High Priestess’ Planning Suggestions

High Priestess’ Planning Suggestions


I’m working on a new project, and had a little voice start to emerge last week. Well, maybe not so little. She’s the “High Priestess” – with a somewhat unexpected (southern) accent. Let’s see what she has to say about the importance of this planning and tweaking / course correction stuff…

Hello chil’ (child)

Well now look atcha there. Can I be proud? Do you mind me raisin’ the roof about your past leaps there dear one?? Yep, it has been busy, I know, I know. Let’s just be clear now that you wouldn’t even have to have had DONE all that either – see, because just being still HERE is about 75% of that there success in the times we have been a-changing. Simple stuff to realize and relax yo little self about, in terms of the big picture for just a moment. Kay? Yep cause getting here was, say, mo than half the battle, and no easy feat sister. No easy feat, t’all.

OK then now onto all that brain science, hey? Planning, well I s’pose I may have done some plannin’ in my time, but mostly I just kept in mind my truth in the day to day. Yes? Right you are dear, right you are. You are right in it, see. When I trouble to ask you, what is the REAL reason now, not the past nor the future, see, but the NOW REAL REASON for your soul skipping through this wreckage ha ha, right, all that creation and destruction simultaneously swinging all around – answer me that honey –

What is the true soul mission as our host says, right now for you, emerging anew perhaps, like a Kentucky derby so to speak Read more

LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

Law of Attraction. When did you first hear this term? For many of you, it was probably long before the movie The Secret came out in 2007(feels like it was 1997 somehow). Then all the hype that followed, including pushing people beyond limits (James Arthur Ray) in a sweat lodge experience that cost thousands. Plus all of the well-intentioned perhaps, but overly material focus on acquiring beamers and mansions… Probably good reasons that many were turned off to the LOA, and why I have a bit of discomfort when I now hear the term.

So, how about a NEW NAME CONTEST!! for the thing. Reply to this email with any inspirations. Funny or otherwise…

That said, there is a lot I DO LOVE about this type of work, method, approach. Which by the way, predates Jesus. It may take a while to get the hang of it, and to make it work for you. It has taken me time to actually feel it as a dance. Ask for it, do-si-do from the universe, notice it, bow back…
It really is a pretty cool spiritual practice and paradigm, when you can extract the hype and make it your own.

Here are four things I love about it, that “LOA” thang…

1) It can update and replace our EGO mind with a whole new program. Read more

Soul Mission Control Update: 11-11-14

Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess
Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess

The group, (John the Baptist, Areeanna of the Pleiades, and Octavia the High Priestess), Channeled by Denise Barnes for Soul Savvy subscribers. To subscribe, please visit soulsavvy.net – or if here, see that box on the side of the page to join.

Greetings dear kin, and bows and blessings to you in this sacred number day. Indeed, the elevens are one of our channels “home” resonances, as her main child hood house had the # 111. Just a side note (smiling). Breathe with us for a moment. Fully exhale, and do it again… Do what our channel calls the horse lips on the way out, or anything else that will lighten your mood and loosen your jaw. Ah, thank you. Now we begin.

Holy cannoli, as the Italian Robin might say, and whoa whoa whoa. Look at this changed landscape – or is it land or water, or fire, or air? Its combustible it seems, it is moving, it is transitory, as in full of meaningful transits. We speak of the last two months and overall the fall quarter, since equinox. Are you still breathing? Because that was one cosmic cardio-demanding lap. High intensity dear friends. And this is where the FIT is more important than the FAT or lack of it, the heart more than the surface appearance, the quality of the passage versus getting anywhere in particular.

Indeed, where are you now? Well, it may not be clear, and this week, this day, this mini-arrival time – it is not so much about knowing yet, all that you need to know. This will be revealed, but slowly. Now it is time to catch up a bit, to practice appreciation and self-care, to begin to notice what has changed. It may be slight, it may be huge; but something has happened in the last 6 -8 weeks, has it not? Let your heart answer it. You can also look at your calendar to just see what you’ve been up to – because likely your calendar has been so full that you might have forgotten a few, just a few, huge accomplishments.

These accomplishments might have been a small leap of faith, like stepping forward to follow an intuition that involved some risk. It might have been speaking honestly or more deeply with a loved one. It might have been Read more

4 Essentials for Energy of Intention Mastery

meditationThe Authentic Action Mastermind group is setting the groundwork for some serious dream wrestling. Bringing vision to reality involves translating the metaphysical to the physical, and there can be some bumps in the road. Using energy work can help keep your intention clear, toned, and allow it to adjust as your map of possibility increases its accuracy. Here are 4 Essentials for keeping it real.

PS – Our group has one more spot still open. Reply to this email for consideration.

There are so many teachers of the law of attraction; so many formats you’ve likely learned and encountered over the years. My favorite is featured in the Creating Money book by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Both are channels, and both teach many courses in Energy work. Sanaya also is a musician, and Duane originated the Light Body series of teachings.

While there are many factors that contribute to creating successful dreams and intentions, lately 4 of them are top of mind for me. I’ve been in a process of upgrading my work, and it’s been going on for some months. Here are 4 things I’d consider essential to my latest forays into working with intention.

1) Finding the right balance between dreaming big and choosing something that feels possible.

While I know our creative abilities are limitless, I do see that we also tend to build on our successes over time. Manifestation challenges for myself and clients can happen when the desire may have been a bit over the top for the current level of development. This might look like wishing for Oprah level success right off the bat. How dreaming big can work, or has worked for me, is to create a handle for the desire that you really do feel ready to create. It may not be so specific, but does choose a particular area. Maybe you’ve been at this area for a while, and that next step is informed, and feels right. My handle in this latest round of work upgrade is, “I create a miracle with my new work situation.” A bit vague sounding (and I do have more specific details beyond the handle), and by filling in the below steps, it gets more defined.

2) Naming the energetic quality of what the desire/intention will deliver to you.

I love this step and I think it’s probably THE major reason intentions do or don’t succeed. Ask yourself, on the energetic level, what spiritual-type quality would having your desire bring you? Miraculous work for me brings joy – I can see myself dancing as I lead the teleclass or do other work activities I wish to create. Joy, peace, love, creativity, contribution, compassion, aliveness – these are just a few qualities your desire could bring. Just get still, see yourself having it, and name the quality that arises. Knowing this gives you a huge advantage. If you have choices to make, you can check into the qualities of those choices and choose one closer to the one the intention will bring. You can also ask – what is a way I can experience this quality NOW? That will make you more attractive energetically to your desire.

3) Clarifying the “essences” or the details of what this desire will bring.

Essences are simply the details that the desire will bring to you, or what you hope will result from having it. A work upgrade would bring several things along for me – chance to develop and organize my work with the mastermind area for example, a chance to help other light workers rock their gifts and increase their financial ease, as well as that for myself, making growth and healing fun, etc. You can list the essences, and then remind yourself of them in this next step.

4) Devise a practice you’ll do regularly to keep this intention top of mind and actively evolving.

Just as you might develop a practice like meditation or exercise, using energy and intention to create and manifest requires regular engagement. Roman and Packer call it magnetizing. I’ve adapted it for myself, and it includes these 4 steps. I’ll usually use movement and take about 3 minutes to name the desire (good to have a short phrase or handle for it), embody the spiritual quality it will bring, visualize the essences and the joy of having them show up, and then create an energy coil that connects with the Divine energy, then joins with energy building in my solar plexus area. When it’s strong, I’ll throw or pulse that energy out to the planet / universe in all directions – like a beam of light would be sent from a lighthouse. It’s often pretty fast as the energy comes to completion, and I’ll focus on how this desire will serve the highest good of all.

Especially the first time, I’ll ask inside how often to do this meditation – several times a day, or less, depending on the desire. You can also ask to see the next steps and actions that would need doing. If my actions to bring this about in the physical world have been intensive or have been taxing, this short energy meditation will put me back into the fun and joy of creating it. It will remind me why I want it, and how it will serve. Just like a computer screen that has gone black for a bit, regular magnetizing will keep refreshing and updating the page of the intention. It works, I can tell you! More details on that to come.



PS If you’re regretting not joining the Authentic Action Mastermind group – there is one more spot open. I had intended 6 participants, so I’m just checking for one late arrival J. Quick, before Mercury goes retrograde!

In the group, we weave energy work with real world action, while learning how to best create an awesome Mastermind group for your future support.

Please reply to this email asap with your phone # and availability for the next days. There will be 2-3 hours of catch up, but if you’re called, I’ve still got your spot in this soul-work inspired posse.

July 2014 Energy Report

I am grateful to say that my channeling continues to be a fun experimentThis started for me in 2013, after years of interest that I finally followed up on. As you can perhaps tell by the above quote, there is humor! And the words used are unexpected or things I rarely use – like skedaddle…
It’s my sense that this is a time for ALL to be playing with intuition, channeling, energy healing – and other alternative formats. If this calls to you, maybe it’s time to play! I would love to share how I got started – quite simple really. So reply back to tell me a bit about your own interest in channeling and psychic work, if this applies. Perhaps a teleclass?
I always intend to transcribe these but this holds me up in getting them to you – so I will provide a summary instead here.
The recording is about 14 minutes.
Clearing and lightening our loads
So to prepare for the next stages/steps
“Disaster” prep (a 2014 theme) simplified
Sharing abundance of summer
Family work; uncertainty wisdom for kids
The guides invited you all to send questions – these would be universal themed-q’s versus personal ones. Feel free to send these and I will respond on the Soulsavvy FB page, where this newsletter is also posted.
Big blessings for your midsummer dreams,
Here is the Recording:
I welcome questions after listening, of a universal nature, if so inclined or if you are scratching your head on any points. I am also available for individual consult needs.

Bumpy Surrender

WORKING WITH CHANGES…kind patience helps
At the outset of the year, my guides likened the current year/times to preparing to finally board a space ship. They emphasized that there was minimal room for luggage. Not a new concept, this minimal baggage idea, eh? Yet somehow the idea of space travel made it more important to really get that backpack light.
Surrendering some things, especially those you’ve grown fond of, can be a big challenge. Even when I start to see that some things might not serve me now, I find myself looking for some reason this old way can still work. So the bumpy-ness enters. Change is not easy, and rarely smooth.
And the more awareness, the more gentle – the more a dance versus a wrestling match.
Oh it’s a birth process, where some steps are easier than others. I have been under this birth pressure the last months, as the part time job I’ve held for nineteen years ended June 30th. (Part of the reason I’ve been absent – so glad to be back! You have never been far from my thoughts Denise  – and I will now be back in regular touch.)

Read more

December 2013 Intuitive Message

I’m new at channeling, though I have been curious about it for years. Spring 2013 was the time! Now, my guides ask me to share this message with soul savvy subscribers. Okay. Know that this is an offering, and your wisdom trumps mine or anyone’s 🙂
Here we go. Let me know how this lands; your comments below are much appreciated.

December 2013 Intuitive message
From “The Group”

From Denise:
My guides shared that for December 2013, it will be a good cosmic time for many people to pass over to the other side. The message suggested that is also a good idea to count the blessings of your loved ones. You may want to make a list, noting those who are special and essential to your earth walk. Then, check if there are any people you suspect that might be on the brink of leaving – low hanging fruit, so to speak. You can follow your intuition here, and see who stands out. You may also be completely surprised, as we often are anyway, when death calls.

Take time personally to give thanks for the blessing of these individuals, this family member, soul brother or sister, for the journey you’ve shared. It is rare and auspicious indeed to incarnate simultaneously. Contact anyone you wish to, just to let them know how much they mean to you – what qualities, what essence, modeling, or guidance they have gifted you with. Make a call, send a card. Don’t wait to say thank you, I love you, the message insists.

If there are people you wish to say good-bye to in any way, even if that stays private or internal, you can make a contact with this intention. Of course – if they leave before you do this, you can still send this message in prayer, ceremony or through stillness. Share the beauty with them, the beauty and light that they represent to you.

For many, there may be conflict or rifts with certain family members or loved ones. This is also workable at this time. Forgiveness work is a rich landscape (and included in the Soul Inspired Planning kit, btw, as these areas of rift tend to keep you blocked like the clutter in your home.) You can do personal rituals to extend love and healing. You can also pick up the phone or send a card just to say – I know we’ve had a rough time of it here. I wanted to connect anyway, and say (I love you, I appreciate you for x, that I hope we can talk /accept our different points of view and stay connected, that I’d like to let bygones be bygones and reconnect, that I’m sorry we haven’t been able to resolve X, but I still care…)

From the Guides directly:
The times are rocky, and this will not change for some years. Any of you can exit at any time, and this is not a bad thing. Living with this awareness, you can actually be blessed to stretch yourself, to exercise well in the areas of choosing light and love each day. You can press ahead each day with the puzzle pieces of your own soul blueprint, even when you’d like to hide. This is the time, and you are blessed to be here. Use it well. Blessings, from The Group

Live and love well,

Denise Barnes

**Share your thoughts below on how this lands.

**Needing Soul-inspired gifts for your friends and loved ones? Check out the Soul Savvy Holidays 2013 catalog here.

More Scary than Fear – Close Calls to Missing the Call Part 2

I used to think that the Quantum Leap to heed the Soul’s call would take one leap. And then I could jump into the hammock, yum! Pass the margarita! But no – the stretch from the old way to the new way requires many shifts, and constant courage. These can be little choices each day, and the real big decisions every now and then.

For example, for Darcy, one big leap was to say Yes, I hear and honor this call, and I’ll hire help. Progress hadn’t been happening for quite some time working alone, even with a strong community and a great partner. That was a big decision point to step into coaching. Then, after that, she needed the willingness to create clarity about the plan to enable the dream that was whispering. Then, she needed to revamp her schedule and focus so she could feed her plan. All of that took some time and work.

Then after that foundation was revamped, Darcy observed how much her various day jobs were draining and scattering her. In session, we made sacred space for her guidance on this. She realized attracting a better day job would be a good step to take. And, as often happens when you are stepping up on the spirit path, within weeks she created this. Spoke to a friend, got an offer. Not only did the new job help her focus on her transformation plan, but it paid more, and taught her the skills she needed for the future gig.

So it took lots of small steps and little actions to foster the awareness that Darcy’s foundation needed tweaking. This is all in the getting ready phase, when you clear the ground. Since we keep evolving constantly, we’re always getting ready, to some degree – we’re often tweaking something.

Oh no, the wobbling…

And then, there are those places where the dreaded WOBBLE effect comes in to play.

The WOBBLE effect is where you’ve bravely taken a step, put yourself out there, extended yourself, and … nothing happens, or there is critical backlash, or… you just get incredibly vulnerable and question all of your efforts. There is plenty of time for wobbling as the universe meanders along in its own perfect time with the delivery of what you’ve asked for.

In the Quantum Leap program, the unique part of what the coaching does is provide a larger view of the wobbling. It’s often a sacred necessity. Soul Savvy’s intuitive healing perspective looks at the nature of the themes under each person’s unique wobble. Often what lives here is the history of our wounds, our rejections, our traumas. Every time you step forth, you jiggle those sore points – in order to create full healing for them and more wholeness for yourself. Heartful mastery of the wobble dance is a huge gift. The depth, accuracy and speed of the work done here is unusual for most coaching programs. This is where many just get stuck, don’t recover quickly, or completely derail.

One critical wobble for Darcy came after two months of shifting, of creating her new foundation and preparing for the new way. Lo and behold, the perfect job appeared. She caught the invite early – she was on the search; she was ready and waiting. But she also noticed a little banner on the website that said – 6,374 visitors have viewed this.

Oh the wobbling that caused! The doubter within her said, OK I’m good at what I do, but no way can I compete with six thousand people. I mean really! And then the doubter added the secondary layer of considerations – who would want to relocate after all you’ve built here, what about your spouse, what about eighteen years with the band, what about (etc. etc.).

And the thing you always wonder about, but really can never know is – how would that wobble have gone if not for coaching? In that session, it didn’t look like Darcy was going to apply. The interference and static was on high volume. If it didn’t derail her completely, it may have led to at least, more procrastination, more hemming and hawing. You know how that messes with the quality of the work you do, even if does eventually, and painfully, get delivered. Big dreams carry big doubts – the resistance is often commensurate with the risk. And Darcy was standing on a high risk cliff!

Leaping from the cliff!

Luckily, we were able to redirect the focus. You can always apply and decline, I noted. Again we made sacred space for her to examine the fear and static and get to the truth beneath it. Darcy didn’t derail. She got her application in, and did a bang up job on it. She had the new day job, and during the next year of multiple screenings and interviews, including getting flown cross country to meet the company, she was learning the skills that would cement her getting the job offer. The competition was stiff, and her new foundation helped keep her in the game. And then, she got the job!

Now, she is at peace and in joy because she found her way to follow Soul’s calling. She was able to relocate with heart, and is doing the work she was meant to do. Great work, at a great time, to help those she loves working with.

What would have happened without the support she invested in? So hard to say, but for many of those who were in the program, there was essential work to do that they kept feeling blocked from doing. Wobbling that didn’t end easily – that kept them from their next steps. Steps to take to get ready for the next phase of things – a phase they might have either completely missed, or not been able to take advantage of, if not for coaching.

Yes, more scary than the fear, than the dreaded wobble, is missing that critical juncture. More scary is reaching that later point, or end of life, when you say, Drat! I needed to leap there…

Is it time for your Quantum Leap?

I have three openings through 5:00 pm Friday 10/18 for this unique program. Call/email today with questions.

Ready to Leap? Go here to submit your discounted fee, and I will contact you to schedule.

Guarantee: if you’re not confident this is right after the first session, your balance will be refunded with no questions asked.

Your guide on the soul journey,


From WTF?! – to – Bless Your Soul! Healing

SAM_3391I can remember many moons ago working with a talented Jungian astrologer in Boulder. For those locals who remember, this was Nan de Grove, that paper thin ethereal beauty who wrote new and full moon updates for the Colorado Daily, a local free paper. The hipsters all waited with baited breath for the next edition to get their star realignment and ritual content for the next two weeks. Yep, we took it moon phase by moon phase in those days…

Imagine my shock that first time after droning on about my trauma, when I was not offered sympathy for the tough family dynamics of my chart. Instead, Nan suggested that the challenges I had were most likely mutually designed. Yes, my soul and my mom’s soul probably agreed to incite each other to… well, among other things – to illuminate some dreary old patterns we wished to leave behind.

Ack! WTF indeed! It took a few years to really integrate the soul healing perspective, let me tell you. So much easier at that early stage of the healing game to point fingers, and list reasons why others are soooo wrong. And mean… and and… yes, yes, all of that. And speaking of patterns, it gets to be quite the repeating cycle to share the story of these injustices, and explain how they are the reason, and those people are to blame, for why you can’t do X, or why you run into issues when you really want to XXX.

Such a funny game this earth walk, especially that first stage of storytelling.  You are so “in the world and OF it” at that point, and it all seems so real. You work hard to make sense of things. For a time, you really NEED that story, to explain yourself and how you were formed. It helps you create sense and meaning in the world. It’s an initial jumping off point, a beginning myth.

Then after a few knocks like I got from Nan, you start to say, Wha? And you can see that it’s possible to loosen up from your story a bit, to take a little break from “reality” as it is and was known. You can begin to step into the view from the casa de soul, where our enemies and adversities are recognized as our most powerful teachers. Those punks.

Jeesh, you mean that dude might be soul family?

Yes, and well we’re all family or one or protons or moon juice on some level, sure. But it’s special soul blood that dance your lessons with you. And every time you see it, each time you can wink and smirk at the game of it and the beauty and synchronicities that abound – you strengthen those soul perspective muscles. And you bring us all one step closer to the next evolutionary step we’re poised to take.

I mean, don’t hold your breath. Predictions are a moving target, and I’ve lost a lot of oxygen over the years… It’s a process, as they say. I do think it’s upon us, but maybe seven-years-in-the-making upon us. And I’m happy to be surprised with an early arrival and all.

At any rate, here are some musings about the stages of acceptance in this “everything is soul grist for the mill” bake off. I want to hear your ideas on this.

Soul Bake Off (It’s all grist for the mill) Stages of Acceptance (Soul Punk Reunion Concert Line Up)

1) WTF? Who me, or my soul, designed this bitchin’ road-rash-inducing trail? You’ve got to be kidding…

2) OK… Maybe this ain’t what it seems… There does appear to be a repeating pattern here…

3) Damn – it’s true – my enemies teach me a helluva lot more than the warm and fuzzy people. Shoot!

4) Who’d a thunk it! Forgiveness is much more amazing than I realized. OK, who’s next? Hey soul punk! C’mere!

5) Bring it on! So much healing to do … so little time! In fact, I’m gon’na lean into this one…

So that’s one 5 stages naming, one soul perspective approach. Does it make sense for your evolution? Did I miss a stage? There’s so much uniqueness to how healing and acceptance happens, and how one opens more to the flow of abundance and peace and love from the universe. About how one must humble oneself to open to grace. Please pipe up on the blog. And we’ll keep discussing this, kay? And all the other cool stuff.

Yours in that long, corner-of-the-eye view,

Denise Barnes

Photo: Linda Millemann


October at Soul Savvy


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The Intuitive Healing Spa 
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I was out of town for what is being called Great Flood of 2013 in Colorado. Watching from afar has its own surreal weirdness – I was in limbo, and took it day by day. The way people were impacted didn’t always match what was predicted. Boulder Creek is home to the 100 year flood threat, which was quite late, and in recent floods, those closest to the creek (where I live) receive the brunt of the impact.

Yet, those in North Boulder, the mountains, and other neighboring towns like Lyons were much harder hit. The lovely town of Lyons, north of Boulder, was swept away, as the original river, moved to make way for the town, resumed its original course. Our beautiful mountain trails – a refuge, and spiritual stress reducer for many – are inaccessible – it’s not clear how long that will last (but it’s the high holy season now and … no one is able to pray this way 🙁

Damn, our mother is a formidable force.


Traumatic and edgy events tend to shake you up, even without direct impact. Even indirect and “small” impacts can be hugely stressful. For example, the sewerage or mold-like smell of many of the flooded basements – it’s a small thing compared to losing your house in a mudslide, yet it’s a constant reminder, a constant trigger of what just happened. Take a deep breath, and … oh, yeah.

I spoke with one friend who felt she did fine during the flood, but now is suffering from the post disaster dynamics – feeling very scattered, and somewhat depressed. Many have some level of this impact – those directly impacted, those indirectly impacted, and those just present in the energy field of the area. And for sensitive people, like many Soul Savvy readers who are born for this time, events like this can shake you up and uproot your stability, even long distance.

The more connected we get, the stronger those vibrations tug at our heartstrings when our brethren are challenged.

Energy work can be a great help here, for all levels of impact. I had the chance to give energy work to locals the past few days. Spirit noted that these energy healing images from individuals apply to this whole geographic region.

If you have that urge to help, but like me aren’t always quite sure how, try out these energy healing images in your prayers. The Colorado community needs all the help it can get. Thank you for your care.

And if you feel some “issues” loosened up in the last period of earth shift, and you’d like some support and clearing of these old soul themes ready for transformation – there are still a few spots in the Energy Healing Clinic/Spa this week. Using this as a healing opportunity helps us all.


In the energy healing I do, which is a unique style taught by AnaMari McNamara, Read more

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