I was out of town for what is being called Great Flood of 2013 in Colorado. Watching from afar has its own surreal weirdness – I was in limbo, and took it day by day. The way people were impacted didn’t always match what was predicted. Boulder Creek is home to the 100 year flood threat, which was quite late, and in recent floods, those closest to the creek (where I live) receive the brunt of the impact.

Yet, those in North Boulder, the mountains, and other neighboring towns like Lyons were much harder hit. The lovely town of Lyons, north of Boulder, was swept away, as the original river, moved to make way for the town, resumed its original course. Our beautiful mountain trails – a refuge, and spiritual stress reducer for many – are inaccessible – it’s not clear how long that will last (but it’s the high holy season now and … no one is able to pray this way 🙁

Damn, our mother is a formidable force.


Traumatic and edgy events tend to shake you up, even without direct impact. Even indirect and “small” impacts can be hugely stressful. For example, the sewerage or mold-like smell of many of the flooded basements – it’s a small thing compared to losing your house in a mudslide, yet it’s a constant reminder, a constant trigger of what just happened. Take a deep breath, and … oh, yeah.

I spoke with one friend who felt she did fine during the flood, but now is suffering from the post disaster dynamics – feeling very scattered, and somewhat depressed. Many have some level of this impact – those directly impacted, those indirectly impacted, and those just present in the energy field of the area. And for sensitive people, like many Soul Savvy readers who are born for this time, events like this can shake you up and uproot your stability, even long distance.

The more connected we get, the stronger those vibrations tug at our heartstrings when our brethren are challenged.

Energy work can be a great help here, for all levels of impact. I had the chance to give energy work to locals the past few days. Spirit noted that these energy healing images from individuals apply to this whole geographic region.

If you have that urge to help, but like me aren’t always quite sure how, try out these energy healing images in your prayers. The Colorado community needs all the help it can get. Thank you for your care.

And if you feel some “issues” loosened up in the last period of earth shift, and you’d like some support and clearing of these old soul themes ready for transformation – there are still a few spots in the Energy Healing Clinic/Spa this week. Using this as a healing opportunity helps us all.


In the energy healing I do, which is a unique style taught by AnaMari McNamara, the pictures and images that I intuit illustrate what’s up for healing. When I scanned my client Thursday, her grounding cord looked like a whirlpool, almost a tornado, of muddy, stanky water (yeah, lots of backed up sewerage in the flood waters). This grounding cord picture is relevant for the whole region.

(The grounding cord is an energetic root / column that attaches around your hips, and drops deep into the earth. People, animals, trees and yes even cities and regions have grounding cords. Ideally energy flows clearly through it; it connects cleanly and strongly anchors you to the earth. When stressed, your grounding cord can hold things that block the flow and connection to the earth, and these often reflect the stress you’re dealing with.)


To pray for Boulder and Colorado using energy healing prayers, imagine the whole area has a grounding cord that is like this water tornado. Picture this, and then let the water find its way to drain into the earth. This is what it was already doing with my client, circling like it was going into a drain. Hold your hands up as you see this internally, and watch it drain down. Invite all the stress and trauma, all the fear and grief, to exit down into the earth. Your hands can make soothing, smoothing motions, waving slowly down toward the earth, as you help the energy along – see if you feel the healing energy get stronger in your hands as you continue.

When that muddy tornado of water reaches a stopping point, bring in the image of clear, clean mountain spring water following that, and flowing for a while down the cord, until that area under the Boulder metro zone is cleansed energetically. Just let it all drain down into this energy tunnel to be released below. (If you get other images, go with your intuition – it’s all good and helpful.)

Then, I followed this with some drying, warming energy – fire can work, just sending some calm fire to flow down the cord area into the earth. Or, just like the sun stepping down the tunnel of New Grange on solstice, imagine sunlight alighting on the land of Boulder zone, slowly spreading and increasing its intensity, and then following the cord down into the earth as it caresses, soothes and nurtures the wounds and scars left by this event.

The final step is suggested by my good friend and local farmer Lisa, who lost all her winter crops in the flood. She notes that our fields have a lot of bacteria which will need a good solid freeze to be cleaned up. So to close, imagine a gentle, but freezing snow, falling on the fields (not right away… but in perfect timing), and let this crystalline snow helpfully freeze the earth, and then fall down the grounding cord.


I laugh a little thinking of my comedy character, the rolfer turned energy healer, Dr. Chotka . (See her in action circa 2006 at the Boulder Fringe Festival.) S/he (kind of androgenous dude/tte) described energy healing as clearing the psychic poop (pp) from the person’s energy field. Well we’ve got a whole state with a little PP buildup – so thanks in advance for prayers – of any type – that you send.

Harvest moon and equinox blessings to your home and loved ones,

Denise Barnes

P.S. My best recommendation for clearing any negative energy, a natural part of life, is to do the energy grounding meditation daily, that soul savvy subscribers get free. Just reply back if you’ve misplaced that link, or sign up at

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