The Soul Eye View

A challenge can look very different, depending on which viewpoint you are seeing from – human, or the soul’s eyeball… It helps when they come together, as the Beatles might say…


One topic of interest and clarification in many Intuitive Healing sessions is the difference between the human view of challenges, and the soul’s view. Our human side wonders, why is this pain afoot? Why did that happen? What’s up with that?

Often things were going along quite nicely thank you, when WOMP – a pattern we thought was healed resurfaces in a big way. Whether a serious womp, or a gentle knock, things can still smart. You can wonder if or how you’ll get over this. Some of my clients start to make predictions – thinking, “I’m in for it now – this’ll take forever”.

The dire response to challenges, and the dreadful predictions of painful recovery – this can feel so true to human eyes, from the human viewpoint. Drama is what colors the human experience. With more spiritual awareness, you’re less attached to the drama and story line as THE ONLY reality, but it still can be tough to weather.

So whether it’s money troubles, a divorce, an unexpected job loss, the death of a loved one – our human side feels it’s very serious. It may shout Disaster! Impending doom! But the soul has a different view of this …


Meanwhile back at the (soul level) farm, soul watches calmly. In its view, all is well. Though your human eyes are red and puffy, the soul’s eye view is clear and commanding. It knows that these experiences are perfect, and that sometimes the pain is necessary. It knows the pain isn’t permanent, and that it will often serve to redirect you if you’ve gotten a bit off your purpose and path.

The drama is noted but not the main course. From the soul’s perspective, you are rocking it, though the human may be saying “This sucks!” You are getting high fives and back pats from the brethren watching from beyond who know this is what you came to learn about.

The soul’s view lives large. Things can seem so critical here – love and money dramas, death, betrayal – they are not the show stoppers to the soul that they feel like to our human side. In fact, many spiritual author talk of death as liberation, or a graduation. (Yeah, we’ll chuckle after we pass perhaps – it’s still quite a leap ….)

So if you are wondering WTF?!?- about something that has graced your experience, get quiet and ask to connect more to your soul’s view of what is happening. See soul get curious about what you will do with this new learning opportunity. Will it remain a crisis, a bad moon rising, an unfortunate twist of fate?

Or will you lift the human shades from your eyes now and then, and replace them, even for a moment, with the multi-focal shades of soul vision? See how that shifts your perspective and feelings. In the time here you have both views to hold, and that can be quite a straddle.

What helps you see the soul’s perspective when the human road gets bumpy? Or what saddles (practices, perspectives) help you straddle well?


Denise Barnes

PS and oh yes!
September dates and times for the Intuitive Healing Clinic have been posted.

The Intuitive Healing Clinic offers the soul’s view on your questions and concerns. This is powerful work, with immediate, felt shifts from the “psychic psychology” and energy healing that our connection enables.
What questions are asked? and a view of a session
There are 9 openings this month – 30 minutes, $45 – These will go fast.
DATES: Wednesday, September 25th and Friday, September 27th 
Denise creates an environment that goes beyond safe and relaxing: she creates sacred space. Her experience and knowledge from her therapy practice show up here as compassionate observation and attention. Her willingness to share techniques shows her awareness of herself as a channel who wishes to empower others… I felt calm and reassured, more trust in the flow of life … a miracle, compared to how I arrived.
– A.L., Boulder


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2 Responses to The Soul Eye View

  1. Meg Sullivan says:

    Wow! What a powerful, clear reminder – just when I needed it! How nice to chuckle at the problems. Thank you! What do I do to help me see the soul’s perspective? The three things that pop into my mind: Reiki, chanting, and a session with you.

  2. admin says:

    Meg – yes, sometimes we can be take in that soul chuckle and perspective (and sometimes I’m too cranky at the human moment). I love your three things – it reminds me how powerful energy work and sound healing is! Blessings to you.

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