January 2014 Intuitive Message

January 2014 Intuitive Reading received 1-1 through 1-6-14.
Denise started channeling last spring, and in December 2013 started this monthly reading series.

1-1-14 John the Baptist:

Oh greetings bold New Year, bold adventurers, bold 2014. It is as though this year, after much preparation and packing and technology learning and all of the skill gathering, it is time to step aboard the space ship. Hopefully you have packed light and you’re ready to go.

There will still be turbulence – this is an important message. Denise heard one intuitive Lee Harris with a refreshing take on this. For years his messages have suggested holding the awareness of Yes, I can die next week. Then all decisions can be made based on this truth, this factor. This is always available, this informed decision making, if you get quiet and still. If you get to the quiet and go still, get quiet and go still.

The energy is big that has been coming through. There is a tendency to go along as business as usual, without realizing that the intense solar flare activity has much impact on sensitives. But it is there, and good to acknowledge. This is why part of what is so important is just that anchoring. So each person, if they can just anchor and ground, as much as possible, as early as possible in the day (chuckle), as they are entering their world. And then stay with the flow and the truth as much as they can from there.

No matter which calendar you are following, Mayan or otherwise, the Gregorian calendar date of 1/1 has a huge impact, and is an unavoidable portal to attend to. In 2014, it is wise to have a good centered start. We again say, the still quiet center, to go to that place as the year starts. To first take a deep exhale to release 2013, to process that, to note the accomplishments, to note the disappointments, to note what was learned, to note the appreciations for the evolution of that year. So that deep exhale, and then a deep opening and inhale.

Denise notes: The month of January 2014 needs to be noted as the last month of Mercury retrograde-free space. It goes retrograde February 6th. January for some could have the designation of the last productive 30 days before the less productive 3-6 weeks of early Feb through mid March. So you don’t have to be out of commission if you plan for it, but if you’re thinking of launching something in Feb, it looks like Jan or March would be better.

John again: The message is Get Quiet, Go Still – Get to Quiet and Still. Really exhale any toxicity of the last year, let go of things that you can, disappointments, acknowledge lessons, if there are projects that are no longer relevant – do a realignment of your backpack and lesson plan. Cheers, and it is all good where we are.

Dear one, it is such a pleasure to be with you in this way, and to talk to the consciousness of the time or the tribe, or the edges of our own understanding.

1-3-14 The Group – John the B, Areeanna of Pleiades, High Priestess Octavia

Greetings dear ones, are you ready to play?

Yes, it is a serious time of transition. It is the gap between the two worlds that you are dancing in. And, this is a good framework to use. Play, dancing – these are not the first actions you might be inclined to bring into the steps ahead of you. It can get very serious and look somewhat ominous, as you are in fact attempting to scale the peaks in between these two worlds. It is as if you are crossing a continental divide of some sort, using the mountain analogies of the region you are in. It is a whole different world to pass through, this tundra, this rocky terrain, this sometimes dangerous pass and perhaps snowy or icy trail with storms coming, lightning threatening, etc.

So there is some of this passage ahead, which can be quite intimidating to some degree. However, one can approach this with the knowledge that the earth walk is not the place the feet reside truly – not the only ground for the existence, for the soul that is present in the dust of your existence here. There is another whole entire realm that is home.

So you are traveling, you are wishing you are in a good place to learn the customs of the natives around you. And attempt to harmonize with their ways in the efforts of learning, and harmonize with the experience. The playfulness can come by knowing this is not your only home; this is not your true home. This is a visitation; this is a lending of your energy to this time and this place.

Do you understand? Do you have questions?

So what are the most important things, in review, to orient us to this next year?

Yes, this grounding is important as we have noted. To ground in your spiritual source each day. To appreciate body, emotions and spirit; body, mind, heart. To clear the previous day and begin anew with this curiosity and openness to the day’s lessons and sharings with you and to the day’s journey ahead. To pray to be used well. To be open and giving to what the situation may ask. To do your best each day; to be in full use of your amazing powers each day.

And to not fritter away too much time. To be examining what feeds you, what nourishes you, and how to recover from your exertion in good ways, how to recreate and recover in ways that restore the soul and the heart.

Otherwise, for the year ahead, we see it is a continuing of the process of clearing the past baggage, and acquiring the true tools and needs and clothes and gear – the true gear for what you will need for the future. This is not only human realm equipment, but equipment of the inner warrior. And this includes things like a light attitude, a moving ahead with things, even though there may not be perfection or doubt-free clarity. To be willing to experiment, to be willing to extend yourself. And to be willing to step into and engage in the most important things – to have identified these and to keep stretching into them.

1-6-14 The Group

Ah the pregnant pause it is, before a major “kick-in” of things happens. Kicking in, revving up, surprises and opportunities you may not have anticipated. So this is a good time to set your foundation in order. Do it as slowly as you need, making space for the heart.

And as you organize yourself around your projects for the next year, we agree that it is also important how you go about these things.

Trust and ease are the words that come forth for you – how can this be done in ease; how can this be done in trust; how can this be done while attending to all the myriad important areas. The impish creativity of the past meditation is relevant here. So play is an important word, and bravery and risk.

For 2014 we see waves, regular waves of regular intensity. There is stretching, there is always still healing, but there will be room to play and to explore things you are curious about.

You are a light carrier. That is your theme for the year. You carry the light into darkness. That is your work. That is your work this year.

Thank you. Amen.

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