LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

Law of Attraction. When did you first hear this term? For many of you, it was probably long before the movie The Secret came out in 2007(feels like it was 1997 somehow). Then all the hype that followed, including pushing people beyond limits (James Arthur Ray) in a sweat lodge experience that cost thousands. Plus all of the well-intentioned perhaps, but overly material focus on acquiring beamers and mansions… Probably good reasons that many were turned off to the LOA, and why I have a bit of discomfort when I now hear the term.

So, how about a NEW NAME CONTEST!! for the thing. Reply to this email with any inspirations. Funny or otherwise…

That said, there is a lot I DO LOVE about this type of work, method, approach. Which by the way, predates Jesus. It may take a while to get the hang of it, and to make it work for you. It has taken me time to actually feel it as a dance. Ask for it, do-si-do from the universe, notice it, bow back…
It really is a pretty cool spiritual practice and paradigm, when you can extract the hype and make it your own.

Here are four things I love about it, that “LOA” thang…

1) It can update and replace our EGO mind with a whole new program. Read more


A while back I reviewed a book on tape by Edwene Gaines, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. The four laws are Tithing, Goal-Setting, Forgiveness, and Divine Purpose. Just recently, I was gifted the actual book versus the CD from the library. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the difference between the audio and written word, or if I’ve changed – but guess what? I need to revise my position on tithing.

Last time round, I heard Edwene Gaines'(EG) words and insistence of the essential place of tithing in prosperity work. As you likely know, my overall approach to prosperity is we all need to find our own path, and make any teaching uniquely ours. Yet, I want to also understand why tons of traditions can’t all be wrong, lol. The author credits her sources as the Bible, and then some of the Science of Mind / Unity authors John Randolph Price, and Charles Fillmore – at least these three are named. But rereading, or actually, reading her full story for the first time, I started to see a familiar pattern. Both of us tried to wiggle around tithing initially. And perhaps you were relieved when my previous instructions let you off the hook, eh?

Aside here – this is why it’s great to discuss things on the blog – I know there is lots of wisdom in you to share with this community. EG says tithing generates more questions than any other prosperity principle. It’s easy to see why anyone working on money issues, especially before the ‘ease factor’ kicks in, may gasp at the idea of tithing. Read more

The Worst Thing to Do with Push Back, Part 1

The stars of my Soul Fired Client Attraction Mastermind group are hot on the trail of courageous connection to new levels of perfect clients. Books can be written here about the comedy and tragedy sides of the networking learning curve. I’ve been there! Reminds me of dating bloopers – another realm where there are plenty of comedies written, and where there is a similar art involved to attracting what you want.

How you respond to push back to your marketing message, or say your pricing, is serious business. It’s very serious in terms of how you respond to it internally and in the moment. We talked last blog about holding faith while on the path to your new money stance. Here are a few thoughts on how to stand strong when you get push back, as you straddle that threshold between the old and the new money ways.


It was my turn at the table of the networking event. “I work with soul fired business owners who are committed to growing their business, but they keep hitting invisible barriers. Like income ceilings, marketing allergies, or perfectionism and doubt that ambush them as they expand.” (part one of Denise’s Soul Fired Self Intro.)

Normally, this is the part where a person who is called to your message will ask a question to find out more. And I’m sitting upright, so ready to share part 2! Instead though, a gentleman at the table takes umbrage with the word allergies. “Marketing allergies? What (sputter) – how does the word allergies relate to marketing?” The energy – and networking is really an energy game at the outset, folks – was not receptive, as you might guess.

“Yes, this is when any thought or mention of marketing makes you sneeze”, I joked. I go on, “Well, what does it sound like to you, marketing allergies?” And then behold, it was revealed that allergies might be a sassy way of saying “aversions to marketing” and the boat of expectation was righted before it totally tipped over into an unthinkable expanse of creativity.

I’m making light of this now, but if I were more new to the networking game, or in a more vulnerable place, or especially needy to make a connection, or get a positive response on my marketing message – I could have been devastated! Bam, throw in the towel on the next day’s marketing event, and go into the corner and lick my wounds for a while. Yeah, and the perfect client will be at THAT meeting, while I’m hiding in the closet ; )

Instead, and no small thanks to the supportive embrace of my personal mastermind group, it was clear that my marketing message worked very well in this case. One of the gifts of a good message is not only to attract the perfect clients, but to effectively screen out those who aren’t such a good fit. Hint: umbrage and sputtering are good signs that this might not be a business match made in heaven, hee hee.


Oh I love this one! And of course when you are crossing the gap between old and new clients, or old and new levels of offers and solutions you provide to clients, you might have to raise your prices. EEK! You might have to start to acknowledge the incredible results you help clients achieve, and rein in that sliding scale. Okay – let’s come back to that next week – I’ve got another story from a colleague on that one.

For now though, hold the faith, and push back to the push back!

Your comrade on the soul fired mission,

Denise Barnes

PS Have you checked out the wisdom from The Solopreneur Toolkit? Check out my Befriend Money video: Clearing the Barriers to Soul-Cool Salary here. One more week for free Healthy Wealth consults.

What’s a Matta for You/r Abundance?

This post was inspired written after attending an abundance workshop which pushed my “truth in advertising” buttons … The leader attributed her biz success to her strong application of the law of attraction, versus years in the field, a clear niche, a prior marketing job in the field before getting her MA, etc., etc.

What’s a Matta For You/r Abundance?

Who is it, and what movie (or many), when the Italian guy (Joe Pesci?) is yelling, “What’s a matta for you”, at his minion? Poor minion is either kind of slow, or just not playing the mafia game properly.

Sometimes I feel just like that poor minion, when I read books or attend “abundance” workshops. I’ve heard about the law of attraction (LOA) for many years. It seems so easy. What’s a matta for me, that I’m not rich, or the perfect picture of Buddha with jewels, right now?

The books and teachers will tell me right quick what’s wrong. It’s my fear, or other negative emotions. Nope, I can’t keep a straight face when I’m embodying my vision of what I want to create. Or maybe, I don’t really belieeeevvvve that I deserrrrrrvvvvve my desire.

I’m not using all my senses, see, when I’m doing my visualization practice. Or, I’m scattering my energy by having too many desires. Or … I guess it all boils down to “my bad” – my past history, my lack of good energy or skill, my debt, my … bad karma! Gotta be.
Yeah, remember that lifetime where you/we said the equivalent of “Let them eat cake?” Coming back to bite your ass big time …
Ever feel like an Abundance Dummy?

Read more
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