Soul Mission Control Update – Jan 2013 – Business Unusual

Greetings Fellow World Changers,

Ever hear those cosmic instructions that imply, “Those of  you who’ve been keeping up with the inner work should now be experiencing ease and abundance”? And that those who are a bit behind schedule may still be experiencing challenges, technical difficulties, or need expert assistance? Sure, you want to be in that first group, right? And yeah, speaking for myself, not “there” yet. Progress is always going on, yet, in terms of the complete, Heaven on Earth picture… well it may be a few spirals ahead down that thar road, I’m guessing. Ohp, there’s that snake again…

It’s all so relative. It’s good to keep in mind that “not there yet” is simultaneously coexisting with the truth that “you’ve come a long way baby”. And, if “THERE” may ultimately mean our death, until then, there is always a next growth edge. There is time.

So take heart if you’re feeling behind schedule, or if 2012 included some challenges and left you humbled. What if it’s perfect timing after all, and these challenges are the perfect fertilizer for the new you?

Here is my sense of the main points to acknowledge at this point in time, late January 2013. That was one long dark night that passed, one long 26,000 year cycle. And a relatively peaceful death/ending, considering the potential mayhem possibly averted.

**Death/Birth Reminders**

1) Birth and Death are messy and may involve GOO, especially if you’re a caterpillar or mammal. If human, it’s a mess, and your next steps post birth may not be immediately clear for a few decades.

2) Birth and death involve contraction and expansion. As you expand into the new world/new you, you may first need to shrink, to contract, to review old patterns with that final compassionate eye gleam.

3) Tis a good time to clear remaining regrets, and practice forgiveness of self and others – start with the big things. Resource / book for this area: No Regrets, by Hamilton Beazley. Just wonderful.

4) It’s not too late for anything – and can be especially useful to anchor an inspired daily morning practice.

**Where is the NEW WORLD?**

The Alien landing didn’t happen, or they’re late – maybe they need a few months of slack too.

It could also be true that the new world is here – yet living thus far on the “energy” or subtle plane. This is my experience; it’s here, but you need to choose to enter it. The doorway asks to be greeted with a few breaths, a few moments of silence.

TRY THIS: When you have a break, Stop, close your eyes, breathe, and get still. Ask to be show the new energy and see what you get. It may just feel like a buzz, or more light, or a presence or sense of connection.
Once hooked up, even if it’s a bit sketchy, you can ask, What is important to do today? You can consult with the new energy on any decision or question you have. Throughout the day, you can ask to be reconnected to this energy, to refresh your perspective, just by getting still again. My comedy character Tina says it simply: Stop, Be Still, and Chill.

**HOW to get on board with the New Energy**

I see the new energy as a type of invisible conveyor belt. It’s an awareness practice to get on it at first. For optimum New World access, it’s best to clear the old fears, patterns, grudges, regrets and those old stories that keep you small, that keep you anchored in the old way.

This is why it’s actually great if you see an old pattern (that you hoped you were done with) in full living color. It’s a great opportunity to examine the old you, and anchor in the new you, the being you’d like to shift to.  (more on this shortly)

A good practice: compare notes re: your days on the New Walk Way, with those days that are more “business as usual”. Track and journal your findings about the differences you can see.

A few possibilities of the New Walk Way:

·         More truth and authenticity in communication that enlivens work and relationships

·         Old abandoned dreams are revived, and reborn with more ease

·         Synchronicities, signs and help arrive to affirm and guide your path

·         Work piles and task lists are cleared faster and with more ease


Last note dear Reader – Are you still breathing as you read this? Is your brain/heart/spiritual center/organ family still functioning? Well, THAT is nothing to sneeze at. You had to push your head and many levels of bodies and consciousness through the cosmic cervix last month. Phew! It’s OK to rest and gently get your new bearings.

If you survived half way intact, thank you. Your presence has grounded earth’s transition. While hardly anything is completely clear yet, your survival and continued presence took a ton of intelligence, heart, persistence, stamina, and plain old fashioned stubbornness. In New Jersey, you’d get the “scrapper” medal. Without understanding exactly how, you have completed a huge piece of this life’s work, to have made it to this point.

Now that we’ve made it this far, be alert for reinvention. Breathe into the New Walk Way. I’ll be back shortly with more ideas and support options to make the most of this year.

Talk to me on the blog below – does this resonate? Are you so OVER this discussion? Have you had amazing downloads and visions already?

Here’s to a buzzing light year,

Denise Barnes

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