Angels in Disguise – We Made It! 12/21/12

Greetings fellow traveler,

Whoa baby, here we are. I’m going to take the risk that the world won’t end today and that my subject line won’t come back to bite me. And you know what? Even if this world ended today, you and I wouldn’t. Persistent little buggers, aren’t we?

Check it out though; your computer screen says the sacred date – 12/21/2012. The magic threshold we’ve heard so much about. What the heck does it mean? Well, that is the amazing thing {!firstname_fix}. You get to play creator here, along with all the rest of us wounded healers. Yep, we angels in disguise are hereby invited, at this end of the Mayan calendar, to roll out a new blueprint for the luscious jewel of a planet we are riding on. Aboard this whole ark of mad chaos we call home, we get to conceive a brand new template and birth it together.

Keep in mind that this earth walk is just our temporary home children. Oh yes, it takes a damn good special effects team to make it seem so real, thank you Creator and kin. We need to believe to play this game, to take it oh so seriously some of the time, to invest all our blood and guts and skin in it.

Recall too, especially when the going gets rough, that this is not our truest home base, the real home. Unh uh. Earth is our chosen schoolroom, and this lifetime our specifically designed curriculum for our most exciting evolution. What a glorious mess of a course at times, eh?

So when fear in all its myriad forms – confusion, depression, apathetic uncertainty, anger – has you by the core, breathe into your belly and ground yourself. Bless it with the choice to find love in that maelstrom. Where is it hiding? Damn, that fear is such a fat samurai sometimes when it’s sitting on your head.

And that’s part of our job it seems, it is said etc. – to bring love to the darkness. Plenty of that black stuff around, yo! No end to it in our rich history. For some reason I’ve been thinking of the crucifixion, and what a day that was. At times, our lives can feel like one long walk to the nailing, amidst rude spitting, rock throwing and nasty taunts from the multitudes.

Yeah, it’s never quite as real in the visioning stage up there with our guides and comrades, as it is in the rough and tumble earth walk. Who designed this again? Jeesh.

I wanted to share the image that showed up in meditation this week. Davinci’s La Pieta. Oh the sorrow as Jesus’ dead body was placed in his mamma’s lap. Mercy, mercy me. Oh the pain and loss of the parents and community of Newton.

This is the point we’re at. Few days before resurrection still, but the darkest most painful death rattle is done. Breathe that in. Let the tension and echoes of the terror exit into our sacred mother below.

Yes, Gaia is part of the reason we’re here too – she is also wrestling this same dark night before the dawn, and healing the same extended labor pains and traumas of the past.  Pray for her, bless her, love the fracking proponents and how all of it is waking us up to truth. Know that we are Hitler, that we shot JFK – it’s all us, not them.

And knowing that your death means your return to the ultimate home, romance love while you’re here. Let fear take the back seat. Play full out. Test the promise of this threshold by reigniting all the dreams that haven’t felt possible yet. Drop the stories of why that’s true and how it can’t ever happen. Go for the joy and genius. Relight your hope and creativity.

‘Tis also said that what formerly took twenty years to manifest will now take months.

Love the dark, shimmy with the light, and become the wise center that holds it all as sacred, creative space. Let your angel self come out to play, or at least wink at things now and then. Tickle tickle!

I’m blessing you on this day with gratitude, and all my love and joy.

Your crazy wisdom coach,

Denise Barnes

PS Check out all the lovely La Pieta options, and take a moment to let the divine energy hold you with mercy.

PSS Whatcha thinking about this portal we’re upon? Show your love below…


I say it’s my birthday! Gonna have a good…special on the special


Yes today is my birthday. I was joking with my bro’ that I was hoping the end of the world would hold off until after my party. Such a kind universe!

Well, as you know, this party won’t end… ; )

And in honor of this special day – for us all – I’m offering a further special on the energy healing special that is going on through the 12/31. That’s a special squared, mathematically speaking!

Note that now the web page has a special pdf that explains energy healing in general, plus my version of it.

And here is a sample of a section of a reading.

These are good for any help you need connecting to your wisdom and healing any remaining angst that is stopping you from playing your full genius in service of that world changing we’re here to midwife.