Wouldn’t it be great to do what you love, your “genius” work, and get well paid? Instead, you struggle to break through the confusion about what is possible, or how to take your work to the next level. You have great ideas! But there are also distractions, and doubt detours. Your gifts need to be shared – you know this. But at the end of another month with no progress, or false starts, you’re left baffled and frustrated.

I know how you feel. So many ideas but hard to decide, hard to gain traction. Or you try something and it doesn’t turn out as hoped. That lack of fulfillment is discouraging. The frustration of the second guessing and the circling – it drains you of any energy to make a change. Vicious loop there!

It’s OK. And yes, there’s hope.

You can create more soul-aligned success. To grow both brilliant work and yes, salary too. That circling and confusion? It’s part of getting started. You do want to cut through it. I can help you find your momentum – sustainably – in your own creative and practical way. 

It’s not just about more money either. I believe there is a deeper purpose in your life than what meets the eye. When you’re on track with this deeper reality, the money falls into place. In fact, many areas of life fall into place. When you’re back on this trail to the meaningful mission you have, life make sense again. Even when there’s hard work or courage needed.

It’s never too late to move toward what really matters. Taking steps with that intention and desire? It brings more energy, more peace of mind to you. You are more alive, more creative and fulfilled. You see new opportunities, new creative ways to serve and use your skills.

It transforms you and your life, to use your gifts like this. This is what I want for you. And what you want, right?

Why I do this work:

Your Gifts and Your Deep Work Matter

It’s always about the work. In the latter years of your life, your happiness and self-esteem will be determined by the mountains you surmounted, they valleys you climbed out of, and the life and/or career that you forged for yourself.
– Maya Angelou, Rainbow in the Cloud

I believe it takes a lot to get here. To this place, this planet, and this crucial time. It’s no walk in the park to be born, to be alive right now. When you’re not making the most of this life – distractions taking over, neglecting next steps in your business, choosing a soul-sucking job for safety, things not said, roads not taken – it hurts. When you are one of those who have this deeper mission, you know something’s not right.

It’s simple and game changing to heal the fears, and to lean into courageous work. And it’s so worth it – to you, and to the world – when this deeper purpose, balance, and money peace, get energized. 

You know there is more for you to learn, to express, to contribute. You might not be sure how to do that exactly, and whether it’s worth the risk. You have doubts and fears – these are par for the course. That’s no reason to stop. That’s a good sign of stretching into what matters most.

At Soul Savvy, there are steps to get clear, and begin moving. With this movement, your clarity, strength and courage grow. In the programs, you’ll be inspired by other like-minded souls who are transforming through taking daring actions. You won’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel.

Staying connected and taking action, no matter how it goes, is a step in the right direction. The What Ifs need to be answered. It’s a huge relief to finally face them.

Small steps breakthrough the inertia, into the land of creativity, peace, joy, and energy. As well, you’re usually having a lot more fun when you’re singing your contribution to this world.

My story:


When I was a kid, I would often ask adults, what did they love to do, and were they doing it? When there were reasons they couldn’t do this passion, it was so sad to me. I often made suggestions… what a bugger! But somehow I knew the importance of keeping creativity and passion alive. As a youngster, I felt that this outweighed any of the “practical” beliefs and obstacles discussed. Though of course, I had to find my way through that as an adult too.

But it’s never too late, I kept insisting.

And yes, I know now, there are practical considerations. Sharing your gift – this needs to be done with financial strength and support. It is a step into the realm beyond the superficial level of life, but you still need to chop wood, carry water.

I believe you can empower your passion, and that these creative gifts can befriend profit. This is for the highest good of yourself, your life, and the planet. When you are supported, you can be more generous.

A licensed psychotherapist, intuitive, and life coach, I’ve been working to help people heal, grow their gifts, and live a life that is aligned with their soul mission since 1995. Yes I’m … no spring chicken. Still feeling young, and excited about the transformation and growth edges ahead.

As a business owner and performer, I have created a life that helps me serve, make a good living, and continue to evolve and grow my skills and integrity. I’m more joyful, peaceful and fulfilled as I continue to move and stretch into my best self and my deepest work.

Alongside my work as a therapist and coach, my one woman show The Unlikely Enlightenment, debuted in the Boulder International Fringe Festival in 2006, and received a Best of Denver award for Kick Ass Prayers Sunday services in 2007.

I have much to share and teach, and it’s my hope to give you many shortcuts to the same fun and fulfillment. The same tools and courage to do what you really came here, at this critical time, to share.


I have a lot of skills and interest, like you and many renaissance souls. I am a singer, musician, writer and creator of original music and comedy for instruction and healing.

When I’m not at work, I love to be in nature, often hiking or backpacking, and staying connected to my community. I love to read, cook, and be close to water (can’t wait until swimming pools open again!)

Denise’s Skills as a Mastermind Guide and Trainer

Denise Barnes is a licensed therapist, life coach, intuitive healer, and performer who is known for supporting quantum leaps and money peace in creatives, healing artists and visionaries for over thirty years.

An Intuitive Coach, Denise quickly targets the heart of the matter, and clears confusion and blocks. She’s here to empower the new wave of divine feminine way showers, so they can work with ease and abundance. Working with Denise helps clients hone their own inner wisdom and deep knowing. Her practical and mystical wisdom alongside creative short cuts to marketing and promotion make the difference for many sensitives and empaths.

Fun facts:

  • Denise won the Best of Denver award for her Kick Ass Peace Prayers services, based on her one woman show, The Unlikely Activist.
  • A Mastermind group member since 2007, her group continues to evolve sacred work and this Soul Savvy Mastermind approach.

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Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, REV
Soul Purpose Catalyst,
Intuitive Advisor, Life Coach, Licensed Therapist