Soul Savvy Open House – for Robin

As I was planning next week’s Soul Savvy Open House, different themes called – block busting, truth telling about our Achilles heels that hold us back, tools to break free of our self imposed limits, and honest work that would name and tame the ways we shy away from our dreams, and from sharing our full light and gifts with the world.

In the midst of this I was at a workshop where the intuitive in me kept seeing the wounds that keep us anchored to our pasts. It seemed that most are blind to these past patterns, yet they are close to the light of awareness. With the right reflections shared with compassion, these bricks could be loosened, dropped. Oh, for this taste of freedom.

As I schemed about how to serve and how to focus the Soul Savvy Open House (SSOH) week, and yes struggled with my own doubt, while I waited to synch up with the Universe’s right timing, I heard the news about Robin Williams. The brilliant comic, actor, father and human chose to end his life at age 63.

If you wonder about freedom, and still struggle to live each day to the fullest, using your full gifts and being abundantly supported – you are not alone. This is no easy task. Our dreams, when neglected, do not die easily; glimmers of these dreams still shine, call and even haunt us until we die.

If you wish for

  • more clarity about creating inroads to your dreams
  • more courage to take the steps that scare the pants off you
  • more healing of those old dark places that limit you that you may even be blind to
  • some hand holding and structure to take steps with a like minded group of peers

Please join me for a bit of insightful work, a bit of healing light, and a dance of give and take in the Soul Savvy Open House (SSOH), this next week of August 18th, 2014.

SSOH services will be free (though if you are moved to donate, I will gratefully accept)

My intention is to give back this week, and to also connect with some of you to find out more about what you struggle with in stepping into your ideal life work, and how I can help ease this struggle.

Let’s dedicate the work this week and the stepping out to connect, to Robin Williams – to his passing, to the gifts he shared, to the demons he wrestled, and to the beauty and challenge of this human road.

Namaste, and hope to see / hear you in the house : )

Denise Barnes


Soul Work Parties

We meet over the phone, intuitively decide what difficult task to handle, hang up and do it. Then we call back in to report, breathe a sigh of relief at reversed inertia, and name next steps.

This week’s times – mark your calendar, and email me at soulbizsavvy @ gmail for the details of joining.

Monday 8/18 9:00 am Mountain time (8 pacific, 10 central, 11 eastern)

Wednesday 8/20 10:00 am Mountain time (9 pacific, 11 central, 1 eastern)

Thursday 8/21 4:00 pm Mountain (3 pacific, 5 central, 6 eastern)

Saturday 8/23 10 am – noon mountain (9-11 pacific, 11-1 central, 12-2 eastern)

Soul Savvy Healing and Coaching sessions

There are a limited number of spots, and I will be asking about ten minutes of questions to help me understand your struggles, so this will inform me about new programs to create. Then, we’ll spend the rest of the time focused on your healing and coaching areas.

Sign up here for a time. I especially invite those drawn to the soul savvy mission of helping create right livelihood that abundantly supports you and shares your best gifts with the world.

Grab a spot here:

If none of these times work, let me know at soulbizsavvy @ gmail and we’ll make something happen.

I will report back on my findings in September.

Hope to see you in the Soul Savvy Open House!


Denise Barnes

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