Top 5 Ways You can Rock Fear

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The next few weeks I’ll be talking about doubt, fear, and the anatomy of why change can be hard for Light Workers, especially when you’re trying to express your unique gifts and get paid. See end of article for a program to give you support for making it happen.

Last month’s Soul Savvy Open House was fun. It was great to connect with some of you. From your input, I was helped to remember than even with progress and growth, some things never fully exit the creative process of following our soul path.

Things like fear, doubt, self-questioning, derailing, avoidance of discomfort, and stuff like that. I guess rather than smooth sailing angels, we’re human. Maybe time for that “Not Dead/Angel Yet” bumper sticker? (Oh I can see a whole new Dead Angel Zombie movement. Let’s work out costumes!)

I mean, c’mon – I already did the Doubt Diva Teleseminar – shouldn’t that mean we’ve got the doubt healed and dispatched? Especially for me. Yeah. Well, no. And guess what? These launches used to scare the pants off me – still do, but not as bad.

For every daring move, fear and doubt will hop along too, just like the anxious hungry bunnies they are. Oh well. I ain’t feeding them carrots.

And I take heart from the fact that Jerry Garcia, in all his thousands of performances, reportedly never got over stage fright. Serious! It didn’t stop him though now, did it? (And I know some of you wish it had, but hey… just keep that to yourself now…Certainly no blog comments on the Grateful Dead, OK?)

Good news though – our soul work does not lie idle. And even if it’s fading or ailing, it can be revived. I don’t know about you, but that darn vision keeps rising up, surfaces at odd times, and just won’t let me off the hook. So then, if fear is to be expected at every edge I be leanin’ into – so be it.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how it can ambush me. Crafty bugger. Can it be that fear is creative? Ego creative? Certainly wily, crafty little buggers. And when you add drama, and wound history to the mix – well it’s as lethal as the new studies are saying that a low fat, high carb diet is for our brain health.

What else can you take heart from, when it comes to fear and doubt in life and especially those cliff-hanger soul calling steps? Well here is the top five list, of ways to rock fear. You get better with time.

  • Though fear doesn’t go away, how you deal with it does change. At some point I hope we’re surfing it pretty darn fine, going, “Yeah! Bring it on bitch!”
  • Fear and doubt “choruses” once known, are less potent over time. (Sing along with the Critic!)
  • Fear can be a boon, if it teaches you better ways of self-care and self-nourishment (versus, oh just give me those potato chips – I’ve earned a large bag).
  • Though hard on our bodies and minds, fear means you are in fact, likely ON MISSION – cool!
  • And the final way to rock fear, it to just remember, when you’re in the grip of it – fear will look very silly when you’re dead. (And sometimes right after a swim or run or weight lifting or  hike or love making or song.)

That is the final word too. Not only does fear looks silly from Death’s view (the view from the afterlife), which is really the home of our Truest Selves. But death can also be an encouragement to us and keep fear in its place. What doesn’t kill us, after all, will not kill us – and fear won’t. And, if we are not yet dead, we can still, if we choose to, take the risks and walk the healing road toward actualizing the soul’s mission while we’re still here. Especially if you’d like to, like, not return. (High hopes I know, but I have them…)

Yours in a soul inspired life, death defying adventures, and awesome Mastermind groups of our own!
Denise Barnes

P.S. You probably sang along with me, before this life, saying, “This time I won’t forget. This time I won’t chicken out”.  Yet you do need support to pull off the really awesome dream making. If you need some, check out the Authentic Action Mastermind group. Early bird savings of 60 bucks ends at midnight Tuesday/tonight/9/9/14.

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