Sept: Authentic Action Mastermind Sanctuary

Do you yearn to make more money with your genius work?
Are marketing and mindset challenges interfering
with income and peace of mind?

Creative and Healing Arts Female
Soul-aligned Business Owners:

Leap from confusion to clarity, create momentum, and money peace, with your sacred, needed work.

VIDEO: Hear Denise talk this Mastermind group and it’s unique approach that transcends a “business as usual” – great for sensitives

When your need to serve gets derailed, it leads to despair. It burns a hole in  your heart. Besides the fact that your work and income are sub par.

You long to make a difference. You’ve tried many things to create soul-fired work and a healthy income. But you find yourself stuck or “off the trail” yet again. The momentum and traction you hope for eludes you.

You know you have a lot to give and that it can help others. Yet it seems impossible to deal with money and marketing in a way that feels right. You get ready to take action, but get derailed.

Well, going from confusion to clarity – with sacred work and income – it isn’t an impossible dream!

What would life be like, if:

  • You gain the support and tools for mindset strength and true momentum
  • You develop confidence in your sacred work and the promotion of it
  • You start to see increased income and synchronicity from using your gifts
  • You recommit to your soul’s purpose and next steps, and feel joy and peace again
    Healthy pay for using your genius and your gifts? Not exactly a cake walk. Here’s why it’s so tough at times…
  • Creatives often have healing issues alongside their marketing and promotion work. Most coaching, and even therapy, doesn’t quite cut it. “Just do it” isn’t the solution.
  • You need both practical training, and emotionally intelligent support.
  • The myth that money and spirit don’t mix well. It’s a tired myth, yet still stalls you
  • You think you have to go it alone. Yet growth at certain levels does demand support
  • Coaching can also be expensive. Good news; investing in you usually increases income
  • Change is hard, and change is constant. You need flexibility and balance as your genius work evolves. But that doesn’t mean re-branding or revising it all every season

While it sounds like it’s complicated, there are really simple ways to increase salary from your deep work and best contribution

  • Clarify and reset your soul-fired genius work. Claim it! Update it for 2020!
  • Learn simple “Healthy Wealth” ideas to zap and clear money making blocks
  • Work with a feisty group that uses sacred space for truth & momentum
  • Learn tools to distinguish between valid concerns and BS while expanding your work

It’s 2020! Time to stop the derails,
claim your genius, and
help those waiting for your work!

Creative & healing arts female soul-fired business owner~

 Make the difference you came to make…

It’s time for the
Authentic Action Mastermind Sanctuary

A 3 month long Mastermind group to increase peace with money,
and pay from your best work

Create more Healthy Wealth,
serve your tribe, and fall in love with work again!WHAT THIS GROUP WILL GIVE YOU:

  • Clarity to refresh your focus and desire, however bold or modest
  • Muscles for mindset strength to take authentic action, even when frightened
  • Sacred space where bogus beliefs and stale fears melt away
  • Info to demystify how manifesting works, once and for all
  • A Mastermind format especially great for healers, creatives and visionaries
  • Possible future mastermind comrades to keep the progress going

In short, you’ll live as part of an adventure team healing money issues, refreshing your unique contribution, and learning skills for promotion that deeply resonate and work.

If you are ready to take the leap to more salary and sanity,
and stop letting the excuses win – this is your group!

LisaLI LOVE this group: what a great few months it’s been. This course was money well spent – on myself, which is rare! Really enjoyed the other women, the way you have us work together and apart, the added bonuses, the schedule of calls. You are really good about giving people time to reflect and not always filling those silent moments on the phone. I don’t know how you do that!

The magnetizing (energy work to create desires) as you know was absolutely fabulous. Most important, I now have a dynamite self intro, that made members of my BNI group sit up and “get” my message more clearly, after being in the group for a year! Thank you so much!

– Lisa Lindsey, Boulder, CO

What’s included

What’s included
Basic Level
Group Teleconferences
twice a month for 75 – 90 minutes
Partner support, Private FB Page
Additional Features
 Add Private Coaching Session
45 minutes
 $ 100 (save $ 150)
Bonus: Healthy Wealth Game Changer Kit
Bonus: Creating Money Magic Video
Soul Fired
Self Intro

Pay Safely With Venmo or Paypal after
your application is approved
Premium option Marketing materials review 
Premium option Intuitive

Premium options will be customized at the time of registration.

ESTIMATES of the value of this group
What is the value of what you will get with the program?

  • Group coaching calls – twice a month, 75-90 minutes
    Value: $150 each x 6 = $900
  • Recordings of the calls$25 each x 6 = $150
  • A dedicated Facebook group for questions and support
    $50 a week x 11 weeks = $550
  • A private Website page with permanent access to my “phenomenal arsenal” of tools/resources. Value: Priceless
  • BONUS 1: Healthy Wealth Game Changer Kit – Clear blind spots to wealth. Value $30
    BONUS 2: Creating Money Magic video – Clear, soul aligned steps for creating what you want. Value $ 60
    BONUS 3: Soul Fired Self Intro – Enables you to talk about your work so it attracts business. Value $ 75
  • Conservative Value, not counting the tools/resources:
    $ 1765 total or $ 589 a month, for the 3 months

Authentic Action Mastermind Sanctuary: Your Cost
Largest discount is given for full payment for 3 months of the program by 8/31.

Best Value Price – pay in full by 8/31
with full payment before start of program
$ 897  $ 797      Total paid by 8/14 $ 747
Full pay cost after 8/31     $ 897

Next Best Value Price – pay by 8/14
Monthly Payment plan: $297 per month
Monthly payment cost after 8/14       $ 327

Questions about the group? Wondering if this is right for you?
Make a time for a brief conversation with Denise here.

A note on the current time and Covid-19
We’re aware of the economic uncertainty and income disruption right now. At the same time, it feels more important than ever for supporting empowerment of those here to make the difference needed for the world, and this crucial time.

If this group calls to you and finances are tight, have a conversation with Denise to see if there is a way to make it work.

Guarantee:  I want you to be back on the trail to genius work and better pay in the short term. For the long term of your life, I want to give you the unique, Soul Savvy tools to create your own Mastermind Sanctuary for future growth, peace, and contribution.

If after one month in the program you are not thrilled, receive a 50% refund of the monthly payment, or 80% of the full program payment, minus a $ 25 admin fee.

To make the most of this group, it’s important to:

  • Make the time for weekly meetings for 11 weeks; show up fully
  • Speak up when feeling triggered or discouraged
  • Do the work; be willing to dive into sacred space when stuck
  • Keep up with assignments; give feedback on what’s working and what needs tweaking. This is a co-created container.
  • Purchase two books for the program, details at registration

Your Mastermind Guide: Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, Rev

Denise Barnes is a licensed therapist, life coach, intuitive healer, and performer who is known for supporting quantum leaps and money peace in creatives, healing artists and visionaries for over thirty years.

An Intuitive Coach, Denise quickly targets the heart of the matter, and clears confusion and blocks. She’s here to empower the new wave of divine feminine way showers, so they can work with ease and abundance. Working with Denise helps clients hone their own inner wisdom and deep knowing. Her practical and mystical wisdom alongside creative short cuts to marketing and promotion make the difference for many sensitives and empaths.

Fun facts:

  • Denise won the Best of Denver award for her Kick Ass Peace Prayers services, based on her one woman show, The Unlikely Activist.
  • A Mastermind group member since 2007, her group continues to evolve sacred work and this Soul Savvy Mastermind approach.

Schedule a consult if you have more questions about the group, or email Denise at

Denise Barnes is like an architect, carpenter, and artist for Lightworkers who want to make an actual living. She arrives on my (virtual) doorstep with her tool chest bursting with the latest & greatest entrepreneurial know-how, blueprints for networking and structure, and a deep well of ancient wisdom. The intuitive piece Denise offers is key; my calling is way off the map, but with her help, I get my bearings and steer my way forward. Her wit and ready humor bring out my levity, which frankly, makes the whole messy process a lot more pleasant.

– Rev. Circe Moss MacDonald, Eco-Chaplain, Portland ME


The Authentic Action Mastermind Group start date:
September 10th, 2020 and every other week through NOV 19th.
TIME: 2:00 MST (1:00 PDT, 3:00 Central, 4:00 EST)

DATES: 9/10, 9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/5 and 11/19/2020



Fill out the application, and we’ll get in touch shortly with next steps.

Authentic Action Mastermind Application

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