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The last article in this series discussed that perfect storm at the outset of coaching, where you have your goals and what you hope to achieve, alongside those “other” challenges. You likely could guess these challenges will arise, but at first they may be in the shadows or sidelines. Soul Savvy is a holistic, or soul-based coaching / growth container that will address them, but this approach is less than common. It’s all connected, and the shadows are part of that wonderful complexity of transformation. These might be seen as the positive side effects to the big picture shift, when you are achieving your most important steps toward increasing meaning and purpose in life.

The thing that amazes me in report after report from coachees is how fast the shifts can happen once there is honesty and accountability. When procrastination has dominated, small steps change the landscape dramatically. When the way forward gets a wee bit more clarified, SHWOOM! Actions slay the deadwood. The path is clear, and weeks feel like years of progress.

One of the main ways movement and momentum are maintained in coaching programs is via email, and what was called a session prep form, or as I call it now, Report from the Field. There are actions to take between sessions, or exploration/awareness practices. Here are some words from a 2nd session after the clarifying start up work in session one. Listen to this transformation already taking hold by session two:

How are you doing? “…doing great. Lots of movement. Lots of discoveries. I feel ready to roll up my sleeves… I think I did a lot!” What you’re appreciative of/grateful for: “That if I do the work I get the rewards. Even small actions pay off big. The clarity I have received.”

The unique thing in the Soul Savvy programs are the ways that certain old fears get faced. Valuable learnings take place in these shifts – sometimes, what seems like generations of healing can take place. Take the female client who realized there were no positive role models of powerful, wealthy women in her lineage; the men held the power. This knowledge helped her realize she was a pioneer – a way shower. No wonder it felt hard at times to blaze her trail with soulful financial strength!

Some clients come in not being completely sure what they hope to achieve. As one client said, “I knew I was going to need something…be part of something  bigger…I wanted someone to coach me – removed enough from me, to not be shy about saying, “Hey, this is what I’m hearing”…A different kind of relationship.”

She goes on to say: “I appreciated that you had a spiritual component that felt kind of essential to where I was coming from, because it’s not separate – work and personal, my view of the world, and spiritual concepts – so it’s the holistic approach that I was drawn to, and to your openness. At the time, I just wanted help, I didn’t even know what I wanted – but needed to get started, just get on the horse.”

In the end, this client noted: “The thing that I loved was you felt so open and approachable and that you really knew what you were doing. It wasn’t like you said, I’m a life coach; you know your stuff. One word to describe the experience of the work: heart centered and soul centered. One word about results: Phenomenal. It’s compelling really to think about – makes me believe in the process. I feel incredibly happy. After our time, I felt really, what’s the world – I felt “at peace”. The core values piece – when you’re trying to manifest core values in life – it takes time, it’s not a quick fix.”

Yes, deep change takes time. And yet, small steps “pay off big”. It can sometimes seem like a tangled web here, yet there is an intelligence that is unleashed when invited in. Even with brief programs, the clearing of that current dross and turning toward the true deal gets that momentum back. The result? Clarity, more peace (less anxiety); and eventually, the joy of being on the right path for your true self – shall we say, your soul, your deeper self. And take heart, another client noted: “It was a lot more playful and engaging than I expected”.

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To your awesome next steps!

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