Can Therapists Be Helpful without High Personal Cost?

Psychotherapist and Coach Denise Barnes helps Therapists and Caregivers find new ways to revamp their unique coping and self-care. Her keynote speeches and breakout sessions harness evidence-based mental health tools and practical tips. Her experiential therapy and comedy background color the real-life examples she shares. This makes events fun and memorable.

Stress to Strength:                      
A Therapist’s Guide to Empower Clients
by Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, Rev

A Powerful System for Clients to Thrive plus
Burnout Prevention for Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Caregivers
Available in Paperback and Kindle © 2024

As a Therapist and Caregiver, do you get overwhelmed with supporting struggling clients? Could you thrive with more clarity and self-care? More work/life balance and compassion for your growth edges?

Denise Barnes’ Stress to Strength book provides a simple system to support clients’ growth and independence while up-leveling therapists’ resilience. The mighty suite of tools provides a complete system for taming stress and creating more ease. This evidence-based toolbox puts together five tools that dance together to transform coping foundations and offer insights and action steps for current challenges.

The author was on a research team that tested this model with Breast Cancer patients exiting treatment. Their intervention reduced depression by 50% and improved sexual functioning and growth after trauma for the participants.

Throughout the book, you’ll hear new perspectives on tools that overcome anxiety, depression, overthinking, and the emotional derails that subvert thriving and distract from purpose. The client and therapist examples, detailed worksheets, and exercises help users grow stress mastery, emotional intelligence, and more accurate intuition.

Featuring real-life examples and challenges, this powerhouse relay team of hacks will keep you moving and thriving in the crucial work of therapy without as much burnout and fatigue as caregiving can create.

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Stress to Strength is more than just a book. The simple and intuitive system creates a seamless, step-by-step guide to mastering stress. It combines good coping skills, common sense self-management tips, and deeper ways of understanding emotions and reframing thoughts to keep you moving towards a more meaning-driven and peaceful life.  

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Stress to Strength is a guide for more effective therapy. And it’s a whole new way to prevent therapists from burnout. It offers a common language and a savvy system for stunning stress management and self-care.

It’s a critical time. Harness the Stress to Strength model and watch it bolster your client’s mental health and resilience, and your own, in today’s stressful world.

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