I might have taken the easy way out, if it weren’t for Margo Figgins.

I was a dance-teaching resident advisor in a young writer’s camp in Virginia during summer break from my BA Psychology degree. Poet and program creator Margo Figgins got the counselors together and asked – Well, what do you intend to do with your … wild … precious life? I told her, yep, going back to college up in NJ, after finally getting accepted into the social milieu. See I’d joined the softball team, and I was going to Spain the 2nd half of junior year, and… and…

I happened to mention, I had gotten this brochure in my forwarded mail, about – get this – a dance therapy program in Colorado, of all places. Yes, I’d had a dream of “going west” years back, but that was crazy … it was already August and … And you know, there was the semester in Sevilla Spain that was planned.   

Margo looked at the brochure with her eagle eyes and creative heart. Hmmm, looks like a kick ass dance program, that’s important. You could just go visit. Check it out.

Ummm, yes. I could do that, couldn’t I?. I wasn’t made of money, but had saved 250 bucks from my team leader job at the gas station… 

Six weeks later, I joined a hair-raising road trip to Colorado to attend Naropa University, carrying a guitar, backpack and suitcase. So much for Seville. That year at least.

And the adventure continues… where risk-taking keeps passion alive, and joy and balance grow. The path of spiritual strength, clarity and giving back through soul work… It’s now such a fun ride! 

There have been many times the lure of staying safe and practical has tempted me to avoid a risk or an unknown adventure that was looming. There were no simple tricks to decoding the pain and passion conundrum. But this drew me in, and I’ve been working the mystery ever since..

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