Do you ever feel like you’re at a growth edge, yet unsure of what to do?

You’re good with work, and the place folds. Or you’ve been going through the motions or tired of the commute. Or you get handed a tricky health diagnosis. Or a huge challenge disrupts your life.

Maybe you just decide it’s time to take the risk you’ve been thinking about for years. You’re ready to answer that inner tug asking, how do I give more of what matters? How do I live in a way that honors this gift of life.

Yeah, there’s a growth edge every other month!

OK, maybe it’s not that often that big change beckons, but it can be. For many artist-healer types, creating the “what I really came here for” side of life can be complicated. That soul mission, so to speak. Unlike your very human “creature comfort” side, the soul asks for constant growth and risk taking. Some days I know I’d rather stay under the covers. But that doesn’t work for long.

The surface appearance of life is not the only reality

Oh sure, it is very compelling, very convincing. Yet these days, more and more are realizing there is more to it. It’s not just about wealth – or not only financial wealth. It’s not doing what you think – or what others say –  you should be doing. It is not about squashing those internal voices that ask for more creative or soulful living, whether it be a different home, work that contributes more, better self care or better health.

What helps me

Listening to those voices – OK that sounds funny

In intuition training, a big lesson is to not second guess yourself. So even though for example, I live pretty much in paradise, I am hearing I need to move. (damn! … OK.) It’s not the lazy man’s way, but it does keep you awake.

Keeping creativity and expression alive

You think it will take hours and hours to keep that vital spark alive. Yet fifteen minutes can get you back on track. It’s powerful medicine and small doses go a long way toward enlivening  the rest of your life.

Living with heart and spirit

This starts out complicated yet gets simpler and simpler with practice. Stress management, simple communication tools, and the big one – being able to get quiet, regularly, to listen to your inner wisdom. Or knowing when you need to take action, even though it’s scary.

Until the fat lady sings…

It’s a work in progress, an untitled masterpiece. There is always time to heed the call for change. Change is hard, it’s true. But ignoring the whispers within – well that sucks worse that fearing the unknown, or staying stuck.

The good news is, it doesn’t take forever to get back on the soul trail. You’d think it would take major mountain moving! Yet once you decide to listen, small amounts of time can reconnect you to what is most meaningful.

I don’t know about  you, but that’s the stuff that I’ll smile about after I’m dead. OK, I may not have lips then – so it will be an inner smile. A spirit grin.

Credentials and that:

Licensed psychotherapist, M.A., LPC and a trained life life coach (ILCT)
I am “MINT”  trainer for Motivational Interviewing (MI) – habit change
Money healing coach for 10 years
Intuitive / energy healing (Reverend with Church of Inner Light)
The Unlikely Enlightenment (Boulder Fringe Festival 2006)
Kick Ass Peace Prayers, which won a 2007 Best of Denver award

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