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Support to Enhance Life & Work: Therapy, Health/Life Coaching and Intuitive Healing work

Today, there’s a bit more pressure to find that sweet spot where you feel most alive, and are making your deepest contribution. It’s truly needed now! You likely feel that call to get involved. It can be frustrating to feel held back. And a lot has to line up in your life – and some things may need to be cleared – before you can step forward to both contribute, and thrive.

Today’s Challenges are More Intense

Today the Covid environment contributes to higher amounts of anxiety, disconnection, and confusion. Then there are a lot of things not taught in school. Common areas of knowledge you’ll gain:

  • Stress management tools for handling anything
  • How to handle conflict with compassion and win-win ideas
  • Taking ideas to completion and fulfillment
  • Crafting work you love and befriending money / success
  • Maximizing connections and relationship success
  • Balancing health, work, love, creativity, and spiritual time
  • Advanced levels of changing/clearing patterns that thwart you
  • Easier ways to take actions that are in your best interest
  • Perspectives that help restore humor and creativity

I know it can be hard to ask for help,  in this independent and driven type A world. And it can be baffling when a negative experience or pattern keeps happening, and keep you spiraling into anxiety or sadness. It sucks when you thought you had it made and experience an unexpected setback or major regret.

Yet there is a limit to being patient about getting to the place where you are feeling healed and empowered. It’s understandable to want to be successful, abundant, and have peace and fulfillment after years of hard work. You may be just about there – and, it’s often those places where support can make the difference and complete the journey.

The good news is, these things that stretch you, when used properly, can change the game for the better. Knowing how to lean into the discomfort of that growth edge is part of the advanced yoga position of a soul-fired life. Once some of the built up stress and muck are cleared, it does get easier. Your playfulness and hope can return. And that aliveness at the end of a day of doing your deepest and most important work? It’s what you truly came here for.

Steps to Working with me

First, Set up a free consult with me. to see if we are a good fit, and how I might address your needs. For therapy, coaching or RRT, a consult is needed to get started. This takes 20 – 30 minutes at the most and is over the phone.

Currently all sessions are either over the phone or a secure, virtual session over the phone/computer/device.

For those who would like to experience the Rapid Resolution Therapy approach to clearing challenges and past trauma that are blocking your best life, there are two weekly times W and F afternoon – 90 minute blocks. We would need to have a consult for this work and to proceed with therapy

Second, arrange payment
90 minute RRT sessions are $325 which includes 20 min pre and post phone calls and resources over email
50 minute Therapy sessions are $150
Individual coaching sessions are $250 for 50-75 minutes, and include a pre session focus call, and a week of follow up emails
Coaching programs are individually designed and paid monthly
Cost per month is $720, and can be arranged for 4, 6 and 9 months
Send payments through Venmo to Denise-Barnes-49 or email to mdenisebarnes at to arrange alternate methods.

I do accept some insurances for psychotherapy – please see my profile for more details.

Third, schedule your session.
Appointments are made during the consult or over email.

Text q’s to 303.501.7402

With excitement for your upcoming transformation!
There is no time to dally. 

Denise Barnes
Licensed Psychotherapist, Health / Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor

Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist

National Trainer, Motivational Interviewing