Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

Clearing and Clarity

Intuitive readings for those on the soul inspired path
Would you benefit from insight about current challenges?

See if this is true for you:

  • You need insight and perspective about current challenges
  • You wondering about best next steps for areas of life or business
  • You wish to shift to use more of your gifts in your work
  • You are challenged by work, money issues, relationship issues, negative patterns
  • You can tell old programming is seriously holding you back in critical areas of life

See this article for common questions that get answered in a reading, and an example of a session’s unfolding.

Session cost: $195 $150 for 60 minutes through 2022

As a licensed therapist, trained life coach and intuitive practicing for decades, I co-create a sacred space with you that brings wisdom and new energy to your challenge. What do I mean by co-created sacred space? This means we both check for resonance, (how accurate it feels), and communicate about it. I don’t pretend to know all about you or your future. The future changes as time unfolds. But you know when something rings true.

Yet when our souls and psyches line up like this, you can recognize relevant information. Even when it’s a surprise. Sure, some of the reading will be things you already know – yet they may be a bit hidden or repressed. A small light on things can make a big difference.

This type of energy work is also grounded in my therapy and coaching training, for a solutions based approach. You will leave with clear steps defined. If there are relevant tools to support you in the Soul Savvy (mega full) library, you’ll get it. If you’d like to check back over email in a week or two, that’s included.

Denise creates an environment that goes beyond safe and relaxing: She creates sacred space. Her experience and knowledge from her therapy practice show up here as compassionate observation and attention. Her willingness to share techniques shows her awareness of herself as a channel who wishes to empower others. No attitude of “I have a special gift I am bestowing upon you.” I felt calm and reassured, more trust in the flow of life – which was nothing short of a miracle, compared to how I arrived.
– A.L., Boulder CO

What is intuitive energy healing?

More information about Energy Healing  and the work I offer – Here is an article that explains this cutting edge work. Good to know though that even Western medicine now includes energy healing, though research is ongoing. I welcome your questions to articulate this right brain work into left brain language.


It’s hard to find an intuitive that you have a special bond with…

The energy you feel when you work with her is amazing and to an extent somewhat indescribable. I already can’t wait for our next session and have a feeling that she is going to help me on a path that I have waited an extremely long time to find the courage to take. It’s hard to find a intuitive that you have a special bond with. I know I have tried, and again I feel very blessed to have found her.
-Salina Mitchell, Denver, CO

… Several words you used that made the resonance and trust of the reading very powerful.

Your style has such a sweetness to it. Your delivery, your way of phrasing things feels very supportive. There were several words you used that made the resonance and trust in the reading very powerful. Like androgynous – long-term theme for me. And some other words that were very specific to my process – it was such a delight to hear them, such a beautiful reflection. I think you’re beautiful with it, and sweet. And respectful and tender, in your delivery and approach. There didn’t feel like there was anything invasive about it… I feel totally willing to be transparent to you – transparency is very comfortable here. There is a level of depth of the reading that really worked – many, many things that went beyond what you could have known …
– HD, Boulder CO

… Something I will use the rest of my life!

I was challenged by an off week that consisted of family issues and busy work schedules. Your ability to see my upper back pain, that I had a hard time slowing down, and knowing that I needed something to calm my hectic life, is something I will use for the rest of my life! The most impacting item I took from the session is learning the grounding technique. This was an amazing tool for me to use. It has helped me to slow down for a minute and take some time for myself. To get all the negativity and weight off of my shoulders … and soak up calm and happy feelings. AMAZING results!!

Anyone can use this type of service… you may need to talk to someone, or need guidance, counseling, intuitive info – or if you’re just curious about her perspective, you can get something from this.
-Ashley Abeyta, Westminster, Colorado

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