Hi I’m Denise Barnes. Healer/artist type, working to master the practical and magical aspects of living a fun and meaningful life that makes a difference to the world. For me, that’s meant finding a living that pays decently and gives me health insurance and a nice place to live. It’s also meant keeping those gifts that haven’t (yet) paid the rent, alive and growing. Taking a class, doing a one woman show, practicing the guitar.

Ever see that bumper sticker, Real Musicians have Day Jobs? Yep. It’s been true for me. And I admit it, it’s not easy to do both. When I have a ten or twelve hour work day, I’m tired! I give a lot through my day job and business. Yet, I know that there is more for me to explore, other things to work on. Those might be called my true gifts or my soul work. I do think that this earth walk isn’t a vacation stroll – there are things I’m here to learn and develop. The day job might be plenty for some, but for me, there is more this life involves.

Sometimes I want to slack off on the soul work. But I’ve found is that even if I try to ignore those gifts, the inner voice keeps on me. Something’s not right, missing, being neglected. Something important wants attention. There have been years I listened and followed those urges, and years I tried to ignore that voice or flipped it off. But damn, that voice is persistent.

What I’ve found is that it’s NEVER TOO LATE to pick up the hints and clues toward what really does matter. This stuff does matter. And it doesn’t matter if it’s not paying the rent at first. It’s not important that I’m not Mick Jagger in this round. Just having that intention and shifting in that direction is life changing. It returns to you that energy, that peace of mind, that’s been missing. It affirms that you are going in the right direction. You are growing. You are following that thread of what you really came to do here.

I was one of those pesky kids who would interrogate adults about what they most loved to do (passions) and how that was going. Often, they had stopped following that passion – usually for practical reasons. Even as a youngster, I felt it wasn’t too late – that they could do this, even in small ways. I must have come in with this sense, that when we neglect those passions, life loses that spark of vibrancy and rightness. (What a little PIA I must have been…)

If you are wondering how to make the shift to more creative and fulfilling hours on this planet, and get back to doing more of what lights you up – and how to balance all that with the practical sides of life – you’re in the right place. This is the edge that soul savvy inspires, fuels, and empowers. Another plus – the healing and perspective enhancing help of humor is never too far off.

You might be a health care professional, a retiree ready for more action, a non-profit leader hungering for a lift, a grandparent trying to juggle the finances and the details. You keep feeling that urge to explore a certain talent or area of knowledge or expression. Or maybe your work life is just not cutting it anymore. You know there is more for you to learn, to express, to contribute.

You might not be sure how to do that exactly, and whether it’s worth the risk. These questions are addressed here. And you’ll get to hear and be inspired by others who survived, and thrived, through taking those steps toward meaning and growth. You’ll also hear about those who didn’t go through with an idea, but they experimented to know more about why or why not. Staying connected and being inspired by those taking action, not matter how it goes, is a step in the right direction.

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Wishing you well for your wild and precious life,

Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, REV
Intuitive, Soul Gift Catalyst, Coach/Therapist, Musician with a day job, etc.

Oh, and Credentials and such:

Licensed psychotherapist, M.A., LPC and fully trained life coach (ILCT)
“MINT”  trainer for Motivational Interviewing (MI) – habit change method
Money healing coach for 10 years
Intuitive and energy healer 20 years (Reverend with Church of Inner Light) 
Comedienne, singer-songwriter, writer
The Unlikely Enlightenment (Boulder Fringe Festival 2006) one woman show
Kick Ass Peace Prayers, which won a 2007 Best of Denver award