Aligning Your Soul Purpose with Your Workspace

In a recent blog the 5 Secrets of More Aliveness were discussed, including the secret of updating your soul mission and deep reason for being. Just like in the techno world, updates are crucial in thriving as a soulsavvy road warrior today.

Another big key is aligning that awe-breathing purpose with your personal workspace. Let me tell you, if you haven’t cleared this lately, you may find many blocks and thrive-curtailing remnants afoot. In this time of major deconstruction of ill-intentioned systems, it’s quite common to have some outdated energy in your workspace. I’m talking mainly about the psychic or energetic level.

Yes, this can also be on the physical level – for example, clutter in the office that needs clearing. Old papers that need to be recycled. Books that are no longer relevant. Physical improvements that have been slow in completing. As arduous as that can be, this is the simpler level.

The other challenge here: let’s say your workspace is brilliantly up to date. Yet, it’s not connected or in rhythm with your soul purpose. With the recent barrage of world changes – epidemics, climate change, political strife, economic pressures – most people are being invited, and are quite happy, to get the full update on where they wish to be focusing now. It’s a new, throbbing-with-possibility (danger!) future that’s upon us. This requires a bit of refreshing of your space and your Self.


For those of you familiar with energy/psychic healing work, it can be simple to check in and get a refreshment of your soul purpose. It’s not that your deep purpose changes a lot. Yet, you change over time. Your soul purpose is like a multi-faceted jewel. You may run with a certain facet for a time, and then the next one begins to light up. A further evolution is calling you to grow and express through this new facet.

Soul Purpose is not always about your “work” in the world – but more about the underlying energy or essence of you as you offer that work. What gifts are being channeled through you in your work.

I’ll give you an example – if like me, you’re a teacher/healer and also a performer or something else. There can be a lot of jobs that would work for the occupational side here. But when you checked in with the soul purpose side, it might show up as simply “being”. A sense of peace. Stillness. That’s what you might find when you use the audio. Ask there; what is the essence, the frequency, the color of your soul purpose? That is the important ground, the foundation to remember, and to refresh.


You spend a lot of time working, right? And many soul savvy priestesses are expanding their soul evolution through today’s jobs and career zones. A lot of deep change can be fostered here – smart strategy, right?

So much to evolve and master – communication skills (after centuries of soul silencing), independent wealth creation (no longer dependent on the man or The Man), joining art and income (fare thee well sweet yet starving artist), etc. So much past/current trauma and injustice to reverse.

In this time of planetary clearing, there is much to do internally that can help the planetary picture. It’s a huge contribution to do this personal clearing to the new work reality that’s coming. It’s a type of revolution equal to major movements simultaneously occurring externally in the world. You can do your part for planetary healing by clearing and healing your workspace. Just like women’s rights matter, soul aligned workspace rocks.


What does energetic / psychic / spiritual / inner clutter look like in your workspace? Well you’re not the first generation to have struggles with work and livelihood. There can be a lot of ancestral / family leftovers here. Your past life stopping points and ghosts of failures can leave residue here. Ethnic struggles and old immigrant trauma can live here. All of the unworthy themes, all of the feminine and masculine traumas of the past can take up residence and negatively influence your current workspace.

That’s just a few. More recent influences and work challenges from this life can be numerous and heavy. Survival mode can be afoot, drowning out the joy of developing your best work. Tendencies to overwork yourself physically, and not have the choices you’d like in your working life can be muttering in the background. So much weirdness is possible! That’s because this is one of the epicenters for human healing right now, as we heal defunct economic systems. Lordy, is there some transformation needed!

Many of you are intuitive and can create the sacred inquiry space to explore and get ideas for how you might update and further align your soul & workspace.

Should you need assistance or benefit from additional sacred space collaboration, check out the September 2021 sessions that focus on this area. Often it can really help to be given that support and strong healing space to more deeply access your knowing. I combine the best tools of psychotherapy, life coaching, trauma clearing and energy healing, so you can spruce up your life and align your soul and work zones.

For the highest good and joy of all,

Denise Barnes, licensed psychotherapist, ILCT trained life coach, and energy healer/intuitive

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