More About Denise Barnes & the Soul Savvy News

It’s good to be here with you, on the “be the change” team, at this crucial juncture for humanity. This newsletter has been published monthly since 2004. Time flies! I’m glad to have this forum, to share my passion for the soul mission dance, creativity and healing. And writing is one of my favorite creative skills.

My delight is co-creating the sacred space that reestablishes my client’s inner knowing. Helping clients make progress with expanding their genius and gifts. For the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with clients, whether for healing blocks, sharing shortcuts for business and career growth, or taking those next creative steps, I see the pattern repeat. Even the smallest movement towards the soul’s mission revives work, relationships, inner peace and joy de vivre. It improves your entire life! Even small steps create huge changes.

When clients gain traction on what they really came here for, they breakthrough doubt into power and clarity. Stress and regrets drop. Even the fear of death can fall away! It’s a good way to live, and serve, on this nutty planet.

You might be like me with many interests, many coping skills, many coaching and healing methods under your belt. It can be overwhelming at times to get clear about what’s next. What best practices to harness for your soul’s progress. I’ve dumped the advice that these methods need to be tidy and separate entities. That you need to choose one path and method at a time. My healer, artist, coach and intuitive work together now.

I separate these methods when needed. I’m a licensed psychotherapist, and that’s its own realm. I am fully trained (ILCT) life coach and have worked in clinical settings (cancer center, cardiac rehab) as a health coach for 2+ decades. I still train as an Intuitive healer after many years at it. But I didn’t pursue coaching certification, for example, when they discouraged including healing work.

At this point I have enough letters after my name, and enough training. Though I’ll never stop learning.

I have found that for sensitives and empaths, healing work is part of expansion, especially if you’re getting more visible, and more clear what you offer as a light working professional. It takes time to find the right blend and integration alongside right livelihood and a healthy salary.

Your soul gifts matter, especially now. Finding the right life balance and framework through which to bring them forth – that’s crucial. That’s so wonderful, to see that awesome culmination take shape, for your benefit and others.

How We’re Unique

What makes me unique as a therapist, coach and intuitive healer is the combination of fierce devotion to the soul mission, decades of solid clinical training in psychotherapy and life and health coaching, and business development know-how. I also keep my performance art alive, while continuing to grow ease and money peace.

It may have been easier to have had a simpler path. Maybe just one of these jobs. But my soul did not seem interested in simple and easy, or in money alone.

I wanted to be challenged to find the best alchemy between spirit’s voice, and activating my soul’s best gifts, with financial strength and ease. I want to develop that creative and joyful integration of true work, abundance and quality of life. I continue this dance right alongside my courageous clients.

In Soul Savvy work, whether therapy, coaching or intuitive sessions, I’m entrusted to empower your deepest healing and soul evolution, and the joy and peace that comes from it. I’ve built a business combining the best mystical and practical shortcuts to stay spiritually aligned and empowered.

This focus on staying fully alive and attentive to the soul trail has made me who I am today: creative, intuitive, aligned and brave. No light worker pushover, even though I sometimes do need to take some “under the covers” time for my sensitive soul…

I share this just to say, Soul Savvy reader, no matter how scared or confused you may feel when facing yet another evolution, and breaking through the doubts that arise, you will come alive again when you reconnect with your soul mission. Yes, there is a lot to sort through in the demands of the day. But sharing your latest expression of your soul’s gifts – it’s the key to it all for the visionary you are.

I hope you are feeling the rightness and power of your soul mission – stepping forth and feeling plucky.

In the truth of what matters,

Denise Barnes, Soul Savvy News