Clear Barriers. Grow Courage. Use your Gifts.

What’s unique about Soul Savvy services:
The combo of practical tools and intuitive insight is a game changer. Not your usual coaching or therapy or intuitive work. Just the best of all three, for your fastest growth. Denise is a licensed therapist, trained life coach and professional intuitive.

Single sessions or packages available.

You’ll get:

Mental health hacks – Cutting edge tools to help you manage thoughts (Imposter Syndrome for example) and emotions that can surprise and derail you.
Coaching hacks – Genius work clarity, time management, structures that fit your style.
Intuitive intelligence – While I’ll give you my hit, my genius is helping you learn to strengthen your own intuitive muscles so you’ll always know what’s your best next step.

  • Intuitive Coaching – It’s about making your deepest contribution to the world, while living in a full and balanced way. No holds barred. Joy and abundance increases.
  • Learn more about Intuitive sessions Solutions-based energy work that’s grounded in my therapy and coaching training, including trauma focused work. 

A lot has to line up in your life – and some things may need to be cleared – before you can step forward to this kind of thriving. To create your best work, and do it sustainably.

My courageous healing instincts create super-powered transformation guidance. My intuition (questions to ask, focus for a session, clarifying what you bring in) – well, it saves a ton of time. You also have access to an awesome library of tools and resources.

I have been in these same trenches. I continue to challenge myself to evolve my work, health and relationships to live with integrity. I continue to evolve my deep work, to make the most difference in the world. And I do that with ease and abundance and joy.

Sound good? Let’s talk to see if this is a good time for your next steps to thriving.

Soul Fire Coaching packages

Packages include:

  • Two 60 minutes virtual or phone sessions per month, with recording option
  • Psychological tools and worksheets from the Soul Savvy library
  • Email support between sessions included voice messages
  • Mini intuitive readings for relevant past life or trauma-relevant info
  • Customized meditations and practices for your soul growth and healing

For all packages please schedule a free consult to assure our good fit.

3 session Coaching package $750 $695 through 2022

Set the soul fired stage to get clarity on your soul purpose, best coping patterns and energetic health. Includes an intuitive reading for what you’re up to in this life, re: ancestral and personal healing themes. Use the sessions within 8 weeks.

4 month package $2000

Clear the way to new momentum and success in your soul work, increasing balance and joy. Fine-tune and update your power, clarity and peace with work, thus money, and other soul creative needs.
6 month Coaching Sessions $3000

Update and revitalize your soul mission and next steps. Activate your joyful empowered life for your fulfillment and for the world’s benefit.

9 month Coaching package $4500

If you’ve got your foundations set in the areas of physical mental emotional and spiritual health, acceleration is calling. The six month package gives concentrated support for your next quantum leaps. Clear any remaining blocks or past life remnants to anchor your heart & soul-centered life.

One Step to get started

1) Set up a free consult with me to be sure we are a good fit. This is a 15-20 minute phone call.

You’ll then make your payment, and we’ll schedule your sessions.

The many benefits of Denise’s years and varieties of training include:

  • Decades of psychotherapy work with clients in crisis to advanced levels of healing
  • In depth Communication Skills training – Motivational Interviewing Trainer
  • Training as an Intuitive that helps with clearing unexplained negative patterns
  • Counselor, supervisor, trainer in Psychosocial research center for cancer patients
  • Trauma-informed hypnotherapy training with specialties of grief, trauma, health  Life Coach training with the Institute for Life Coach Training.

Text me about customized programs 303 and 501-7402.

With excitement for your upcoming transformation!
Denise Barnes, MA, LPC, Rev

Licensed Psychotherapist, Health and Life Coach

Professional Intuitive

Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist, Trauma Informed Hypnotherapist

National Trainer and Coach, Motivational Interviewing