’t even have to have had DONE all that either – see, because just being still HERE is about 75% of that there success in the times we have been a-changing. Simple stuff to realize and relax yo little self about, in terms of the big picture for just a moment. Kay? Yep cause getting here was, say, mo than half the battle, and no easy feat sister. No easy feat, t’all.

OK then now onto all that brain science, hey? Planning, well I s’pose I may have done some plannin’ in my time, but mostly I just kept in mind my truth in the day to day. Yes? Right you are dear, right you are. You are right in it, see. When I trouble to ask you, what is the REAL reason now, not the past nor the future, see, but the NOW REAL REASON for your soul skipping through this wreckage ha ha, right, all that creation and destruction simultaneously swinging all around – answer me that honey –

What is the true soul mission as our host says, right now for you, emerging anew perhaps, like a Kentucky derby so to speak Continue reading

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3 Skills for Healers’/Artists’ Life Inventory Time

Happy post New Moon zone dear Reader. Phew was I glad to pass through that last end of the cycle. The astro guides note that the planet Venus went retrograde; I know there was some Pluto moves going on. Not long before that, the equinox, that suspended-see-saw-time of day-night balance, graced us. Guess what THAT invited.

Yep, time for inventory. An invitation for some to ask, how about that b word? How is the balance faring? How are those projects, that quality of life, your true progress, and all of that going? Of course, let’s not forget the heart space, the creative time, the loved ones exchange rate, the stress management, the growth and healing requirements – the whole she bang so to speak. How are things working out?

Not to say this happens for all, or only at this time of equinox – just to say it might have some relevance (see the Power Path updates for Sept and Oct which also name this theme.) and yes, all hell was breaking loose, heaven too I guess, before I read their updates… bless synchronicity, lightworker resources and being in it together, eh?

Why might you do a life inventory now and then? Well it can be a reality check – and give your course a bit of tweaking if needed. If I’m neglecting something, or perhaps needing to clarify priorities amidst the craziness, this can be a huge help. Sometimes I need to retire my inner couch potato for a while. Sometimes and probably more often, I’ve done a helluva lot but mind is somehow not agreeing with that. All in all, it helps us strengthen our surefootedness on the trail of meaning and dream creation. You know, that stuff we’re really here for.

THREE ESSENTIAL SKILLS for healer artist life inventories

Maybe it’s the curse of those ancient birthing techniques of the late boomer wave, including complete anesthesia for mom and lack of a catcher position for the all-important entry, but I find new beginnings can be rough. So you DON’T want to approach things like I might in one of THOSE moods – bleary-eyed, doom-filled, convinced it all is just awful and in short, so am I. I should have mastered more by now! What are those empty zones floating about in that quality of life physical! You follow me…

(Quick, write that “you rock” reminder letter for moments like that, before the amnesia hits again…)

You may have your own harsh pattern when re-vision or assessment calls, or when disruption causes you to question – what was the plan? Am I still on track? What seems to be missing? Etc. So first let’s name a few essential skills for how to conduct this reassessment or QOL physical.

SKILL ONE: Kindness, positive self-regard. Birth and life and restarting/revisioning are often challenging enough without adding the Eeyore overlay. Continue reading

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LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

Law of Attraction. When did you first hear this term? For many of you, it was probably long before the movie The Secret came out in 2007(feels like it was 1997 somehow). Then all the hype that followed, including pushing people beyond limits (James Arthur Ray) in a sweat lodge experience that cost thousands. Plus all of the well-intentioned perhaps, but overly material focus on acquiring beamers and mansions… Probably good reasons that many were turned off to the LOA, and why I have a bit of discomfort when I now hear the term.

So, how about a NEW NAME CONTEST!! for the thing. Reply to this email with any inspirations. Funny or otherwise…

That said, there is a lot I DO LOVE about this type of work, method, approach. Which by the way, predates Jesus. It may take a while to get the hang of it, and to make it work for you. It has taken me time to actually feel it as a dance. Ask for it, do-si-do from the universe, notice it, bow back…
It really is a pretty cool spiritual practice and paradigm, when you can extract the hype and make it your own.

Here are four things I love about it, that “LOA” thang…

1) It can update and replace our EGO mind with a whole new program. Continue reading

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Waking Up in the Dark

Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
Got to kick at the darkness ‘til it bleeds daylight

– Bruce Cockburn, Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Stealing Fire, 1984

2018. It’s been six years since 2012, when some-kind-of-wonderful awakening was promised. emember that? I didn’t hear of any extraordinary ascensions at that time – at least not the predicted anti-rapture. Personally, that year ended one of my most difficult life passages, go figure. Bruce Cockburn’s above were relevant, and they still are. Yes, now I can look back and smile, but that took a few years.

Today though, I do see more signs of awakening. 2012’s promise – better late than never? Or was it all meant to happen this way, the darkest crevices of our humanity coming to light, as we simultaneously clear our personal and collective debris. Now, I haven’t spotted any white robed beings surfing off into the ethers on golden Frisbee orbs. Yet it does feel like the darkness is getting kick boxed out of the basement, as many are also finding their way to their golden wholeness.

Many years before her final days in this life, shifts in my relationship with my Mom Continue reading

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January New Moon channel 1-20-15


Denise Barnes channels a group of three ascended masters, calling themselves the Trinities.

Greetings soul conscious ones. Take a breath with us to arrive into presence. Welcome to this auspicious day and tremulous year. Are you ready to create a year of unabashed dream creation alongside the usual tumult? This is the most favored multi-tasking spiritually speaking – the attention to the spirit work, the REAL items of your soul’s journey, while you do laundry, as you also take care of business so to speak, chopping the wood and carrying the water. Lucky most of you don’t have to take it to that level (smile).

The first step is to remember, to rename for this year’s journey, what soul activation zones you will prioritize. We remind you this does not have to instantly become your livelihood if it is not already, and that it does not have to comprise an 8 hour day if it is a new area etc. Follow Denise’s advice on how to name the areas of focus, and write these down or similarly construct them for your memory to hold. And then make your plans and set loose goals of how to daily pay them homage.

There is a fair amount of synchronicity, of auto pilot that will then happen with these areas so blessed. Sometimes you may find that your January clarity might almost feel forgotten, but then in November you look back and realize, Oh my gosh, that happened! That was realized in such an effortless way. This is nice, because other areas will take quite some effort, and will require you to suspend your judgment, suspend your prior “smallness” as you stretch into fuller expressions of god in you.

At this time, we recommend you connect with your spirit to ask for the pathway and the projects of this year. You can point out what is untenable in your life, and what you’d like to see instead. We note that the soul savvy programs coming will allow you to clear dysfunctional patterns that perpetuate self-sabotage and underachievement of the soul work fun that is possible. So keep up the good work, set your plan as clearly as you can, and jump on that boat while enjoying the moment, the surprises, and each little swell and storm, as well as the lovely calm sunny moments.

If you are frustrated, know that simple forays into concentrated help or comrade support will make a difference. It is no longer the time to procrastinate if you wish to be a key player in the transformation upon us. Clear the old desires that are still calling for completion. Make any amends, clear the old business, clear the clutter, and set up the newer foundations that will truly nourish you and allow for the new you to express and expand. From there you will get guidance as you proceed. When in doubt, do more clearing and the way becomes clearer.

Please do send us any questions. For now we ask you to breathe deeply while we send a golden vein of blessing to you, from our core of awesome joy and knowing of the pleasures ahead. May grace find your next steps, amen, aho.


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