From Stuck to Chuckling – The Face of Transformation

Stuckness sucks. You can feel lost, confused, regretful, distracted to the point of frozenness, scared, angry, grief-stricken – basically, stuck in a yucky rut. When it appears to be more than a passing phase – stuckness can start to feel like it defines you. It begins to feel like home. This is common, but not ideal.

Let’s take anxiety as an example. These days, it’s said to be epidemic. Though the brain is usually working fine, it’s gotten stuck on overdrive with its alarm system. That alarm cycle reinforces itself, and a vicious cycle is born. Today’s digital dependence where downtime is constantly punctuated by blue light versus fading into the sunset, probably doesn’t help.

Along with the challenges of today’s changing landscape, good news also arises. One of these is discoveries in the neuroscience zone. Brain plasticity has been discovered. This lets us know that contrary to prior thought, big change and new learning is possible in the brain after young adulthood. For self-growth and healing areas, this reality is creating new options. Continue reading

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7 Signs That it’s Time to Change

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. -Confucius

There are a lot of reasons you can start to feel dissatisfaction with your life. Sometimes, a big change is beckoning. Other times, it can be a small change that’s afoot. Maybe an important area of your life’s been neglected, during the juggling that life requires, and it needs revisiting.

It can be hard to know the difference between the invitation to tweak or make a sea change. Whether tweaks or tidal waves, the good news is, the voice of change can lead to welcome makeovers and improvements that increase the excitement and fulfillment in life.

Anais Nin says it all: – Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
– And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

A shrunken life! That doesn’t sound good. It takes a lot to get here – don’t you get that sense? Taking that risk to change might be just the thing to move that satisfaction index up a few notches. First, see what signs of change are here, and how you might explore what they’re trying to tell you.

Here are seven signs that something might need to shift in your life – provided it’s not just a passing EEYORE mood.

1) More trouble with moods and crankiness Continue reading

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Eeyore Busting: How to Tell Passing Gloomy Weather from Climate

“It’s snowing still,” said Eeyore gloomily. “So it is.” “And freezing.” “Is it?” “Yes,” said Eeyore. “However,” he said, brightening up a little, “we haven’t had an earthquake lately.”

Remember Eeyore, the donkey from the Winnie the Pooh stories? Sarcastic, depressive, yet intelligent and backwardly humorous, Eeyore is often a favorite of readers. Not that you’d want to hang out with him for too long, but he’s fun to watch from a distance. Say, when reading Winnie the Pooh to youngsters.

Why might he be so loved? Well, we all have that Eeyore voice that takes over now and then. Most of the time, it’s temporary, right? And it can be useful to hear the voice of caution when testing the waters of risks to changing. But when the Eeyore voice starts to takes up more permanent residence in your mind, that’s when you might need to take stock of the thought chorus and regain perspective.

In my experience, Eeyore shows up Continue reading

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A bit of my story

I consider singing one of the true gifts I have. I used to climb to the top of the oak tree in my backyard and sing to, um, God. We had a great time, as did the neighboring forest. I look back amazed because I was higher than the tops of the telephone poles, and higher than the roof of my house. Guess Mom was used to my tomboy ways; she’d be yelling jokes from the kitchen window, cautiously encouraging me.

When I got older, I realized that though I would get a lot of accolades when I sang in pubs or with a band, it wasn’t a regular and reliable source of income.

This conundrum is part of what I’m exploring in this life. As a kid, I remember pestering the adults around me. “What do you love to do?” I’d ask. “Why aren’t you doing it now?” I’d often be real surprised at the side interests of my accountant uncle or phone-company-employed aunt. Theater? Song? Opera? Really? And I’d detect some sadness or wistfulness from them, that they had to go another route or had to leave that loved passion behind.

I saw the light on the challenge to following your bliss without starving, when I finished school and needed to start paying off the student loans. The creative areas I loved couldn’t be counted on to pay the rent, or get the health insurance. Writing would not immediately pay either. The field I chose to study in school was creative arts therapy, and oh I can tell you some stories about my first attempts to find work in this less traditional therapy field. I could see what my relatives were talking about. You do have to have the practical ends covered. They weren’t just being killjoys.

On the other hand, I’ve found that you do need to keep the true gifts alive and tended. Whether they’re part of the rent income or not. If you don’t – at least in my case – life gets a bit dreary and starts to feel a bit meaningless. Bohemian Rhapsody refrains start to get more pervasive (“nothing really matters, anyone can see…”)

I’ve had various experiments with this over the years. When I found a great job in the therapy field, I joined a radical theater group that same year. I made myself insane twice a year, doing wonderfully received full length shows that would have 6 or 8 week runs. Eventually I wrote, acted, sang and performed a one woman show in the Boulder International Fringe Festival. Incredible experience! Yes, it’s a challenge to juggle it all, yet so rewarding and fun. And there is that sense of doing what is truly meaningful as a spiritual being. And contributing to the world.

Last month I sang, played guitar and did some spontaneous stand up at a house concert. Lots of work leading up to that, and Joy! Joy! Joy! to have done it. Yes, I was a bit crabby that month, and it took two weeks to recover. Yet, now I have those callouses back on my left hand. And rather than hours of daily practice, now perhaps I might be able to play three songs daily and keep those callouses tended.

Finding the balance between soul’s call and earth’s demands – that’s been my path and growth edge. It’s a work in progress. I do hope that one day, all of this is under the umbrella of a job. Work doesn’t feel like work in that case. Yet having the art and soul gifts become the sole income isn’t the most important consideration. It’s more the fact that I still have my hand in all of these important areas, and I haven’t exploded yet.

What keeps me motivated and stretching into those growth edges?

  • the aliveness it delivers to me
  • the look in peoples’ eyes after a show as they think about what they might try
  • watching those I support follow their inner knowing to create huge shifts
  • how fun and rewarding it is to become all we’re meant to be

My hopes for the future of this blog would be

  • providing inspiration and support for you brave experimenters – this ain’t easy
  • sharing knowledge that helps ease that occasional roughness of the journey
  • providing affordable as well as all-encompassing, elite support to way showers
  • being a lively witness to the magic that happens when the universe throws in synchronicity and lovely short-cuts as you step up to all you are

Thanks for reading. Please do join the newsletter if this tugs at your creative curiosity and funny vertebrae.

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Living a Soul-Infused Life

Denise Barnes here, author of the Soul Savvy Net blog, here to introduce myself and tell you the reason behind the blog. You might call me a musician with a day job. A healer by day and performer by night. An endlessly curious learner on a never ending growth plan. Like you perhaps, I’m multi-talented or have a couple of gifts up my sleeve. I’m also one of those HSPs (highly sensitive persons). And, I want to make a difference to this world, and live a creative, fulfilling life. Not an uncommon desire, is it?

Why the blog? You may have noticed, it’s not always easy to do the things you need to do to survive, AND to do the things you love to do. You can find a decent job but then have a hard time managing time and energy to keep progressing on the gifts that are closer to your heart that may not pay as well. Plus there are so many ways to lose track or lose momentum these days – lots of time sucks and recreational escapes that leave you feeling empty. So it can be complicated, creating a life that matters and fulfills. It can be hard to get to those things that mean the most.

These are exactly the types of situations this blog will address. It aims to solve the problems of *how to recognize when a call for change is afoot, *how to hone your ideas that you wish to try out and experiment, * how to tame fear and distinguish when real caution is needed, *How to clear and resolve past experiences that discourage you from taking risks or that block your momentum. Yes, just a few potential challenges there!

The blog will share success stories from those who have been successful taking quantum leaps. Those who have taken something from an idea stage, to completion. It will cover the types of regular practices and support you’ll need to stay on track and maneuver through creating more easily. It will remind you why the pressure of changing and taking risks is worth it and makes life more exciting.

There’s been a lot of change in my life, big and little revisions that led to great and exciting things. Some I chose and some seemed like they chose me. There have been years I felt uninspired and stuck too. When I did a one woman show, it didn’t quite get the acclaim or lead to the next things I’d hoped for. I had that, Frack art! phase for a time. After a while, I realized that wasn’t a good refrain to keep singing. Perspective is everything, and luckily it is adjustable. Learning is always available when you’re open to it.

If you are multi-talented, and feel a pull to share more of your gifts and contribute to this world, sign up on the newsletter to get support,information and inspiration to keep evolving your vision. Each small step (even signing on with soul savvy), keeps you moving toward the increased satisfaction and even joy, of a meaning-packed existence. A life that will leave you smiling and more happily exhaling on your deathbed. If this is one of THOSE lives, there is no time to lose. Jump in while you can! Follow that urge that calls you to grow, to contribute, to delve into the new and unknown.

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Aim True for 2019

Put 2018 to bed, and Take 2019 out Dancing
A clearing and visioning self retreat

3 videos and a couple PDFs for Soul Savvy subscribers
to make the most of 2019

You’ll need paper and pen or laptop, last year’s calendar, and a good cuppa somethin’ yummy.

Preparation for starting up
6ish minute video
Introduction, centering meditation, qualities that will guide you

2018 Clearing and Completion
10 minute video – pause the video for several of these steps
Questions and guidelines to help feel clear/complete with 2018

PDF for evaluating 2018 in balanced way

2019 Visioning
12 minutes pause video as needed
to flesh out your vision for 2019

PDF with planning ideas, and room to name your
6 highest goals for 2019

OK! There you have it. May you aim yourself well for the coming year, for your highest good, and the highest good of all.

Let me know how it goes.

If this is helpful, inspiring –
Please sign up for the newsletter and subscribe to the youtube page~  Sharing welcome too. Thanks!

Big love, Denise

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Channels Nov-Dec 2018









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Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson

Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, By Mark Manson

This book starts out with a bang and doesn’t stop. For the soul savvy crew, it’s going to be loved for its humor alongside its mega truths, both given in ample doses. One problem for some is the constant F bomb traffic. Yes, this is a major Los Angeles type of F bomb traffic that won’t let up. For those immune to that problem, you’ll sail through this like a sci fi car that can jolt to air travel. For those from NJ or other lands of constant F bomb traffic, you may well resonate with the way this adds a sexy and enlightening emphasis to the message.

(Caution: I will be reverting to NJ level of comfort with the f bomb lingo, though still couching it uncourageously with the f*ck nomenclature. For now.)

With this albeit shocking title, you might think the book is a new manual for slackers. Or that author (MM) is just a wiseass f*ck head, creating another viral wave, the lucky bastard. But no, this is not about how to slacker surf at all. This is about how to choose wisely, those areas you will give a f*ck about. And he’ll expose the areas you unwittingly put too much energy into, due to outside programming etc.

Humans move along, especially quasi entitled, enlightened humans, working on the latest hacks for self improvement and happiness. Great, smart to do. But then books like this come along that notice, Oh all that focus on evolving has gotten us into a pickle again. It takes a brilliant mind and right timing to be able to say, “WTF! This is all wrong.” Or, “Man, does this model need some tweaking!”

Enter subtle art, all in chapter one. What’s the problem? Continue reading

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Fiery Politics – Thoughts for Sensitives

Temperatures are running high in the US and the world – and it’s not only global warming. The current politics have become so polarized. Respectful debate? A lost art. But wait a minute. Remember the John Adams historical fiction TV series? It depicted our forefathers – sure they had passionate disagreements. Yet, they stayed respectful and honorable toward one another. Some were even deep friends. Even twenty years ago, that was still the case. No, it wasn’t perfect, but intelligent debate was known to be crucial to democracy.

Sensitives, light workers, creative types, are sensitive to moods, anger, conflict, pain, loud noises, and over-stimulation. They’re more negatively impacted by other’s pain than most (more info on the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) here ). Does this mean all sensitives need to hide or withdraw? Not necessarily. But you may have to get uber creative to find ways to make your contribution, and stay engaged. Continue reading

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All Souls Day channel 11-1-18

11-1-18 from High Priestess Octavia

Greetings Denise and Kin,

Oh hallow, Halloween, hallowed fellows and kin,

This is the time, of stopping, of honoring. What a precious act, this 10/31 11/1 doorway. If you could see and know from our view, you would be delighted. To see the timeless blessing of all kin being together in this moment, being embraced. It is a simple act, ritual etc., yet it echoes gloriously through the caverns of time, alighting and aligning so beautifully. Massive resets, hallos/hallows on hallowed ground of existence, this honoring of this doorway.

These moments, well they are rare enough, though they can happen anytime, truly. Agree though that it is a special time. A time to take a moment, to light a candle, to put out some picture frames with your family ones, your ancestors. A time to note those things that symbolize this corridor of connection, of these roots of yours; it is as though a sonorous gong is sounded through the kingdoms. A healing sound, a sound that speaks of love and gratitude, a sound that honors creator and all of existence.

We know that the ancestor territory can sometimes be laden with mixed feelings, mixed blessings, aho for sure. Continue reading

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