Fall Equinox ’14 Channel from ‘the group’

Greetings and blessings to your wonderful eyes and the curvy road that has brought you to this reading.

We are the group, an informal current nomenclature, for a group of guides and Ascended Masters that work with Denise; John the Baptist; Areeaana, three sisters of the Pleiades; and Octavia the High Priestess. Welcome to our energy; feel the support and happy holding of your journey that will transmit through these lines, through this black and white text, into your computers and other more modern devices. We delight in the many ways of transmission that connect us to you.

Welcome to Equinox 2014, and dare we say, don’t hold your breath, although it will be tempting to come to a complete standstill at this sacred time of balance. Yet it is breathtaking, this moment of time, this ¾ point of 2014. What a year, yes? We remember our year ahead reading, in January past that noted the need to release anything unneeded. Our metaphor then was boarding a space ship that had limited storage space. And this will be an ongoing reality as the parallel corridors of time squeeze upon each other.

The old way and the new way are the main contenders for your attention. It is the big squeeze time, and you must be slick and you must be skinny, metaphorically speaking. Flexible, well-oiled, lubricated and laughing, to be able to continue to move and maneuver through the successive birth canal-type portals that ask to be leapt through, that asked to be permeated. That ask to be entered versus avoided, so as to bring you to the new earth. No, that old way suitcase will not fit, so keep releasing as you go.

These portals are nothing new in a way, for the Soul Self of you – it goes through lives and crosses borders between spirit and matter frequently. The amount of ease does vary – as evidenced by some hairpin turns and difficult births, deaths and other meet-ups. Yet this is the place to remember, this is the place to dwell, the Soul Self reference point. That inner knowing, that though this material reality in front of your eyes is terribly convincing and compelling, it’s not the full truth, now is it? It is not the real center of gravity that the beings of light do best to sit upon. Your ground is not of this earth, though it’s a great place to visit, and though there is true beauty to some of the grounds here that you walk upon.

The Equinox message dear ones is similar to many sacred calendar moments. Take some sacred space to listen to your soul’s voice, in terms of the big picture of your life. You are not an “insert Earthling identity-ties” at your deepest core; if you are reading this, you are much more. You are part of a soul family with a mission to accomplish while you are here. You know deep down whether you’re on mission, whether you’re doing what you came to do. It is a multi-talented landscape for many of you that can defy your best organization and logic, this following of the soul whispers that would redirect you, at various, and often inconvenient, times.

That knowing is always there. The siren call of your knowing will increase in volume as you dedicate time and energy to listen to it. These steps, these changes, these honorings of the truth of your life purpose and soul work do not always need to be huge leaps or major rock star achievements. No, it more often it will look like subtle shifts, slight head turns so as to better hear, two minute stillness time to ask, “What’s next? What’s missing?” And wait for the answer. It will often mean befriending or at least getting used to fear, and going to what is deeper than that. It will always mean doing more of what is fun for you, what you love to do, what your angel self gets overjoyed to lean into. Again, these soul love potion concoctions do not need to take long. One session can reverse inertia or begin to.

It is often not as hard to remember and reenergize the vein of soul gold in your human life as you think it is. One deep breath, one hearty laugh, one recommitment, one burst of song and there you are, back on the soul trail. It may help to think of it as the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail, in terms of yes, it is a bit lengthy, and it goes up and down, and you will need the proper nourishment, strength, directional aids and hopefully comrades along for the ride. It is the s/hero’s journey, and it is no joke, in terms of the importance of it – though you do well to retain your humor and pretend it is not really a life and death matter. The little self, the self of the old way, the ego as it is also known, will voice many warnings that this journey or this next step will, in fact, kill you, or something equally as dire. So hold multiple versions of reality there – yes, it is most important, yet it’s no big deal if you just lean into this next terrifying step that your soul requests of me.

For once you do lean in, the support and the miracles, dare we say, will come. So don’t buy the drama, because even if death results in that 0.0111% of the time, it’s usually good news.

Let us share 2 big reminders and current themes

1) Yes, there is much pain in this world, and sensitives are prone to feel this more. The planet is in a birth process, and there will be blood and screaming. This does not contra-indicate your need to follow your soul mission, though it may feel very tame in comparison. Don’t get too guilty – the level of courage you will need at times will match any action hero job description you may have previously held when you did live in a war zone. Also, this trigger is also connected to lifetimes when you might have played either the warrior or the betrayed role. We play all sides, thus no need to feel righteous or too polarized about any cause. Feel the pain, say prayers, and visualize healing and successful resolutions. You don’t have to stay stuck there. Know that the best contribution is to do your part by continuing to follow the soul mission trail as best you can.

2) Some of the baggage asking to be released includes that a) you must or should be able to do it alone, and why isn’t it done already?, and b) that stepping forward will likely be a big fat struggle or involve inordinate sacrifices or sell outs. While you may temporarily need to undergo shifts that are less comfortable that what was previously known, it is good to differentiate between venturing into the unknown (which is naturally stressful at first) and being off course (where red flags are warning bells are going off). If unsure, sharing reliable sacred space with others should help the truth emerge.

Being on mission is not a perfect science here, but it is one that benefits from a perky experimental willingness to try new things, and see failure as a good sign of your courage and commitment. Failure also often provides accelerated learning, so let’s let go of the baggage that says it’s a problem.

We smile our soul energy toward your light, which is a brilliant ball of fire to see from afar. If you wish to connect with the other side, you can do that easily as our energy is strong, generally speaking, and many are standing by to help. Any simple request for support or clarity has most of us yip yipping eagerly along to be of service. If it has been a while since you felt clear or on the trail, just be patient and allow some time to reconnect. It won’t take so very long in these times.

Namaste dear brethren, and travel well,

the group
as channeled by Denise Barnes

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