Intuition Revolution #9 – Seeing Beneath the Surface

SAM_4029Cycles repeat, say the astrologers, seers and the yogis. The recent Mindfulness and Yoga craze is not the first round. And if we remember back to the early part of the last century, séances were hot. So, hello and welcome, round # one thousand and one of the Intuition Revolution.

Intuition is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “a natural ability of power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.” I love that word natural in there. That feels relevant to the current times and that sense of reclaiming or revaluing intuition’s powerful place in life.

See, it’s a helpful thing to have some intuition when you’re flying by the seat of your pants, as often is the case, in these blessing and curse times.

And how does intuition help? Well there are many options. Intuition can help with the practical side of life – planning, decision-making, choosing activities. And it can also be a crucial aid in big decisions – whether to make an investment, sink deeper into – or end – a relationship, to change jobs, to start a business, or to look at what is happening underneath the surface of things.

For the Soul Savvy tribe, intuition can help you choose your best way forward, generally, and your best focus and tasks at hand, daily – especially if you have your own business or some time for working your gifts. It can keep you in tune to the mythical and magic whispers of the true heart path you walk, and keep you on the good road of following the dreams you seek.

How do we keep growing our intuitive powers? It’s a good question (and one I’ll be answering in the Soul Savvy Open House Webinar coming up the week of August 18th, 2014). Those of you who are adepts may have questions, stagnancies or growth edges looming ahead you’d like to expand through. Those of you comfortable with your intuitive skills may wonder how to increase your skills. And those of you curious to dip your toes in to this creative and mysterious water way may wonder about the best and safest routes to get started.

I’ll be sharing some simple intuitive tools – as well as some more in depth ways to hone and tap your inner wisdom. The simple ones are great. Why obsess over small decisions when either way works? These are fast ways to make choices and keep moving.

For the more in depth areas and questions, I’ll share some basic and advanced techniques. These times are important and these tools will help you have the confidence to feel grounded and in tune with your best work and contributions to the times.

Good news is, as shaky as the times can be in this next corridor in humanity’s initiation, intuition’s power is growing. It extends a warm invitation to be included in your back pack of essentials for the exciting road ahead.


In lak’ech, ala k’in

(Mayan for Namaste)

Denise Barnes

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