LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

LOA – Hate the Label? 4 Reasons to Love the Work

Law of Attraction. When did you first hear this term? For many of you, it was probably long before the movie The Secret came out in 2007(feels like it was 1997 somehow). Then all the hype that followed, including pushing people beyond limits (James Arthur Ray) in a sweat lodge experience that cost thousands. Plus all of the well-intentioned perhaps, but overly material focus on acquiring beamers and mansions… Probably good reasons that many were turned off to the LOA, and why I have a bit of discomfort when I now hear the term.

So, how about a NEW NAME CONTEST!! for the thing. Reply to this email with any inspirations. Funny or otherwise…

That said, there is a lot I DO LOVE about this type of work, method, approach. Which by the way, predates Jesus. It may take a while to get the hang of it, and to make it work for you. It has taken me time to actually feel it as a dance. Ask for it, do-si-do from the universe, notice it, bow back…
It really is a pretty cool spiritual practice and paradigm, when you can extract the hype and make it your own.

Here are four things I love about it, that “LOA” thang…

1) It can update and replace our EGO mind with a whole new program. Read more

Fun Ways to Minimize the Torture of Naming 2015’s Brilliant Plan

SAM_3274January is kind of a see saw at times. Looking back, looking ahead. Completing things, starting things. There is a desire to improve life, hence resolutions. But resolutions often fall by the wayside.

So, how can you go beyond that, and get a plan, a brilliant plan, for 2015? One that inspires you to actually keep working it through the year?


Have you heard the big rocks story? You’re in science class. You have a five gallon glass mason jar with a lid. Alongside you have say six or eight hand size rocks, a big bunch of pebbles, and a big fat pile of sand. Scientifically, this is all supposed to fit in the jar. Most would intuitively to fill the jar with the sand, then pebbles then big rocks. But this doesn’t work.

The secret to making this experiment work? Start with the big rocks. Then all the smaller rocks, pebbles and sand will fit around the big rocks. This is also true with life. If you name the big rocks – i.e., your big projects for the year, the most meaningful areas of life you wish to improve, create, or devote your attention (i.e., love) to, all the other pebbles and sands of life will just sidle in alongside them big rocks.


It’s often counter intuitive to name the big rocks and attend to them first thing. It’s easy to spend a lot of damn time playing with the sands and pebbles, e.g., the distractions or mundane bits of life. But when you make a special effort to wrestle your attention to taking care of the meaningful things first? Often the other pieces of life start to fall into place.

Naming and clarifying your soul mission can be challenging – it keeps evolving! There is a lot of noise and static that try to thwart you, and lots of planetary and personal history that discourages blatant naming of the dream. That’s OK – this torture is short lived. Let’s cover a few other things that can make this process fun, as well as more integrative of spirit and sand, of right and left brain, of the realistic and the imaginal.


1) Review the last year for wins and suckiness (see last article for more on how to do this, and visit Soul Savvy’s Resources page for the End of Year Review page). Therein lie clues for what to change.

2) See if you can switch some areas you’ve mastered to auto pilot and a “foundations” zone. For example, finances this year for me won’t need too much time because of last year’s work. Now I have room for a new focus area in this year’s plan.

3) Don’t use your left brain/analytic mind alone. Include visualizations – where would you like to be ideally in 5 or 10 years? Meditate and center, and ask your guides/inner wisdom, or your right brain and creative side for symbols of possibilities. Ask before sleep for a dream to give you input. Pull some cards or divination apps. Then craft your focus from these zones. Example: Doing this ideal visualization, I saw a later life where creativity work loomed large. That inspired me to shift my creativity project in terms of priorities for the year.

4) Simplify your target or focus zones to three or six areas, and give them cool names that capture the essence of what you hope to gain through them. These can be called projects, but your name is better.

5) Make a weekly or monthly plan for your “foundations” zone, i.e., the auto pilot areas essential for your success. Scheme how to keep these happening. I know I need to balance my checkbook and check in with my spending plan weekly to keep the money peace foundation strong. Other foundations zone might include fitness, meditation or scheduling fun and social time.

6) Imagine you have one year to live, and 2015 is it. Scan your plan with this in mind to see if it still resonates. Life is short, though it can seem endless when you’re not on board with your soul serving purpose. When you are on board with the soul mission, life’s challenges get easier, as does your work.

Wishing you playfulness as you get your soul squeeze on for 2015!



How to Properly Exhale a Year ’round the Sun – Farewell 2014

January looms large as a cornerstone of the year, doesn’t it? There I was today, so proud of myself as I was pulling into the Rec Center for water aerobics. Then realized – I’d totally spaced my gym bag! I had to laugh as I turned the car for home. Well, just a little redirect I imagine, to get me penning this newsletter a bit sooner. And tonight I’ll just have to dance harder to make up for the lost swim. Let’s say already the universe is helping me out with my scheduling, eh?

Overly ambitious resolutions aside, why do we feel that pull to reflect on life with the turning of the year? Part of it may be passing through the sacred time of the year where the deep stillness of winter beckons. Stillness makes way for more truth. And as hard as it can be to get still, and come to grips with our joys and pains, it is always worthwhile to face the music. Usually not as bad as you fear. Doesn’t have to take forever either.

Other reasons for reviewing the year? If you don’t clear the past, sometimes it will keep repeating. Or, if there are areas you are really not happy with, it will likely take some focus and attention to change it. Also, you often don’t realize how far you’ve come. I know at times it’s like hair growing – you don’t notice it because you are so close to it. Yet, that shi* is growing friend, and so are you. It’s crucial, and a big abundance practice, to take time to notice progress, and celebrate it.

Especially if the year has had tough sections, as I experienced and hear from many, take a moment for noting, you have survived. Still curious and caring about your evolution and that of this world? Huge.

So here are a few steps for the big exhale of 2014, as you transition into 2015. Take some time to do this – take 30 minutes, or take an afternoon at the café. Reviewing and clearing the past is a crucial step to setting beauteous and accurate intentions for the coming year.

1) First, Review the Year

Speaking for myself, memory isn’t always flawless. To review a year, you can just look at your calendar for help remembering key events. This year I re-read my journal – thank goodness, that is not a daily practice yet! Enlightening, to say the least.

Sometimes you want more structure – for that desire, see this link for a Completion form. Or you can set up a few questions for yourself beforehand. What were your biggest accomplishments of the year? Biggest regrets? Biggest service? What did you learn from each of these? What would you like to be your biggest accomplishment of 2015? Etc.

I’ve done whole life reviews as part of death and dying training and regrets work, so one little year can seem relatively simple. Still it is big work. As you review the year, noting struggles as well as big shifts, ask the question, how will these insights and lessons learned serve me in 2015?

Example: Rereading my journal made me aware how much time I spend in distraction. There are the basic life areas, like fitness, health, food, completing my daily spiritual practice, etc. Then there are the doubts, fears and procrastinations about what really matters. Ugh! Sometimes I can’t believe the things I still struggle with! Perhaps they’re just old friends at this point. Yet, the progress feels huge too.

The answer for me, re: question, how will this serve me next year? I am already entering this year much clearer and stronger than last; I can see that. I want to keep that platform for the basic self-nourishment strong this year. For me that means making time for the spiritual practice and health practices of fitness and healthy eating – getting that to automatic. Just do it. Make the weekly plan, get up early as needed for playful prayer time, whatever. Get this done, so I can then move to the important things.

2) Clear any Regrets

You often find some level of regrets with a year review. Coming to grips with these is important. Key steps include a) realizing you were a different you at that time, and made your best guess based on all of that. You can also b) make any amends or apologies, changing anything that needs to be changed so you don’t repeat this. And finally, c) forgiveness – of yourself and others, so you can start fresh. For more assistance with this work, try the great book, No Regrets, by Hamilton Beazley.

3) Finish the Outstanding Thingies that Still Need Doing

There may be other things that occur to you to clear the year, and to celebrate it. Don’t worry, you have time to do this. I still have some healing packages to get to loved ones that predate the holidays – those will finally go out this week. What do you need to do, so you can be ready to bless and bid farewell to 2014? Clear the decks as best you can. Doesn’t have to be to the Nth degree, or I know I’d be at it all year!

So then, just review and clear the year enough so you’ll be ready to full-body breathe in the amazing year that will be 2015. Let’s get ready. There is time; you can create sacred time for this. Whatever you can do, just make it work for you in this important crossroad.

So whatever you can do to exhale this hairy year, do it. When you’re done, light a candle. Take a big breath, and exhale that mother! Dance and shake it ALL OUT with a few more breaths. Thank the bastard for all it gave you, all it taught you – and let it go. Give it a big AMEN and AHO. Add a laugh with a little “horse lips” fart noise – whatever! It is done, amen. Aho.

Blessings on your day (Epiph! Epiph!) and your month of January two fifteen.

Yours in the soul warrior path,

Denise Barnes

P.S. I am taking applications for three new wonderful clients. Visit my calendar here to set up a free 30 min consult.

Gifts of Meaning


I remember how excited I was with my first round of earning power when after what seemed like years of saving from our newspaper route, my sister and I had $ 45 to spend on my parents’ anniversary. Finally there was an opportunity to give back to our dearly beloveds. I thought this was really going to make a difference, and was just the start of my plan to rescue them from the poverty that bound us. Oh exuberant youth!

Lisa and I rode our bikes down to the neighborhood drug store, our first mistake. The money in our pockets elevated us to the status of needing to ask the storekeepers to open the locked glass case to view our chosen items. One was an ice crusher, which I imagined would really elevate my parents’ coolness at their now much less frequent cocktail parties. There was another equally inane item we gave them that I can’t quite recall right now – I’ll have to check back with Lisa.

I’ll never forget my mother’s face as they opened their presents. I was expecting a bit of unbridled joy at this obvious foreshadowing of their future prosperity. Instead, pain of some kind flashed across her features. I didn’t really register this completely or understand it at the time, but it brings tears to my eyes now as I try to describe it. She knew how hard and long we worked to earn this money, and obviously the ice crusher wasn’t quite hitting the treasure button. The whole thing seemed to express the pain of our lineage, of the struggle to raise and feed children amidst challenging economies, of the limits to love and fulfillment that money would never impact.


Last year I decided to go cash free for the holidays, and get creative with my gift giving. This coincided with internal guidance I’d received – a clear request from Spirit to bring my psychic skills forward, an area I’d been practicing for a decade, but hadn’t really offered publicly. I was more than a little nervous as I approached my peeps with this idea to see if it would be acceptable, and to ask if they had any other suggestions for our mutual holiday happiness. To some I offered massage or other nurturing/quality time. To my relief everyone was willing to adapt to my experiment.

Not only was my gift giving more meaningful, but the season was much less harried than it might be with shopping forays and lists and such. Additionally, I see how spirit was stealthy in getting me to express something personally meaningful, and collectively needed (more and more people are being asked to open to these kinds of skills). The response I received to the psychic/intuitive healing work was very encouraging, and I continued to have opportunities to offer the work. Then this led to my long delayed pursuit of channeling, which started last spring. (More on this coming -.after six months of regularly practicing channeling alone, I am now about to offer this in a group setting.)

So not only was this a fun healthy wealth experiment, it benefited me, my friends and family, and the local traffic. (My other sister Meagan is my biggest raving fan – surprise!) Plus, it moved me along in unexpected ways in terms of that ol’ lifelong learning plan. Who knew? And speaking of sneaky – how cool is that, that decades after I hoped to get my family into therapy – well they can at least have intuitive healing sessions, hee hee.


Whether or not you’re curious about cash-free giving, is there a way you can increase the meaning and heartfulness of gift giving this season? Many of you are already skilled here – there are ways to give gifts through nonprofits that send resources to third world countries, or donate services etc. It’s not too late to approach loved ones with this novel idea and (potentially) disruptive experiment. I know when I first began this tack it felt awkward, but now it’s as comfortable as business as usual.


Talk soon to your peeps. Prepare a script of sorts, after you’re clear on your heartful intention for your own unique experiment, e.g., wanting to give more creatively or less cash dependently or more meaningfully. Anticipate and prepare for objections. Cash gifting isn’t automatically meaningless per say, but you might share that you’re curious about what this can teach.

Perhaps spirit is whispering to you to use or share or express more of one of your gifts, and this can be a part of what you offer. Watch out, as you may know, spirit always has a little coyote streak ready to play. Then again, maybe it’s cool with you if this leads to more work using your gifts.

In some families, it’s not OK to ask for what gifts you want or need, while others share wish lists. You can be sensitive here. Ask permission to share an idea for a different or more inventive way to gift this season. Take some time to ask them what would really gladden their hearts in an exchange with you. Is there anything they’d like to do together, any help they might need with something they’ve been struggling with? Any research you might assist with, a project that some hand holding or support from you would enable them to complete?

The possibilities are endless, and I’m excited to see what you and I can create. While we may enjoy the prosperity of unlimited funds for gifting, the current world state also is supportive to this exploration of trades and other alternatives. Quality time together is such a gift, and finding creative and even productive ways to play together can be so memorable.


I’ll list a few inspiring items I’ve come across recently that could be meaningful for soul savvy loved ones.

Inspiring books for business owners and entrepreneurs:

Do Cool Shit: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business and Live Happily Ever After, Miki Agrawal – Miki worked at the WTC 9-11 and uncharacteristically overslept that day. We’re not all made to be fearless warriors like she became, but we can dream and read about it ; )

Delivering Happiness, A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com, Inc. Tony became a millionaire at a young age, and while that didn’t make him immune to losing it all, he was able to put meaning and love before money. Of course it’s funny too, like most of my favorite reading.

Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful, No Matter What
Are you ready to succeed? Unconventional strategies for achieving personal mastery in business and life
Both by Srikumar Rao – Professor Rao created this course for Columbia and Harvard biz schools, after seeing that the majority of his co-workers either hated their jobs or passionately despised them. How to strive with passion and serenity. Pulls the best of east and west spirituality and has changed many lives. Give it to your favorite CEO. There is also a dvd set that Sounds True puts out that may work even better for gifts – tell them Denise Barnes sent you.

Get Clients Now, 3rd Edition, CJ Hayden – timeless marketing smarts and the critical element, structure and accountability. Team up with a friend and watch your clients grow.


And speaking of clients… I have been thinking of you  🙂
If you have been waiting for the right time to work with me, let’s talk this month or early January before prices shift.

Coaching – 3 spots are open in January – then no openings til March 2014
Let’s have a no pressure conversation – just reply back and I’ll send my calendar for a complimentary 30 minutes. Even if we decide it’s not the right time, it always helps me to see what challenges you’re facing, and I’ll always share suggestions and resources in these chats.

Coaching with me includes access to Healthy Wealth and Business development resources, as well as intuitive healing for any block busting. Yes, due to extenuating circumstances (like unending personal evolution) – I’m quite adept at helping you sidestep doubt and fear, while remaining sensible about how to increase meaning and passion in your life.

I am offering $50+ off my usual single session fee for Healthy Wealth and More Meaningful Work strategy sessions ($97), for you or friends. Again I have limited openings for this so if it rings, just email me and I’lll reserve space.

Soul Savvy gift certificates are also available for Intuitive Healing and I’ll keep current prices through 12/15. There is a place you can note your gift recipients name (note to seller) on the Paypal payment. If you can find a Paypal amount for what you need, just reply back to this email with instructions.

Don’t forget to gift yourself!

And this is a great time of year for tithing to those who feed your soul or offer you spiritual support.  If Soul Savvy is one of those churches of the heart for you, I welcome your gifting. You can reply back and I will send a Paypal invoice for the donation amount you name.

There has never been a better time to get off our collective butts and get our gifts going, or up the ante on sharing our light. I hope you have a wonderful month!

Blessings on your Solstice,

Denise Barnes

Profit’s Got a Brand New Bag

Today’s blog includes an Equinox audio gift where I share my Healthy Wealth equinox ritual. Perhaps it may inspire your own? Let’s chat on the blog about it. I feel good!! (Also see the James Brown sound track homework ; )

We’re going to have to create a new idea for profit. The old way indeed made profit a questionable entity. Old model corporations had one bottom line, and that was profit – not matter what the cost to people and planet.

Well last month I had one of those moments where I spontaneously changed my email signature. Mine became, People, Planet, Profit.

And now it seems I’m hearing that this is a new label. People,Planet, Profit has been named the the triple bottom line. Great minds think alike, eh? I know many of you spiritual entrepreneurs and creative change agents have always known Read more


A while back I reviewed a book on tape by Edwene Gaines, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. The four laws are Tithing, Goal-Setting, Forgiveness, and Divine Purpose. Just recently, I was gifted the actual book versus the CD from the library. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the difference between the audio and written word, or if I’ve changed – but guess what? I need to revise my position on tithing.

Last time round, I heard Edwene Gaines'(EG) words and insistence of the essential place of tithing in prosperity work. As you likely know, my overall approach to prosperity is we all need to find our own path, and make any teaching uniquely ours. Yet, I want to also understand why tons of traditions can’t all be wrong, lol. The author credits her sources as the Bible, and then some of the Science of Mind / Unity authors John Randolph Price, and Charles Fillmore – at least these three are named. But rereading, or actually, reading her full story for the first time, I started to see a familiar pattern. Both of us tried to wiggle around tithing initially. And perhaps you were relieved when my previous instructions let you off the hook, eh?

Aside here – this is why it’s great to discuss things on the blog – I know there is lots of wisdom in you to share with this community. EG says tithing generates more questions than any other prosperity principle. It’s easy to see why anyone working on money issues, especially before the ‘ease factor’ kicks in, may gasp at the idea of tithing. Read more

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