Coachee Rock Star Stories, part 1

There is a new and exciting cycle here at Soul Savvy this Spring. New programs offer cutting edge support for moving into more of the person you want to be. Developing the new program gave me a reason to review past programs. I wanted to share some of the transformations that happened to past clients – how they started, and how they left. This first article will be some general themes, and then we’ll look at individuals. See if you can relate to any of the situations here.

Several things are apparent as people start out. Even if it’s a clear-cut issue or problem they want to solve, say the primary concern, there are likely a few more that are also challenging them. It’s kind of like a perfect storm of issues at first.

Someone comes in wanting to upgrade their work, and it is also true that they have health concerns. A person wants to increase their income; then it’s clear they need help communicating and generally standing up for themselves – for example, with those who owe them money! A lightworker is clear about their passion and what they want to create, but realizes they’re drinking too much or eating poorly. A bloke needs to speak up to his manager about his workload, and alas, there are also old grief issues that keep him harping on himself, and not completely present with loved ones.

Yes, the perfect storm. At first the goal for coaching may look simple, straightforward. That is true. And, there are often connected and relevant concerns that will also arise and need to be addressed. A holistic and integrative coaching approach won’t leave you stranded when these common areas accompany your path of change.

Another quality that you can start out with in coaching is usually a type of intuition or desire that something better is possible. Sometimes you’ve been trying to create this new situation, but keep hitting walls or barriers. Yet you know the time is right for this new desire to happen. There is this back and forth between that hope, and a sense that you have not been meeting life adequately, not satisfying this potential to “be the change you want to see”. You might see a negative pattern repeating in this case, even when you feel you’re aware of it. Ack!

The good news is that though things can start out with this messy perfect storm of desired change along with other challenges, choosing coaching brings quick relief and welcome shifts. Yes, you’ll need to have honesty about the situation – that sword of discrimination that cuts away the dross. At first, it might feel hard, but it’s usually that hurts-so-good feeling. Because once you’ve shared about these things in a heartful way, right action is a lot easier. Rapid progress often follows.

Here are a few examples where these types of shifts to make big changes also included critical complementary change areas.

  • The client on the way to her dream job creation who realizes she completely over-schedules herself in a way that cuts off her joy in life, and keeps her late and behind schedule all the time
  • A client who finally sees how the clutter of her possessions leftover from her old house and relationship is getting in the way of her current life and health. Then boom! It’s gone. She can consider her next home more clearly, and she can cook in the kitchen again!
  • The client that works to create a new career in the town she loves, then starts to see the lack of support in her relationship
  • The client who is inviting in new work, but in the meantime realizes her current day job doesn’t pay enough and has some toxic elements

If you find you have a bit of fear or trepidation about hiring a coach, it can make sense in a number of ways. That perfect storm feeling can keep you circling. Change to the status quo is alarming at first, and the intuitive animal inside may know, hey dude, change one thing and the whole picture changes. Yep, that is true, wise inner animal. Glad you are here to keep me safe.

And that good news again? It’s kind of like turning a big ship around. First there is chaos, and there are choppy waves. But get through this perfect storm shift, and you’ll have completely changed direction. You’ll have reversed the inertia and left behind the quicksand and the endless circling. At that point, your whole being relaxes, knowing you’re on the higher track again. The perfect storm subsides. You set the new course for what really matters.

You can’t always avoid stormy weather when changing for the better. Some say the amount of resistance matches how important the change is. But after the storm passes, you can celebrate the calm and the clarity that arise after your courageous passage. That inspiration then infuses your day-to-day living, giving your back your confidence to make the difference in this world.

What else do you notice that can be intimidating about doing what you know is good for yourself? What helps you make the leap when you’ve been thinking about it for a while? Please add your thoughts and insights below!

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Licensed Therapist, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Denise has an office in Boulder CO and is a certified Telehealth provider.
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