LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

Law of Attraction. When did you first hear this term? For many of you, it was probably long before the movie The Secret came out in 2007(feels like it was 1997 somehow). Then all the hype that followed, including pushing people beyond limits (James Arthur Ray) in a sweat lodge experience that cost thousands. Plus all of the well-intentioned perhaps, but overly material focus on acquiring beamers and mansions… Probably good reasons that many were turned off to the LOA, and why I have a bit of discomfort when I now hear the term.

So, how about a NEW NAME CONTEST!! for the thing. Reply to this email with any inspirations. Funny or otherwise…

That said, there is a lot I DO LOVE about this type of work, method, approach. Which by the way, predates Jesus. It may take a while to get the hang of it, and to make it work for you. It has taken me time to actually feel it as a dance. Ask for it, do-si-do from the universe, notice it, bow back…
It really is a pretty cool spiritual practice and paradigm, when you can extract the hype and make it your own.

Here are four things I love about it, that “LOA” thang…

1) It can update and replace our EGO mind with a whole new program. Now ego is always the default in a way, for our animal human side. Part of that mind is programmed to defend, to worry, to see threats everywhere. That lil’ ego is an anti-loa machine, right? So LOA thinking can be like ego’s big sister or brother, saying, “Now now lil’ ego, chill dude/babe, it’s OK, we’re safe, and thanks for the warning, there’s back up if needed”… etc. etc.

2) It’s a great spiritual training ground. You’ll clarify your desires, which is a big step in itself, and takes some sophistication. To be that big of a being to then ask for it. You increase your self-love and “havingness” (ability to feel you deserve cool things / things you’d like/want). You collaborate with the universe through this – also a bit of stepping up, when you work with something bigger than you. And you get to practice perseverance, a necessary skill for success and creation. There is even humility lessons – gotta love that – when something you want doesn’t show up or shows up very differently – hmmm, maybe not quite the right timing or even desire? So, very cool stuff is learned in the work of LOA, and wonderful skills can be honed that serve you all over the place called life on earth.

3) LOA is a fabulous way to flip cultural myths and f**kd up ethics. Puritan ethic – can we put this one to rest? Gotta work hard endlessly. Or how about Original Sin? We did a bad, bad thing because we got bad bad natures… Jeesh these have been setting us up for disaster for too long. LOA presumes basic goodness, even godliness, a much better starting point. There is also the assumption that creating a more fulfilling life can happen with ease, not struggle and aggression. This can be very healing for those ancestral lines and the struggles of our past history.

4) Finally, when you do get the hang of the LOA, and REALLY get it all going on smoothly, you are living life more fully, more soulfully, more meaningfully. All of this aligns with Soul Savvy and Grief Artist missions. And that kind of heartful evolution and growth will not happen of its own accord. OK, maybe if you had some really outstanding past lives the last ten rounds, you’ll just be born as Mick Jagger or Mother Theresa. But even as I say that, we know they had to work it too, yes? You can see it as fate or luck perhaps. Yet, it’s more empowering to see some of it as related to the inner, spiritual work. LOA gives you clear ideas on how to evolve into that change you want to see and be.

Yes, there is a lot to diss about the LOA, especially the hype and the oversimplifications or misuses of the original and purer bodies of knowledge it’s based on. Yet, it can work as a type of meditation practice, a way that stretches you into creating more of what you really came here to do. Some of it feels more like common sense at times. For example, the idea that beliefs attract things into your life, so a negative belief could bring in exactly that. Believe life is hard? Uh, and you’re experiencing exactly that? LOA gives you a way to take more responsibility for clearing and honing thoughts and beliefs so they can better serve you.

LOA – you can find the gold in that ore chunk. Then it truly can be a helpful perspective and spiritual support. My favorite book is an old one you can open for gold on any page, Creating Money: Keys to Abundance, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. (Not just about the money, but it helps, huh?)

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, if you care to share a comment below.


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