Is Prayer Good Enough for the Pain of the World?

Comrade story- inside a Mastermind group

Meg is one of my Mastermind group members for the last seven years. She asked for my support a couple weeks back; here’s her story. Notice how this past life trauma was getting triggered by current events, and keeping her distracted from her soul mission. Meg allowed me to include an audio excerpt of the healing work I helped her with, a bit brief as we were at the end of our quarterly Mastermind check in 9-6-14. Phew, glad that was cleared – another light worker back on the trail!

I knew from previous experience with Denise that she is very intuitive and her work is deeply healing. This time I approached her for help because I felt deeply conflicted about my life’s work. In particular, I wondered whether I should be on the front lines, helping refugees in war-torn countries. By staying safe at home, wasn’t I just like the “good Germans” during World War II who did nothing to save the victims of Nazi persecution? In talking with Denise, I became aware of an inner panic – I had to get this right

I told Denise that this inner feeling was the same as I had felt a few weeks before when faced with a life-or-death situation. In that situation, I had wanted to be present to support my friend when she died (and her death was likely to be within the next 12-24 hours); at the same time I was hungry and wanted to go home to eat. Thank goodness, I was able to accept the panic, connect with the Divine, and made the choice to stay. My friend died with the hour, and I was at her side supporting her.

In the session with Denise, I told her about the experience with my friend. She had the intuition that this inner life-and-death panic was a past life issue. Maybe I had made a “wrong” decision – or someone else had made a “wrong” decision that had ended in my death. I cried silently, although I felt like howling with anguish. 
Finally, the tears subsided and I recognized that my gifts are not for the front lines. I am a Reiki Master and have always (even when I worked as a nurse) focused on the emotional and spiritual well-being of my patients and clients. I finally acknowledged and owned that I am a Light worker. My purpose on this earth is to offer emotional and spiritual healing. My path is finally clear and I am on it with full heart!

Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan, Oakland CA

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