My training/experience:

  • Licensed Psychotherapist Colorado – thirty years
  • Life Coach trained through Institute for Life Coach Training 2007
  • Motivational Interviewing Trainer and Coach 2010 MINT certification
  • Reverend – Church of Inner Light – 2018 – ten years of energy healing study
  • Advanced Dance/Movement Therapy / Somatic Psychology ADTR 2001
  • Counselor/Project Mgr/Supervisor for 6 psychosocial Randomized Clinical Trials (Univ. Co Cancer Center – studies to enhance psychological/health post cancer tx)
  • Rapid Resolution Therapy certification (2019)
  • Trauma-informed Hypnotherapy (2021, 2022)
  • My therapy, coaching, & spiritual healing to clear ancestral wounds/evolve soul fire

Specialty areas: Past life healing, stress mgmt. mastery, trauma clearing, soul purpose clarity, health recovery, healthy wealth, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), communication, habit change, soulful business success, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

My perspective

This earth ship is not the vacation planet, though it’s lovely. You have chosen to come. You’ve also chosen certain circumstances, genetics, soul family members and life pickles to help you evolve, heal past traumas, and hone your unique soul gifts designed to make a difference for this crazy time.

This does not mean you need to clear the entire slate of past unfinished business. All that is required now, for you and this earth, is to find your way back to your soul purpose, clear sabotage streaks, and move forward. Small steps rock you and your world. Reversing inertia and stagnancy is not rocket science. But it can require support to clear the impact of past challenges and finally breakthrough to the beautiful you and this gorgeous day.

I’m all about you being able to create sanity in your life including financial security / healthy wealth, your ideal schedule. No more spiritual bypass, starving artist, workaholism, confusion, or compromise. A big step for many is to live with peace and joy, even amidst the chaos and deconstruction of these times.

Support to stay on the soul trail

Still learning and challenging myself

Though going on three decades as a psychotherapist, I continue to learn and update my skills. Last month I completed the coolest course on trauma-informed hypnosis. And even though I gained weight on covid and had a silly exercise relapse, I planned a backpacking trip with my buddies to get back in shape – that’s next week.

There are plenty of growth edges to choose from. Sometimes it’s not easy to pick the most relevant one. I have practices to keep tuned in to my soul’s suggestions. Now that my CD is completed, there is a little room to start the book. There is a pressure there to play with it. Some gifts add or contribute to the most viable income stream. Some are so necessary to feed the soul. At some point they join together – or at least inform each other powerfully.


  • Denise won the Best of Denver 2007 award for her Kick Ass Peace Prayers services, based on her one woman show, The Unlikely Activist.
  • A Mastermind group member since 2007, her group continues to evolve sacred work and a Soul Savvy Mastermind approach.

My View: Your Gifts, Your Deep Work Matters

It’s always about the work. In the latter years of your life, your happiness and self-esteem will be determined by the mountains you surmounted, they valleys you climbed out of, and the life and/or career that you forged for yourself.
– Maya Angelou, Rainbow in the Cloud

You know there is more for you to learn, to express, to contribute. You might not be sure how to do that exactly, and whether it’s worth the risk. You have doubts and fears – par for the course. No reason to stop. It’s a good sign of stretching into what matters most.

At Soul Savvy, there are steps to get clear, and begin moving. With this movement, your clarity, strength and courage grow. You’ll be inspired; you won’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Small steps breakthrough the inertia, into the land of creativity, peace, joy, and energy.

A licensed psychotherapist, intuitive, and life coach, I am a powerful guide to help you clear silent barriers, grow precious gifts, and live a life that is lush with purpose. As a healing professional and performer, I have created a life that helps me serve, make a good living, and continue to evolve and grow my skills and integrity.


I still study intuition and consider myself an Intuitive Coach. This helps me quickly target the heart of the matter, clearing those silent blocks behind the scene. I want you to have this intuitive grounded knowledge, and all the resources you need to get to what’s most important, most real.

The healing work I offer includes therapy tools for grounding and handling life’s surprises, coaching for important projects that stretch you, and the psychic healing when there is stuckness that just doesn’t make sense but keeps showing up to slow you down. Schedule a consult with me if we’d be a fit to design your next fun, healing steps.