Soul Mission Control Update: 11-11-14

Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess

Sekmet, the Egyptian Goddess

The group, (John the Baptist, Areeanna of the Pleiades, and Octavia the High Priestess), Channeled by Denise Barnes for Soul Savvy subscribers. To subscribe, please visit – or if here, see that box on the side of the page to join.

Greetings dear kin, and bows and blessings to you in this sacred number day. Indeed, the elevens are one of our channels “home” resonances, as her main child hood house had the # 111. Just a side note (smiling). Breathe with us for a moment. Fully exhale, and do it again… Do what our channel calls the horse lips on the way out, or anything else that will lighten your mood and loosen your jaw. Ah, thank you. Now we begin.

Holy cannoli, as the Italian Robin might say, and whoa whoa whoa. Look at this changed landscape – or is it land or water, or fire, or air? Its combustible it seems, it is moving, it is transitory, as in full of meaningful transits. We speak of the last two months and overall the fall quarter, since equinox. Are you still breathing? Because that was one cosmic cardio-demanding lap. High intensity dear friends. And this is where the FIT is more important than the FAT or lack of it, the heart more than the surface appearance, the quality of the passage versus getting anywhere in particular.

Indeed, where are you now? Well, it may not be clear, and this week, this day, this mini-arrival time – it is not so much about knowing yet, all that you need to know. This will be revealed, but slowly. Now it is time to catch up a bit, to practice appreciation and self-care, to begin to notice what has changed. It may be slight, it may be huge; but something has happened in the last 6 -8 weeks, has it not? Let your heart answer it. You can also look at your calendar to just see what you’ve been up to – because likely your calendar has been so full that you might have forgotten a few, just a few, huge accomplishments.

These accomplishments might have been a small leap of faith, like stepping forward to follow an intuition that involved some risk. It might have been speaking honestly or more deeply with a loved one. It might have been showing up for others in a new way, that might have derailed some things on your to do list. It might be committing to health, or more sanity in your schedule, or really coming to grips with a problem that had been bugging you. Just check in now, with a breath, to ask, what’s changed?

Some of this again, may not be entirely clear, and that is exactly fine. Often big changes will be non-verbally born, and old desires and dreams might sneak out unexpectedly when your integrity and good will are operating at a good clip. Just being here on the planet often requires clear presence of light workers, even though there are no fireworks indicating that it is time for your standing ovation. So please always do remember that just functioning out in this world, being alive, brushing your teeth, can be the fallback level and it seriously counts.

So can we take a moment here to thank you? Would you breathe this with us? Can you stop, really stop for a moment and get into a receptive mode for this? We just wish to thank you with a kiss of light. Third eye, mouth, hearts, back area, aura. Let this light hold you for a minute or so. Support you. Acknowledge you. Massage the knots of existence just for a brief time. Now, breathe this into your core. Hold your breath a second and let it pool. Then exhale and shake off any extra tensions, stress, or darkness. Ah. Thank you for letting us bless you in this way. A ho.

Where were we? Denise is kind enough to let our fingers do the walking on this machine, which is quite amazing really that you all learned this typing thing; you may use thumbs more than she does. So, back to the update here – yes, it’s time for a breath of appreciation for yourself. It could be a good time to take stock over the next weeks – if you don’t have time before, a few hours on T-giving wknd will do.

Good ideas for the next two weeks would be: clear any backlog of things you wish to give those you love. Clear any huge piles or projects that are bogging you down. Have any conversations that are starting to wear a hole in your shoe due to procrastination because they will not disappear this time; you must speak your truth. These and similar type things are just the preparation steps for the next time period.

And as you continue to step into the fire of the now that is flaming all over the planet, the lava flow and the new flood plain of reality that is morphing everything you knew into the new now and fresh realities full of surprise… It is essential to start treating yourself like the god/goddess/angel you are. That will mean different things to different love holders and light bearers. As we say that, what has been missing from your repertoire and practices, missing from your life?

If you are on the path to greatness (and you can be, it is your choice of course, and times are ripe), you can start to act as such. We’d remind you that step one is kindness and nurturing and self-care time for the self. Right now that may mean 5 minutes. Our channel only meditates ten minutes some days, but it is enough.

So prepare for big things with these steps, and laying the foundation, or tweaking it, to provide a sturdy, fun and unconditionally loving support and realignment space for yourself. This is essential so you can stay responsive to the fast moving lava of the now.

Example: Our channel has a new day job. No she is not yet a millionaire or retired, and it uses her skills wisely (and we grin at the havoc she will land there… just kidding!) Yesterday due partly to weather conditions that added an hour to her commute, it was a twelve hour day from door to door. She had a bit of … well, fatigue of course, and then those thoughts arose like, “Gee, will I ever be able to _______?” The blank might be: make it, not work so hard, totally rock/have fun/create a miracle with my work, end this tiresome commute, etc. That blank changes but you can be sure that tiredness and ego and pain body will all pipe in when you’re vulnerable, right?

Luckily our channel gets a good night’s sleep. She wakes up and does her practices – even doing some in bed before it’s time to get up. During these practices, not only is she realigned to the more positive side of reality (there is hope in this human saga, yet again!), she has a creative outburst of phenomenal frequency. She realizes, hey, that’s certainly part of my purpose (writing idea for outrageous comedy piece), and all the depressive-ness and hopelessness of the previous day is banished with a simple reframe – yes that was a long day. Plus she has creative ideas for the day job which will include some of that fun, perhaps outrageous to some, assistance.

It all keeps going a bit – she’d gotten in her meditations that the newsletter was the first thing to work on today – but as she writes the date in her journal and realizes it’s 11-11, that special number, she realizes Oh, time for a Mission Control update. We had something to do with that of course. Yet see how just being willing to get up and do the practices, to say OK I’ll work on that newsletter, but then the idea shifts slightly… until here we are, for now. Doing the most important, meaningful and fun thing. Hello!

Our time and yours is limited so we’ll sign off for now. Well our time isn’t limited per say but this NL is not usually quite this long, Denise reminds us… Still we feel examples are good, and we won’t edit this for now. Hopefully you are scanning and speed reading and just taking what is valuable for you.

In summary, prepare. Prepare ye the way of the Light. Get any piles of darkness cleared so the light can easily land and continue to transform your reality. Recommit / revise the morning practices. Revisit the self-care and appreciation – some of you deserve a huge ritual right about now to mark this. We’ll be back next month to continue to offer ideas for new dance steps so just make some room for the ball…

A note that Gaia too is with us all, going through it too – so if you can connect with her, spend time in nature with her, lend her your blessings and support, this is a very good time – she’s a bit tired too.

In appreciation for your listening eyes, ears, and hearts, and excitement for the end of this amazing year,

The ThreeSum
Yes Denise we are giving a new name to ourselves, please note… It keeps moving doesn’t it (grin)?

Blessings, and comments welcome below.

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