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I’m working on a new project, and had a little voice start to emerge last week. Well, maybe not so little. She’s the “High Priestess” – with a somewhat unexpected (southern) accent. Let’s see what she has to say about the importance of this planning and tweaking / course correction stuff…

Hello chil’ (child)

Well now look atcha there. Can I be proud? Do you mind me raisin’ the roof about your past leaps there dear one?? Yep, it has been busy, I know, I know. Let’s just be clear now that you wouldn’t even have to have had DONE all that either – see, because just being still HERE is about 75% of that there success in the times we have been a-changing. Simple stuff to realize and relax yo little self about, in terms of the big picture for just a moment. Kay? Yep cause getting here was, say, mo than half the battle, and no easy feat sister. No easy feat, t’all.

OK then now onto all that brain science, hey? Planning, well I s’pose I may have done some plannin’ in my time, but mostly I just kept in mind my truth in the day to day. Yes? Right you are dear, right you are. You are right in it, see. When I trouble to ask you, what is the REAL reason now, not the past nor the future, see, but the NOW REAL REASON for your soul skipping through this wreckage ha ha, right, all that creation and destruction simultaneously swinging all around – answer me that honey –

What is the true soul mission as our host says, right now for you, emerging anew perhaps, like a Kentucky derby so to speak, with several horses that are contenders, but one is edging ahead in this now. Oh what is IT? Tell me tell me. What is IT NOW? (let’s give you a breath and a pause to say… to name it out loud dear one, go ahead, tell us tell us….)

Now you may even see the first three horses vying for attention, and that is kind of exactly like the dance isn’t it? You / we creatives don’t think so LINE-like (linearly) and may stray from these set paths frequently. But see that as a bit of breathing and fresh air you then bring back to the lines, to this race, which of course – well, might be better to see it then as a dance, eh? As a night hip grinding, smiling bump a doo thang that – well you just do your best one day, and then wake up with a whole different song in mind the next.

Any rate, I’m a better dance teacher and music maker say, than that there planning guru Denise will then tell you about. But you get those 1-2-3 soul mission horses in mind, and you feed them in the morning see, you at least recall dear dancer, what those are, and if one was left in the stables, get them back in the running! This is more crucial for that first step see, knowing the fires that feed ya.  And finding a way to give them a little fuel, even just crumbs will keep them alive you know, when there is competition from the swinging cra cra of the outer world… It ain’t the goal in that case, of getting to the end result but living your precious life with the jewels out and about, versus waiting for that rainy day, retirement, peaceful moment and what not. No, no, get them horses saddled now sweet thing. N-O-W, let me spell it for ya sis OK? See if you got that healer artist streak, feedin’ those gifts won’t be denied.

Holy now, look at that, it is 11:11 am. Join me for a blessing breath right ass now. Bring in your own high priestess/power/sweet secret holder right ass now with me. I’m gonna send some of that sweetness your way too… Big blessing on ya, for even reading this far friend. And what is just one thing you’d like to release or limit, one of those bad influences so to speak (which I don’t necessarily believe you see, BAD no, but perhaps a wise attempt at somethin’ or other you be missin’)? So, what is that so called dark thing really seeking? Like internet surfin’ or gamin’ – might just be you needing a break – so maybe you now try walkin’ to the outside and getting some sun and air for yoself. You catch me, here, just answer that one, kindly as suggested… And maybe a little fore-planning of that – givin’ yo sweet creative self some of that lovin’ BEFORE it’s crawlin’ to the phone or keyboard for a little fun, see…

What else may I discuss with you? Email us if there are any unanswered, pressin’ questions, you know? Yes we can do that. This gal can give a kick ass session too, you know why, because there are a few of us priestesses in this here background. What do they call this, eh, shameless self-promotion, yes, many of you could be doin’ more of that too, just like this girl… you be needed, chil’, yo ass sure be needed.

OK well that and this I hope gives you a few clues. That is all that’s needed for these tweaks you see, a bit of noticing what’s right (often a helluva lot, c’mon, admit it sis/bro!) and what’s been too long in the stable perhaps or not quite saddled up ya see, and well. There ain’t no time to be, well let’s say wastin’ too much of this time, he heh. No – no time a wastin’ for yo light sisbros you see. Sure, ya need yo breaks, but even those can’t just be couch potato-in or game a wastin’ – no they gotta be upgraded at times too, to the more real deep nourishment that queenly/kingly ones like yoselves might find renewin’ at this point in the she-bangin’ bumpiness…

Oh I could go on, I do go on, you can see… I’ll stop for here now and well you then – go ahead. NAME the three horses, and the one dark habit to lighten/upgrade. And one small step, see, one small step that can lead to big changes. Again, it’s just the clues, just the breadcrumbs for now, and off ya go, and let us know how it goes, all right? Right ass now, girl/bro, right ass now. We be still here, and more fun to be had in the dance ahead, particularly if you dance like only yo soul be watchin’. Love to you now, love to your right ass now.

Resource: Opening to Channel, by Roman & Packer. A character speaking is yes, a bit different than channeling. But if you’ve always had a sense  you can channel, this book is a great start. I find channeling ever so useful personally, and sometimes, it’s even fit for prime time sharing… 

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