November 2020 Video
Soul Theme: Neutrality, Neutral Love
Soul Tool: Singing and sounding / chanting

November Intuitive Write Up of the Soul Themes and Tools for the month
provides more details and helpful ideas


October 2020 Video
Soul Theme: Holding Peace
Soul Tool: (Silly) Dancing 

October Intuitive write up

Blessings readers and hang in there in October for this wild ride!


September 2020
Soul Themes: Fire of the Phoenix, & the Green New Ground September video
Soul Tool: Planning Recovery time
– both vacation, breaks during your work day, etc. More to come

SEPT SOUL THEMES AND TOOLS – Intuitive write up:

The fire of the phoenix

The world is tired. In Colorado where you are, the smoke has dried the leaves of the trees and the land is parched. This is not unusual for the current times of global warming. It also reflects the state of affairs inside many humans. Dry and parched. Extended loss and drying up of ways that used to nurture and nourish. Now, some of these methods were not working, just as many techno energies are not overall sustainable. So the planet and its people have reached the end of this old way. Let it burn out. Be patient with the flames – the phoenix’s flames dear one – of reinvention. It is the painful part now, where you are actually all burning. It is the painful part where your old form is disappearing and the new one is yet to be revealed. It is painful to wonder, just as many wizards wonder, whether you will arise from the ashes or whether you will completely disappear forever, never to be seen or experience anything again.

That is the first part of the month, a final push to burn off the dross of what’s not working.

The green new ground

The 2nd part of the month will bring the rain, will bring the green new ground of re-creation. Reinvention was suggested in August, to be proactive in your dreaming of the next possibilities. It is our hope that you have had some time to dream. And perhaps to collaborate with those who know how to dream bigger, to even consult and hire these people as our Denise has done. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

The new ground is partly to just allow a time of rest and nourishment, to give the self some green energy in many ways – call it a type of energetic wheat grass juice that goes right to the core, to nourish and replenish. The last section of September is at equinox and from there, is this time to truly rest and receive. See if you can take some space in this time, some open space to allow downloads from your guides, angels and the universe at large.

These are the soul themes.

The soul tool

The soul tool for September is planning Recovery time. Planning breaks and space to rest after productivity sprints. Ways to try new nourishing activities, to guess at what might be good for you, for those times when you have no idea. Those times when the old way isn’t working or is no longer possible. You simply must be ready to try new things now. Remember that giving to others tends to increase happiness more than giving to the self alone. Let that provide a clue.

August 2020:
Soul Themes: Loving the Unlovable,  Reinvention August Video
Soul Tool: Emotional Mindfulness – the RAIN exercise – audio
Bonus: RAIN meditation for Anxiety – video
Bonus: RAIN emotional mindfulness – PDF

Intuitive write up for August 2020:
From Denise’s guides

Theme 1: Loving the Unlovable. First within, then without. 

At first while starting this practice, remember the green, the deep green of the forest. The depth of the forest. How in a forest, all parts are soothed. All people. (D: even the loud ones from NJ.)

This is the same environment to cultivate this month. First be aware of the desert of love in your own landscape. Where are the abandoned, shamed and ignored parts? Often these parts are so cut off, they are not known. This creates a disconnect in the internal foundations, a lack of full embodiment spiritually, physically, mentally. This is the ground with which it becomes easier to heap that blindness of your own shadows upon others accusingly. Scorn, condescension, anger erupts, when the truth is, the feelings are incited from the trouble within, the handicap within.

This practice is always beneficial, to watch for the opportunity to reverse the parade of unloved aspects of oneself. Especially helpful now that division is so easy and thoughtlessly visited upon each other.

Remember that this life is not the end all be all. This life was a chance for learning. This life you agreed to place yourself on the high dive and see if you could finally perfect (the two and a half) a few themes that you may have left incomplete. Themes you may have even failed magnificently at in past lives. This is the edge of new growth.

The new growth to your green seedling of spiritual development would be to truly dine with the lepers and the opposite political party. To educate yourself (Denise) on what are the unifying themes behind a lack of harmony. Find the common ground. Keep growing the skills that grow compassion, that deepen communication skills. Know that even if you can’t speak the thing adequately, you can send loving energy, positive regard with the heart. That helps you, if not to cross divides, to at least share give a friendly wave. Acknowledging the common blood and bones, the needs and joys, that all humans share.

Aho, and thank you for asking

Theme 2: Reinvention
(Ha ha there are two themes, sorry ; )

Yes dear heart, in this month of Leo and the birthdate of the MAD WU mascot Madonna, the theme of reinvention looms large. It is a good theme to cultivate once the hidden weeds of unlovable parts have been cleared and/or acknowledged and touched. From the green growth-full ground, take stock. Look around. What is asking for renewal? What needs a whole new framework, perspective, approach, support, expression?

It may be one aspect of life, it may be the whole damn picture. Fear not. Be curious. Approach it with enthusiasm, as if it is ineluctable, and with an almost scientific, designer mind. Ah, there are resources now, and amazing opportunities for revision, renewal, remodeling. What shall we attack first? Ha ha. That is for the excited ones.

For the sad ones that have experienced loss and confusion and disorientation at the current turns of the world in its own acceleration, a more slow and measured stock taking can ensue. First hold the story and the picture, enfold the pain of change. Allow yourself to wish it weren’t so, to grieve. Recall and remember, bless the old way. Then give time to re-imagining.

The Imagine song, it turns out, is a good way to do the imagining of the new possibilities. Look at what is not ideal or wanted, and imagine if the ideal could be born here.

What do you really want love, if there are no budgets or constraints to consider? Keep it simple, and then yes, budgets and income are needed eventually. For now, just entertain, in this brainstorming and idea-entertaining stage, this initial field of unlimited possibility. Name what you want to create or shift, in your own life, experience, relationships, work etc.

Big Blessings to you on this summer month and time

July 2020

July 2020: Courage, Self care, and The Movement Bridge.

Here is the intuitive write up for the July 2020 video

At the start of July the theme is courage. Flames of the heart, heart flames. Courage today has been updated you see. It used to mean courage in battle or fierce defense. But today as the new feminine energy arrives and permeates, courage is a gentle insistence – on truth – speaking it kindly but clearly. On right work. Clarifying next steps and going for them, small step by small step. Clearing out what you don’t need, releasing. All of this takes courage because you’re being proactive to invite change.

Change will happen usually either way, but when you rise to meet it, after the initial hee bee jee bees of facing into that wind, it’s much less complicated. It starts to get much more fun. Even magical. See we want to hide from this, in the old ways, but that is not working any more. The voices calling, they are getting more insistent and more clear.

NOW IS THE TIME TO DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO. It does not have to be some big perfect number. Better that each day you do something real. Something that expresses and lights up your soul. Something that fill your heart with gladness and gets your soul boogieing… I think you follow me.

So courage is theme one, little lion roars of the heart, day to day.

Theme two is self-care. As you way showers, you light workers show up in the fiery heartful way, it will be important to rest and nurture yourself along the way. This is also a good place to be proactive. If you anticipate a big step in the week, don’t add more tasks – one big vavoom is enough there, and plan in that recuperative, recovery time. There are other ways that self-care is also getting an update and new energy.

So experiment with it. The old ways that might have worked to soothe and numb are phasing out. So you’ll need some new things. You’ll need to notice what old things have ceased their usefulness. They won’t go away overnight, but again, be brave and step up to meet the new.

Put some time each day into courage, and plant smidgens of self-care all through July’s landscape. Stepping up to your truth and your daring actions takes energy, and self-care will honor that growth. Showing self-appreciation though acts of self-care is very helpful in synchronizing body, mind and spirit in the new path of soul fired work and actions.

And for July’s tool, I introduce The Movement Bridge. Great for getting out of our heads… that’s where we can get stuck when doubts and fear arise. Quite normal when you are growing in leaps and bounds.

So move the opposites. First, in the case of courage, the negative picture would be discouragement. So move until you have a static posture for that. Then move with courage and create that stance. Now the bridge is how you physically move to get from the first posture to the more desired, 2nd posture. Let’s see, how would that work? And are there any clues for you in the movement that bridges the two? Sit with that, and let yourself see if any ideas come to you. Even if not, you’ve fed the deeper brain and helped the left brain rest a bit. Try this also with old dysfunctional ways of self care, or absent self care to amazing self care… What movement would bridge those two? What clues does this bridge suggest?