Thoughts on Memorial Day 2050

Memorial Day. Veterans. Wars. That led to more Safety. Independence. Overthrowing mal-intended regimes. Then the questionable side. US vs. Vietnam. Iraq. Power abuse. Resource takeover. Indigenous disregard. Destruction.

Remembering has a spiritual side, as in re-member-ing. Restoring previously missing parts. Lost parts. Wounded, traumatized parts. AKA Soul retrieval. On the road to healing, to becoming whole again.

The question: How will we remember COVID in 10 years? How would we wish our children and the next generations to remember this time? A turning point. Taken? Or another ignored message from earth. Message to earthlings. Come in, come in.

I respect the past wars and military service of my family and yours. It served a purpose. It was part of how our species evolved. Yet dontcha think – killing each other is so… over? Past stage? That lying, and stealing, and lying about the stealing, is no longer concealable? That people are more wise and see behind the false stories? That abusing power, whether it be for resources, or another person’s body, or some other way of taking advantage of those less powerful … ?

That it is time to make these things, things of the past.

How do we make this turning point turn for the betterment of the species?
Right now I’m mostly cleaning house, the actual and the spiritual house. There are points where you get called to step up. Fear stands there too. Pushing ever so slightly, you learn to honor the call. Then you branch out to the community of trees, just like sister / brother aspen grove. You share your unique truth that needs to be shared. Your way of contributing to this time. To this turning point. When all step up, it’s not a heavy burden.

I know that I can step up to do more of the new healing work that felt intimidating at first. Yet each time I do it, I get better. People are helped. I whined because when I learned this new method, I didn’t want a new thing that disrupted my whole comfortable approach. Oh well. More growth was in the picture. More effort was needed. Now I am beyond the inertia reversal – can be a bit painful that shift – and back in the flow. And OK, this may be a way to help now. To help others clear trauma so they move on to their contribution.

How about you – is there a nudge for something else that wants to be created or expressed? I’d love to hear.

Here’s my wish list for Memorial Day 2020. Kind of has a ring to it. Easy to remember. We can all say, “Oh yeah, that Memorial Day, star date 2020 – that was the big turnaround, it turned out”… Yes!

  • War no more (oldie but goodie)
  • End to sexual assault
  • Harmonious co-existence with Mother Earth (love buddies?)
  • Government that supports each person’s safety, freedom, and highest purpose
  • Emphasis on unity – and the beauty and strengthening nature of diversity
  • The majority of intelligent, kind, well-intentioned humans “empowering up” to create + change

I’ve limited myself to 6, so you can add some more. What would you like to see, to remember that took place, in the post COVID corridor? Tell me, below, in the comments.

Let’s really make this Memorial Day one we ALL want to remember. That re-members us.
Tell me, friend, fellow human be-er, (oh the guys will like that) – What, what, what – shall you create and remember from this Now? This moment? This turning point and inertia reversal? From this Monday?

Memorial Day 2020. Let it be one to really remember… for reasons like … the shift from war to peace. Or as my friend Phil said, no more fossil fuel. Transformations like that. Let’s make it happen. It’s more possible than ever.

Here’s a story of just that – a non profit that helps unemployed coal workers get new training / jobs. One area of reemployment is the solar industry. What an inspiring story (short interview on etown)

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