True Wealth

It wasn’t too long ago, all marriages were arranged, and it was amazing to survive winter. Now, we need to have a “soul mate”, and work that feeds our soul as well as pays the heating bill. Maybe a great car, a gym membership … it’s getting a little complicated, don’t you think? Evolution is so cool – and, it’s complicated to make all these pieces work well for yourself and those you love.

You crave work that uses your best skills or gifts. Work that feels profound and fulfilling. Maybe it even encompasses an evolutionary edge for you, teaching you and others as you go.

AND you need work that pays you well, so that you can rest easy with the money realm. This way you are nurtured, happy, centered, and usually quite generous in sharing your gifts in the best way.

And that’s not just about you. This also benefits others and the planet as a whole.

You have a contribution that is important for the planet’s evolution. Think about it – what if apes never learned to dance? Or bang a rock with sticks? Or paint that cave wall? Or rub a fellow travelers neck? What if that ape destined to create the innovative step just laid low? Man this would be a more boring and backward place, wouldn’t it?

So, here’s how to tell if you are helping or detracting from our planet’s best interests. Whether you are contributing or withholding your precious gifts.

Look at these three areas. Answer these three questions. If work isn’t your current challenge, substitute what is.

Fulfillment in work: you know, when you’re so exhausted from work you love, but it’s a good “spent” feeling. It’s a smiling exhaustion. You sleep well.

1) How long has it been since you had that “Damn I’m good for this person/planet” kind of feeling? ____

Rate your answer, 1-10, with 1 being just minutes ago, and 10 being way too long ago.

2) How much in your current life do you use your true kick ass gifts? ____

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being hardly at all, and 10 being – having the perfect job.

3) Finally, how much of your income is derived from the work or skills you love to use? The ones you feel you came to this life to use and develop? ____

Again, that scale of 1-10, with 1 very low amount, and 10 all your income.

How’d you score? The lowest is  zero to three, and the highest would be thirty. What does your score tell you? And when you look at your current life and happiness level, what does that tell you?

You are needed, my friend. This positive evolution of the planet thing – well it is no slam dunk at the moment … In fact, at times it looks a bit dim.

Every time you step forward and take the risk of doing what matters, of going for what you really want, it sets up a better world. It brings brightness, care and creativity to this world. And it can be terrifying. 

That’s a good sign.

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