MH Hack – Thought Antidotes

Thoughts are a gold mine for creating your new life. But they can also derail you.

How do you use them well?

So many thoughts – so many tools (Byron Katie, CBT, Marc Allen…)

Yes, you can reframe with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) in 3 steps often.
– Name the thought and the feeling
– Ask it is true? Is it helpful?
– If not true, well there you go, lol. Back off baby! Even if true, make it more helpful.

Thoughts often come out in shorthand. Kind of like a kid or German shepherd blurting. Bark Bark! But when you write them out and look at them, they often just… dissolve, as you crack up.

I also love Marc Allen’s “core belief process” which includes checking in with the body, the feelings too. Then, you’re left with an antidote for the negative thought.

Kind of like a reframe, but slightly different. Try it with your “Imposter syndrome”. I will too.

Here’s Marc Allen’s 8 step process.

1) What is the problem?

2) What are you feeling?

3) What are you feeling in your body?

4) What are your thoughts?

5) What is the worst-case scenario, the worst thing that might result?

6) What is the best-case scenario? What is the ideal for this part of your life?

7) What deep belief is preventing me from getting that best case scenario? State it so simply a 5-year-old could understand it.

8) What affirmation completely contradicts this negative belief? What affirmation could be the antidote to this belief?

Then write than antidote on a sticky note and put it where you’ll see it. A lot. What antidotes will you run with now?

Mine: Worked with Imposter syndrome thoughts. You know how those go? Antidote: I enjoy the road to success, meaningful work and great clients.

P.S. You do really need to write these exercises out at first, for the most help and traction. Let me know if you have questions!!

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