Survey says… Soul Savvy Update Summer 2019

Thanks to the people who gave feedback through the survey last month. My intention was to find out more about who is here on the e-list, and what you want to hear about. Also, if you did want support, what might that look like? How are people learning these days? It seems like things are changing in this regard.

I’ll share survey results and some other info and thoughts about what’s up, and what’s next. The survey is closed, but if you would like to offer any thoughts or feedback, just comment below or email me at soulbizsavvy at gmail.

SURVEY RESULTS                            

The short survey asked how valuable the newsletter was, and most found it medium to high value. In terms of frequency of emails very few wanted more content – most were happy with the once a month frequency. Emails aren’t getting the interest they used to – many people’s inboxes are overloaded. I tend to keep my subscriptions low myself, and if someone is emailing too often, or offering too many items for sale, they can lose me. I do recommend unsubscribing if you find there isn’t the value you need from anyone you are following, including me. There is an unsubscribe button at bottom of  all my email newsletters – no problem there.

I asked what you wanted to hear more about? Here is the interest list, highest to lowest:

# 1) Increasing creativity and aliveness, here here.

# 2) A close second: Bringing my true purpose to life and work (always a soul savvy focus)

#3) 3 way tie: Relationships & communication, Health & life foundations, Stress management

#4) Healthy relationship with money

#5) Spiritual smarts and guidance for life

#6) Tie: Career enhancement, Channeled information

The survey also asked, how do you seek help, when needed? This area has changed. Here are the choices that were favored – and those that weren’t chosen at all.

Chosen Methods To Seek Help:

#1) Friends and peers – chosen the most.

#2) Meditation / spiritual practice

#3) Google, therapy, wait for it to pass, books

#4) Creativity (dance for example), time with pets

Not Chosen methods: Coaching, support groups, classes

The survey also asked people to identify their roles – and here are the responses to that question:

Most: Professionals / employees

Next: Day job while developing healing or art work, and Retired

Also: Entrepreneur / self – employed, and Multiple work situations

NOT CHOSEN: student, freelancer, business manager

SURVEY TAKEAWAY: So, what does it all mean?

It was helpful to get some confirmation that learning methods and needs are changing. I’ll be paying attention to the areas people want to hear more about. As usual, you can count on me to share helpful resources: books, trends, and other relevant info that helps us make the most of this life and mission on the soul level.

I’ll be experimenting with other ways to share – videos, for example, and the use of creativity and comedy to illustrate ideas. I still love to hear, and tell, stories about how transformation happens. I think we are closer than ever to understanding how this works. More fun in this arena sounds good too.

I’ll clarify more how you can use my services. Instead of two websites, I’ll be combining them into one. Transformation is transformation… and whatever method, I hold a great sacred space for you to reconnect with your wisdom, and clear old ways. If you are local, you can come to the office, and, I’ll be increasing virtual offerings. Technology makes more options possible in terms of enabling breakthroughs to new ways of being. Why not dance over the airwaves? It’s exciting.

I’ll aim to send a regular missive out about the time of the new moon – once a month or so.

Finally, dear reader – though we may not talk very much through this newsletter, you choose to be here, as I do. I feel that connection to you. When I have thoughts or experiences about important things, I often want to report back.  So from here, I hope to continue to honor that tie, and to lively it up a bit. Know that you are always welcome to hit reply or comment below, to share your thoughts, to ask questions, to wonder (and wander) with me.

Thanks for your energy and presence.

Namaste, In Lak’ ech (Mayan term: you are another me, I am another you), and love,


Anything to echo, or add? Add your comment if so moved.

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