Bumpy Surrender

WORKING WITH CHANGES…kind patience helps
At the outset of the year, my guides likened the current year/times to preparing to finally board a space ship. They emphasized that there was minimal room for luggage. Not a new concept, this minimal baggage idea, eh? Yet somehow the idea of space travel made it more important to really get that backpack light.
Surrendering some things, especially those you’ve grown fond of, can be a big challenge. Even when I start to see that some things might not serve me now, I find myself looking for some reason this old way can still work. So the bumpy-ness enters. Change is not easy, and rarely smooth.
And the more awareness, the more gentle – the more a dance versus a wrestling match.
Oh it’s a birth process, where some steps are easier than others. I have been under this birth pressure the last months, as the part time job I’ve held for nineteen years ended June 30th. (Part of the reason I’ve been absent – so glad to be back! You have never been far from my thoughts Denise  – and I will now be back in regular touch.)

My Dance/movement therapy background notes how our own physical birth experience – yeah, getting to earth those many years ago – influences our current dance with change. So that dance for me often includes challenges like disorientation, discouragement, fogginess, (due to a drugged and unconscious mum – common in 1959).
But if I am kind to myself, and allow mercy and trust, then a stillness arises where I reconnect with more ground and hope. But before the light, there is the dark night.
The Book of Runes (author Ralph Blum) agrees that positive change can involved this darkness. It describes how this happens in nature as a five part progression: “death, decay, fertilization, gestation, rebirth.” (The rune Uruz/Strength).
It is a time of big change, and many of you are being asked to step into the new way, so you can model this. A few things seems important:
Take the time you need to make room for this new way to take hold in your life. Experiment!
Be patient and gentle if you are in that gestation period or getting surprised by the changes asked
Remember that some of this is bigger than you – and part of the times, which ask us to shift, let go
Thank you for doing this holy work with your self/Self. And don’t forget to take a break now and then to share the abundance of summer, and the joy of connecting with your community.
Denise Barnes
Blog comments: Are you going through bumpy changes, or at the smooth sailing stage?? 🙂
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