6 Secrets to More Aliveness

Aliveness – what is that? You know those people in your life who seem vibrant, present, even a bit edgy? Spontaneous, they are! Dare we say joyful?? “Unapologetically themselves.” Authentic. Courageous in speaking their minds, WHILE retaining kindness. Humor even – the advanced practice.

How the heck do they manage that, in these divisive, Roe v Wade killin’, voter suppressin’ times? (Whoops – hold me back….)

(Warning – the writing sometimes happens during irreverent moments. This could be then/now. Careful: some F bombs … ummm well, popped in during a previous session, and can’t be erased, it seems…)

Do you ever feel that alive friend? Sure I bet it happens. Not all the time, right? But there are those moments. Aha! Yum~! Maybe even you too become irreverent, or throw caution to the wind then. Your hunger and need for honesty, truth and aliveness pushes you through those edges. You take the risk, not knowing how it will land.

Perhaps it’s a continuum of aliveness that operates for human experience. Some days, beaucoup lively. Other days, the emotional weather has changed, and oh, a little cloud is raining on the aliveness dance. Yes. This is called being human.


So what’re the secrets to more regular zesty-ness? Maybe it’s the aliveness equilibrium formula? Ah already that might tone things down too much, to bring in the old equilibrium, balance word / cliché…

At any rate, let’s take a little walk into some passion here. Oops another over used word. OK this landscape is fraught with boring and stale words – probably because so many seek this mysterious elixir! Let’s dive in. See what you think about my 5 secrets here – and please, share yours below!


Go ahead and put on “Staying Alive” – hey I’m going to right now, hold on. Even though it’s a kind of chipmunk voice…so says my singing critic….

Secret # 1) Wake up to the big picture! Is there a cloud raining on your aliveness? Are you facing the wind of that? Or eating Cheetos / indulging in endless comforting activities? Is there, oh no, some whining going on? This is called passive coping. You need some of that, yes. But waking up involves facing the wind here. Basic stress mgmt. (See my 4 steps resource section for some help with this.) You sometimes have to clear the crap to get to the gold of aliveness injections. Think botox for the soul…Then there is the earth transformation you came for, which is rockingly difficult right now. This impact is something to work with daily. Practices, practices…

Secret # 2) Already awake? Cool. Then, Brush off the Dust on your Soul Mission. Focus now. Get clear/clarify. What did you REALLY come here to do? Is this intention up to date? Don’t get distracted by the millions of options and all the distress cycling around. There are many dire needy zones in this resurrecting world… Before you choose, refresh your reason for being. Claim this great source of excitement now.

Secret # 3) Remember the Energy First Equation – How’s your energy doing? Yes, those passing clouds can bring you down, no doubt. Yet when you face that stress or emotional storm, there are clues for you there. What DON’T you want? What IS your worst fear? And then from there, WTF DO you want?    Imagine that. Yes! Imagining it counts! You can do this in bed, who knew? Feeling the feelings you’ll have when you create that. Feel It Now. Receive that emotional goodness. That’s the energy work of life. Start there. Then, stay attuned to the ups and downs of your energy as your creation evolves. Starting with the energy level makes the whole game a lot easier.

Secret # 4) Laugh. Regularly. a) At yourself. b) At the world. c) At the incredible game we’ve all agreed to play and how freakin’ convincing this matrix is! Phew damn who created this shit? And know it’s easy to misplace amusement – and that’s another clue. If it’s nowhere in sight, hit the inner search button. It won’t be hard to, eventually, find something amusing. Even watching a funny show – ok passive coping – but if it helps with the search, bless that baby. Then through in some active coping for good measure. (ie action)

5) Create / update your “better than nothing” / “when in doubt” / “cloudy day” aliveness practices Moving helps many – walk around the block, dance to the Staying Alive chipmunks song. 8468768** I often intend to do 20-30 minutes on the stair stepper many more times in the week. But for example today I did the Better than Nothing thing – 2 minutes of high intensity jogging in place (Original Gangster playing), sit-ups, pushups (yeah I can do 5 or less), and some squats.
That little bitty cleared a few clouds and I faced the music of supposed overwhelm about all the work to do the newsletter, bla bla bla. And now OG is on again, and I’ll shake my booty as this blog completes and I get to talk to your soul savvy sweet asses yet again…

6) Take a small step in the direction of soul aliveness. As small as it needs to be where you don’t feel any resistance. Like that gal who started her meditation practice with thirty seconds on the cushion. You heard me, 30 seconds! Just moving in that direction will invite aliveness. I’ll betcha. Dare ya. Most know exactly what one small step is. Even amidst all the stuckness or whining or trauma, a next step comes to mind. Do that. Let me know if I lose the bet.


OK let’s see, have I satisfied this intention? Are these five secrets relevant and helpful for you? Am I missing some – do you have more? Please share, take that step and see if aliveness jostles for you.

Can we walk with the clouds of life in the early 2020s to “get to the point” as Ice T suggests on his outgoing voice mail message? (Before he throws it to the ground…)

I’d say re: this intention – good enough. Done, not perfect. With the cosmic time crunch, done is better.

What say you? Adding to the gold below with your comments helps me and us all… Add to the Staying Alive ideas, please.

In gratitude for our sweet asses on this crazy mysterious road to Evolving the Soul Work with Joy.

Denise Barnes, ShamaNtuitiive coach of World Changers, Shamans and Shamans to Be for this Now

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