Single Coaching Sessions

Single sessions are 60 minutes and also include one week of post session email follow up, along with pre-session questions and assessments to clarify your goals and get us on the same page.

It’s my goal in every session and particularly these, to have you walk away with your goal met. You can get a lot out of one session with the proper focus and pre-work.

To make the most of the session, it’s recommended to schedule a brief free check in at this link.

Sessions are $197 for 75 minutes. After you send payment, we’ll get you on the schedule within two weeks.

Here are coaching session topics – you can also design a custom focus.

F*ck the Stuck up: Loose the restrictive patterns that keep you from your true purpose

  • Clarify your dream and the importance of it for you and the world
  • Name the 3 biggest block-stacles that sabotage your momentum
  • Identify relevant history that can be cleared and released today
  • Compose the inner symbol to superpower your journey
  • Design next steps and leave relieved, clear and energized, as you anchor your dream to real life

Healthy Wealth Breakthrough: practical and mystical intel to get your money flow moving

  • Name the strengths and challenges in your inner and outer wealth status
  • Clear archetypal and family money healing issues that are weighing you down
  • Get the mystical low down on the proper order of fueling and realizing desires
  • Detail the practical realities that need attention and development
  • Organize your next steps so you leave clear, confident and peaceful about new money flow

Inner Wisdom Decision Making: Holistic mind/body strategies for decisions that matter

  • Clarify the ideal solution to the issue when you allow yourself to think big
  • Distinguish the ultimate goal from the many roads that could lead there
  • Highlight the values that fuel and align with the new direction
  • Eliminate any shoulds or expectations that aren’t true anymore
  • Create the container that will give you clues for future decisions and choices so you leave clear and hopeful about your next steps

Conscious Business Genius Upgrade: working smarter to increase your visibility and income

  • Clarify the work you do that uses your full genius and deep gifts
  • Explore intuitively any blocks or challenges that limit your growth and reach
  • Strengthen your confidence and further your creative expression and skill building
  • Refresh your deep truth and mission and how this best serves
  • Smarten up your systems and leverage your time to balance your passion and output

Energy Vampire Banishment: Healthy boundaries for all seasons

  • Get the scoop on what relationships are enlivening, and which are draining you
  • Clear your space and set up protection and positive defenses (good for them too!)
  • Develop a clear plan for those in your life that don’t add to your growth and welfare
  • Get the resource for a communication tool that states the truth compassionately
  • Leave the session energized, clear and confident in how to take control over your wellbeing

For questions and to schedule, use this link to find a time we can discuss your focus. This helps us have a synchronized goal and energetic alignment.

Questions? text me at 303 501 7402
or email is sometimes faster: mdenisebarnes at gmail

One client’s experience:

“A driving force in keeping my dream and passion going, during and after coaching”

I had a dream and a passion that was emerging, and wanted support bringing that into reality. Our energy together has been a driving force in keeping that going. You seem to have an inherent knowing of what I needed, and were very flexible in where the session moved. There was powerful energy work, and also you love the practical, concrete steps. You’re like a beacon, a force between the earth and the heavens for those ready to hear the call. You’re delightful to work with. If you’re really ready to get to the next steps, and get support with your dreams, and your passion, Denise is the one.

Peggy Gibson, Personal Life Coach
Atlanta, GA

Questions? email is fast: mdenisebarnes at gmail

you can also set up a brief free consult time here