Soul Muscle Strength – Stinky Resilience

SAM_4055Well, the long strange trip continues, does it not soul savvy friends? I think that it’s a safe guess that you are also still trucking on, to use some sixties lingo. (The dead do not read ezines; I would think they have better pastimes.) And these cycles keep repeating. If you’re doing even the minimal awareness practices, at each spiral’s curve you evolve more and more. And but of course, many of you are doing the mega awareness work and soul growth and muscle building. That means quantum leap frogging, at times. Good on ya!

Whew it’s a hairy road, and one I have near given up at a few curves, or certainly wished to crawl under the proverbial rock and only practice the sub-minimal soul awareness work. My best laid plans have sometimes upended me like a mean spirited horse. Yet who knows what those setbacks will mean in the end; I know they’ve taught me a ton. Humility, for sure, the importance of forgiveness; what gifts! And now they call me again to attempt brilliance with renewed vigor.

My grandfather was a fisherman, and I can remember a plaque on his wall – “Old fishermen never die, they just smell that way”. Well, there might be a plaque to fashion regarding soul work and soul dreams. Hmmm… Soul dreams never die, they just smell of surrender? (Your ideas welcome!)

To borrow another saying, it ain’t over ‘til the Fat Lady sings… Though she’s been humming at times, and perhaps hemming and hawing, that thar Fat Lady ain’t yet belting out any final blues tunes here at Soul Savvy headquarters. In fact, all of the threads of this colorful and soul-gifted tapestry are coming together in a whole new conglomeration. Universe conspiring right along too, that sneaky smirking wench…


So I’ve got ideas, and – I’d like to hear from you too. Or at least run a few ideas by you. I know many of you have been subscribed for years at this point. So as I stretch to serve you more, I welcome your input and savvy. I want to hear of your recent experiences bringing your gifts to the world, and being well supported.

My ideas include sharing some of my recent thoughts on what blocks you light bringers attempting the soul savvy road, and what helps you. For me, the blocks include clutter, doubt, and making things too complicated.

What helps? For me, that includes decluttering, Intuition, sacred stewardship of soul gifts, and support. That’s the short list of the blocks and helpers. What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.


In the hopes of being gifted by hearing from some of you, and sharing some of my latest hard won wisdom and the accompanying gales of laughter, I’ll be hosting an open house this month. It will be a week of treats, trainings, and support for your soul dreams and creative callings.


I hope you will support me in maintaining a minimalist approach to marketing. That means there will be few reminders. So if you get a heart tug, a “yes!” response, etc., don’t wait! Sign on the special elist I’ll create for the open house week events. You’ll see this invite next week, for the week starting 8/18.

Tech- arggh, I have had some email tech issues that I hope are resolved. But if your email gets rejected, please let me know (I usually do receive it … but not always).

And, if you know any good virtual tech support folks, please let me know.

Finally, I hope you also know, that your subscription gives you an invite to email me anytime you have a question. Just hit reply. For those considering working with me, complimentary consults are a first step. See the website, for testimonials from some of the amazing folks, doing amazing things, who have coached with me.


I send you blessings for this lovely section of summer. I hope the universe is actively smothering you with abundant support for your dreams. It is time – again – to rise up, to go for another round, to plaster yourselves joyfully and unreservedly atop the next spiral of this experiment and mystery.

In gratitude for your presence and commitment,

Denise Barnes

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