Favorite Gratitude Practices

Nature is sure to enable reset and return to gratefulness

With this week’s Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., I thought I’d share three simple gratitude practices. Short and sweet – that’s what’s needed as the busy holiday season descends. Plus, gratitude enables shifting – from stress, from worry, and helps recapture perspective. That big picture view is important to have a piece of as you travel the sometimes bumpy road of life.


  1. Before a meal
    When you sit down for a meal, take ten breaths and think about what you are grateful for. If you are sharing your meal, each person can share three things they’re grateful for now. This will help you slow down, become more tuned in, and maybe even eat less and digest better.
  2. The five minute journal
    This is a practice you can find online. One benefit is having a method of journaling quickly. Journaling rocks for stress management and staying in touch with your deep self and what’s going on under the surface. There are 3 parts to the practice:
    a) List 3 things you’re grateful for
    b) List 3 things that would make (or made, if doing it at end of day) today great.
    c) List 3 affirmations, starting with I am.
    I find those 3 gratitude points here enable a quick shift to more peace and appreciation.
  3. The wacky shaman gratitude song. Adding humor to gratitude superpowers both. There is a verse part that’s pretty normal chant-type of thing, and then for the chorus, bring in your crazy shaman self and sing strangely… Listen to me make a fool of myself here.

I hope this brings a smile and some gratitude your way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise Barnes, SoulFire Coach and Intuitive

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