3 Light Worker Lies that Sacred Space Shatters

What’s your favorite kind of BS-shattering sacred space? Talking out loud? Writing in your journal? Speaking truth to a comrade? Meeting with your mastermind group? Thankfully, there are many options to keep you honest. Because if you’re left to your own devices – like your own mind, self-talk, emotional addictions and wound re-plays – lies are very common and will derail you at every turn.

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Light workers – those healing and creative humans who have a deep seated urge to make a difference to the planet’s current intense transition process – have many noble ways to keep derailing and circling. Yes, I can speak from experience; these ways can be compelling and convincing. Luckily, in sacred space, they shatter like slate under a hammer, so you can be free to continue with your soul mission. That’s the key – to get to the truth, keep moving past the lies, and lend a hand to our starving planet.

Let’s bring 3 common light worker lies to the light, shall we? (More to come; I welcome yours in the comments below.)

1) Following my bliss won’t hurt / be terrifying / kick my ass

Joseph Campbell is mega quoted for the follow your bliss idea. But the rest of the paragraph is often left out, where he talks about all the scary shit that will follow that bliss stalking. Like letting go of how you think it will happen or turn out, and diving into the terrifying waves of the unknown. Surrender, in a word. I can’t ever seem to find that quote, there is such a conspiracy about this lie of feather bed bliss.

Many a light worker has derailed at the first sign of discomfort in their risk taking. They think that these struggles mean they’re on the wrong track. Well, bliss and soul missions can involve heh, blisters, and major pain. Usually you are reversing the inertia of generations, and you are going against the grain of society. So yes, cultivate ease-full living, but know that this creation will sometimes really hurt along the way. Eventually, it’s a “hurts so good” thing, as you get more use to facing discomforts like fear, and yet another vision facing reality’s sharp teeth.

2) I have no right to do this soul/creative work while there is so much pain in (world atrocity zone)

This is actually a theme I’ve seen come up lately with clients. For most, it is rooted in a past life where you may have lost the battle, not spoken up when the Nazis came to town, or committed atrocities yourself, etc. The current corridor of time is about clearing these dark and ugly histories. Note that it is not true that this darkness defines anyone’s core nature. It is just the old game; luckily the chessboard is being revised. So you can let the past imprint go; it is humbling and can help the return to oneness.

Bringing forth your light, your gifts, your soul work, as well as you know it – this is a big help and balance for the world. Hint: this life, it looks like you may not have been born in a war zone. You are in a different army this life, and the work, though not always bloody per say, is not always a joy ride either. So keep your eye on this life’s mission; distractions of all kinds will vie for your attention, including the world news.

3) I’m too eccentric / dark and ugly / stupid / unworthy to have a loving, supportive community

If you think you’re too weird to get support, or if past attempts to find good support has ended badly, welcome to relationship building my friend. Welcome to the lifelong path of learning to speak your truth in tactful ways with others. Welcome to troubleshooting offenses and taking responsibility for asking for what you need.

Welcome to due diligence in finding coaching groups and facilitators that are attuned to light worker needs. Creating good support can be as much work as a good marriage, and as lovely and worth its weight in gold.

Truth: you deserve and require group support to better create and fulfill your soul work and mission. Co-pilots and comrades may be waiting in the wings, and joining their ranks will increase the fun factor.

It is not too late yet to make your difference, but I’m not sure how much longer this will be true.

Note: The Authentic Action Mastermind group starts in a week, and there is still room for you.

If it’s time to take steps into what matters, into more power and expression, into more money for your gifts, and into being more on mission for your highest good and the planet’s, please step forth.

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