Waking Up in the Dark

Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight
Got to kick at the darkness ‘til it bleeds daylight

– Bruce Cockburn, Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Stealing Fire, 1984

2018. It’s been six years since 2012, when some-kind-of-wonderful awakening was promised. emember that? I didn’t hear of any extraordinary ascensions at that time – at least not the predicted anti-rapture. Personally, that year ended one of my most difficult life passages, go figure. Bruce Cockburn’s above were relevant, and they still are. Yes, now I can look back and smile, but that took a few years.

Today though, I do see more signs of awakening. 2012’s promise – better late than never? Or was it all meant to happen this way, the darkest crevices of our humanity coming to light, as we simultaneously clear our personal and collective debris. Now, I haven’t spotted any white robed beings surfing off into the ethers on golden Frisbee orbs. Yet it does feel like the darkness is getting kick boxed out of the basement, as many are also finding their way to their golden wholeness.

Many years before her final days in this life, shifts in my relationship with my Mom Read more

More Scary than Fear – Close Calls to Missing the Call Part 2

I used to think that the Quantum Leap to heed the Soul’s call would take one leap. And then I could jump into the hammock, yum! Pass the margarita! But no – the stretch from the old way to the new way requires many shifts, and constant courage. These can be little choices each day, and the real big decisions every now and then.

For example, for Darcy, one big leap was to say Yes, I hear and honor this call, and I’ll hire help. Progress hadn’t been happening for quite some time working alone, even with a strong community and a great partner. That was a big decision point to step into coaching. Then, after that, she needed the willingness to create clarity about the plan to enable the dream that was whispering. Then, she needed to revamp her schedule and focus so she could feed her plan. All of that took some time and work.

Then after that foundation was revamped, Darcy observed how much her various day jobs were draining and scattering her. In session, we made sacred space for her guidance on this. She realized attracting a better day job would be a good step to take. And, as often happens when you are stepping up on the spirit path, within weeks she created this. Spoke to a friend, got an offer. Not only did the new job help her focus on her transformation plan, but it paid more, and taught her the skills she needed for the future gig.

So it took lots of small steps and little actions to foster the awareness that Darcy’s foundation needed tweaking. This is all in the getting ready phase, when you clear the ground. Since we keep evolving constantly, we’re always getting ready, to some degree – we’re often tweaking something.

Oh no, the wobbling…

And then, there are those places where the dreaded WOBBLE effect comes in to play.

The WOBBLE effect is where you’ve bravely taken a step, put yourself out there, extended yourself, and … nothing happens, or there is critical backlash, or… you just get incredibly vulnerable and question all of your efforts. There is plenty of time for wobbling as the universe meanders along in its own perfect time with the delivery of what you’ve asked for.

In the Quantum Leap program, the unique part of what the coaching does is provide a larger view of the wobbling. It’s often a sacred necessity. Soul Savvy’s intuitive healing perspective looks at the nature of the themes under each person’s unique wobble. Often what lives here is the history of our wounds, our rejections, our traumas. Every time you step forth, you jiggle those sore points – in order to create full healing for them and more wholeness for yourself. Heartful mastery of the wobble dance is a huge gift. The depth, accuracy and speed of the work done here is unusual for most coaching programs. This is where many just get stuck, don’t recover quickly, or completely derail.

One critical wobble for Darcy came after two months of shifting, of creating her new foundation and preparing for the new way. Lo and behold, the perfect job appeared. She caught the invite early – she was on the search; she was ready and waiting. But she also noticed a little banner on the website that said – 6,374 visitors have viewed this.

Oh the wobbling that caused! The doubter within her said, OK I’m good at what I do, but no way can I compete with six thousand people. I mean really! And then the doubter added the secondary layer of considerations – who would want to relocate after all you’ve built here, what about your spouse, what about eighteen years with the band, what about (etc. etc.).

And the thing you always wonder about, but really can never know is – how would that wobble have gone if not for coaching? In that session, it didn’t look like Darcy was going to apply. The interference and static was on high volume. If it didn’t derail her completely, it may have led to at least, more procrastination, more hemming and hawing. You know how that messes with the quality of the work you do, even if does eventually, and painfully, get delivered. Big dreams carry big doubts – the resistance is often commensurate with the risk. And Darcy was standing on a high risk cliff!

Leaping from the cliff!

Luckily, we were able to redirect the focus. You can always apply and decline, I noted. Again we made sacred space for her to examine the fear and static and get to the truth beneath it. Darcy didn’t derail. She got her application in, and did a bang up job on it. She had the new day job, and during the next year of multiple screenings and interviews, including getting flown cross country to meet the company, she was learning the skills that would cement her getting the job offer. The competition was stiff, and her new foundation helped keep her in the game. And then, she got the job!

Now, she is at peace and in joy because she found her way to follow Soul’s calling. She was able to relocate with heart, and is doing the work she was meant to do. Great work, at a great time, to help those she loves working with.

What would have happened without the support she invested in? So hard to say, but for many of those who were in the program, there was essential work to do that they kept feeling blocked from doing. Wobbling that didn’t end easily – that kept them from their next steps. Steps to take to get ready for the next phase of things – a phase they might have either completely missed, or not been able to take advantage of, if not for coaching.

Yes, more scary than the fear, than the dreaded wobble, is missing that critical juncture. More scary is reaching that later point, or end of life, when you say, Drat! I needed to leap there…

Is it time for your Quantum Leap?

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Your guide on the soul journey,


Close Calls to Missing the Soul Call

Here’s a Soul Savvy success story. There is a coaching offer on tap until Friday, 3 spots open, just like the one this client used to honor her soul call. I’d be thrilled to support you in this way. Quantum Leap is a special “subscribers only” coaching program. You can sign on the elist at the right.

Soul Savvy CLIENT STORY (named changed)

My client Darcy had known for a while that her next work wasn’t showing up in her local area/state. She felt the call to step up, and she’d been trying to honor it. But she knew somehow it wasn’t happening. She was scattered by creative projects, many friends/relationship, and several day jobs – and OK, she didn’t like to say no that often. Or she didn’t yet have a reason to.

She was tuned in though. When the 2010 Quantum Leap (QL) coaching program was announced she knew several things – that the call had to be answered, and that she could use more accountability. And she knew, through being on the Soul Savvy elist, that she resonated with Soul Savvy’s spiritual approach. She knew enough to follow her soul’s “Yes!”

When we started, the nature of the quest was clear, though like many quests – the final details of how this would take shape were not yet formed. Next steps were clear though, and taking them created new next steps. And gently and manageably, a new life was formed that blew the socks off the current version. 

Darcy first needed to create her intention foundation, and get ready for the universe’s invite. There were about six steps to plan and create momentum for. One powerful example of what she accomplished in her first phase of QL- she attracted a new day job that not only gave her training for that next perfect job, but paid her more than ever.


It’s easy to blow off your soul calling next steps, or put things off, and there’s a reason why. Its high stakes when the soul call beckons. Our ego and old way of being know full well they are threatened. This is why doubt and fear increase the volume. And why most “close calls” mean the death knoll for the soul call. (Jeesh, that phrase probably needs a little organ music and a bwa ha ha…) When it’s just you and your self talk considering the soul call, you’ll often talk yourself out of it.

It’s so easy to miss these calls. Why?

The busy, distracted and scattered energy that comes of living in the current times
The need to concentrate on loved ones’ needs at certain times of life
Challenging paperwork that needs doing – ugh! – easy to procrastinate on
The persuasiveness of the slick voice of doubt (“that won’t work, don’t worry”)
For many, past life residue still tells us it is dangerous to step up to soul’s call. 

The good news: it’s often a series of small steps, and the first one is saying yes, I’ll heed this call now. The voice of doubt will insist it won’t work, or it will end badly – but it doesn’t matter what comes of your efforts really. Saying yes is the key. You stepped forth, you listened. For Darcy, she had done the crucial life changing work to get ready. Of course there were still more critical junctures ahead. (I’ll share those Friday).

I want this for you. It’s my mission to help you find the way to step up to these soul calls, without having to start over financially. What about finding a higher level of contribution to make to our needy world? And doing this while having a good salary?

I sweeten the deal for this by offering a great fee for Quantum Leap, and letting you schedule your sessions out and get email access for longer than usual. 

I am ready for the next cycle of our tribe that wants to step up. But there are just 3 spots.


And if you say no now, is there a sense of rightness, of relief (This is good), or…

Will saying no mean missing the soul call? Because after a while of missing these, the soul calls stop coming, or get much harder to hear. That leaves you with a sense of missing out, of anxiety in the background (That’s not so good).

Thank you for leaning in to the call, however you are doing it now – it’s so needed,

Big Love and Blessings,


PS Ready to take the Quantum Leap – or find out more? Here are next steps:

1) Have a short chat to see if this is right for you, and ask any questions – lot’s of times today 10/15 and tomorrow 10/16, just a few Friday, October 18th, the final day of this offer.

2) If you are feeling ready to go for it, see the current details and pick your level of investment. Once I receive your payment, I will send your next steps over email, and we’ll get your first time scheduled.

Remember, there are only 3 spots right now. I hope it’s you.

From another Quantum Leap client:

A driving force in keeping my dream & passion going, during & after coaching

I had a dream and a passion that was emerging, and wanted support bringing that into reality. Our energy together has been a driving force in keeping that going. You seem to have an inherent knowing of what I needed, and were very flexible in where the session moved. There was powerful energy work, and also you love the practical, concrete steps. 

You’re like a beacon, a force between the earth and the heavens for those ready to hear the call. You’re delightful to work with. If you’re really ready to get to the next steps, and get support with your dreams, and your passion, Denise is the one.

Peggy Gibson, Personal Life Coach, Atlanta, GA

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