Questions that Open the Vault of Soul

This post describes the way an Intuitive Healing session might unfold.

Is this relationship right for me? What is going on with my (body part?) What am I trying to find out this lifetime? What is my purpose/the purpose of a certain pattern in my life? Should I look for another job?

These are some questions that clients have asked to start off their Intuitive Healing consults. Any question is a good question to start with. Often, answers can take a winding route, and lead to a surprise ending. Surprise in a good way!

What can start off as a straightforward, sensible inquiry ends up opening the vault to your soul’s wisdom and reminders. Lost insights and desires emerge from a dark or buried place. Once brought out in the open, there is a “Doh! Of course” feeling – but before that, this insight or direction was not accessible.

One client asked that last question above – should I look for a new job? The first level answer noted yes, this is a good thing to do. Even if you don’t  change jobs, it’s good to update your resume, compare salaries, see what’s going on in the field. You can then use this information to enhance your confidence to request a promotion or raise at your current job.

The next level intuitive response adds more depth and additional considerations for the client (see a and b):

a) This stability you’ve demonstrated in staying with this job has been commendable and good soul work/healing.

~ Client notes that she was just discussing this recently, and never would have guessed she’d be there this long, and yes, it has had its positive side.

b) Another way to approach this – there are parts of your personal life that could be focused upon. If attended to, this would also positively impact your finances and quality of life.
There is a sense of depression. This job is not your soul work, is it?

~ Client notes that she is often low energy when she gets home from work, and will usually watch TV most of evening. She does have a sense of what her soul work is, come to think of it, and has always imagined doing it, and traveling…

The session continues, but this revelation emerges in under thirty minutes. Bit more than a Yes or No response to the original question – should I look for another job? And so much more relevant and truthful, in terms of reconnecting to her true path, and getting to the heart of the matter.

Next steps are clear and simple (though not easy), once this truth (re)emerges back into consciousness. But here is the thing. Even though not easy, these steps? They would not lead to a night of TV, and that sense of stuckness or depression. Sure there might be anxiety – or the way fear is called “excitement without breath”. So just keep breathing, and this will lead to more smiles, and more aliveness. Anything but that quiet desperation of the buried soul mission! 

Do you have a question that if answered truthfully would bring peace, insight and clear action steps? Give us a shout and we’ll get you scheduled.

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