Feminine Courage: A New Quiet Strength & Daring

Courage – the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.
Derring do – action displaying heroic courage; daring action

What does courage mean in your life today? Is it wearing, or not wearing a mask? Is it climbing a mountain? Courage used to be very identified with guns and war; thankfully, that is changing. Let’s invite in a new, feminine side of courage. More of a gentle strength, a brave daring. And guess what! This type of courage can even get you over the hump when motivation seems a bit lacking.

I’ll give an example. I have a musical gift of singing. But I often don’t get time or have “motivation” to make time for it alongside the work schedule. When I haven’t made it to the guitar in a while, there can be a buildup of negative inertia. A hump is formed, and it’s no Happy Wednesday downhill glide.

To breakthrough that inertia takes courage, besides motivation. When I realize that need for courage, my struggle/ hesitation/ procrastination makes a little more sense. OK! I need some derring do, by golly! I’ve got to push a bit to jump over that hump. When I put this in the picture, I can accept that the first return session might be a little … rough. But after that, the hump is flattened more. The flow’s returned.


For the creative and healing arts professionals I work with, courage is critical. This might mean claiming the life that feeds the heart and soul, which often looks different than the norm. It may mean taking risks to keep creativity alive. It may mean not only working for money or for an insane amount of hours. It can mean taking steps regularly to prioritize meaningful, fulfilling work that also pays well.

Courage may mean creating a schedule that allows for a full life. Time for friends, time for deep and meaningful conversations. Time to share obstacles or growth edges and problem solve them together. Time for the gifts that don’t yet pay and maybe never will.


For the sensitives, courage may mean honoring that sensitivity, but also being able to power down and push a bit when dealing with a deadline. Alternatively, it can mean having the flexibility to change a plan that turned out to be too demanding or unrealistic.

Courage is speaking up to someone who is not going to want to hear what you have to say, but really needs to. Bravery helps a lot here, to be proactive yet kind with those discussions so needed today.

Courage means attending to all of the important areas of life – meaningful, rewarding, and well-paying work, art and creativity, fun, and love. It means accepting that you’re on a path of growth, as those areas endlessly evolve and change.


For the Soul Savvy tribe, courage is taking the next step on the soul mission, even in the midst of revolution and economic collapse. Maybe especially then, realizing life can’t be taken for granted. Sorting through the chaos, and naming that next small step.

So let me ask you, what is that next step? How can you best take a next step to use your deepest gifts, to complete that project dear to your heart? Not every battle happening today is yours to fight. Choose your focus well. Invest your time as if it’s a precious mineral.

Courage, this gentle clarity, this new feminine version of daring action, will flatten the hump. All you need is whatever derring do transforms inertia to a new momentum – just a smidgeon will do it. Namaste friend, & Goddess Speed.

2 thoughts on “Feminine Courage: A New Quiet Strength & Daring”

  1. What an inspiring and insightful article, Denise! Courage and derring do are an interesting segue into overcoming inertia and creating momentum to create change. This is a new paradigm for me and helps immensely with the idea of disrupting resistance and letting ourselves be vulnerable enough to let go of familiar resistance and reach for our dreams for ourselves and the collective healing that is beginning to transform our world.
    Thank you for your intuitive and wise words that really resonate and help to move
    mountains and smooth the path forward. You are such a bright light in this universe!

  2. Thank you Tiana! Isn’t derring do a fun phrase? And I love how you mention daring action can “smooth the path forward”. Let me pick up that guitar right now!

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