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YOU ARE HERE on this current time signature and map of the universe…

Where are we? Seven years post 2012, no rapture yet! No apocalypse either, well – not a worldwide one… In other words – not dead yet! And yet –

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Have you gotten to that BE-THE-CHANGE-you-want-to-see place? That place of engagement and peace, knowing you’ve kept the dream alive? That place of ease, knowing you are where you’re meant to be in this life, at least right now? Do you have the foundational shit together, even though you are more identified with being a spirit in this material world?

It can be complicated to persevere with the dream, and stride towards what is most meaningful, in this world of distractions. But you know it when you’re not happy. You know something feels off when you’ve settled for success in a way that isn’t your truth. Comfortable but bored. Curious but scared. Knowing deep down, but for now, denying.

Yes, for those who are here to contribute to the new paradigm – it’s not just about money, but you need to have some. You need a work scene that honors your best self. You need to develop tools and courage to fight any initial backlash when you commit to what matters. You need awareness and constant learning to fight the drift toward settling, so common today, with all the options in the binge watching sector.

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The cryptonite – the sleep-inducing substances –  have never been stronger or more plentiful. And the deeper reasons why you came here, yes, they’re still calling. Stronger than ever, the need for you and your offering right now in this world.

Even when you give the dream a good effort, you still can see blocks. That’s part of the deal. It’s like the money coach who goes into debt to buy the expensive coaching program (guess who? and yes, I learned a ton- and paid it off. More on that later…). You learn something and then – you choose whether – and how – to keep going.

The blocks can be numerous and gnarly. And, they’re the perfect set ups to meld you to the next level of greatness. Of full embodiment, abundance, ease and finally – of making that contribution to the world that brings you deep deep satisfaction. The YES – the AHHH – arrives. You arrive. You step into life, fully.

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Kind of like writing that wonderful song – I joke and say after that, I can die in peace. OK… not quite, but you catch my drift. What is the song you haven’t yet written?

What kind of blocks get in the way of getting to that peaceful and creative place, that joyful essence? To sharing that important contribution?

  • soul sucking jobs that might have become easy, and pay the rent or pay well
  • past history that creates negative expectations, or ancient ways of checking out
  • supposed “failures” that get misinterpreted so you stay stuck or give up
  • digital demons that program your dopamine receptors to beg for more
  • family dramas that aren’t yours to solve but that suck you in
  • negative mood and thinking cycles that try to keep you safe but are outdated
  • fear, and myths about risks versus benefits of soul inspired change
  • self talk that never gets challenged outside of your own head – but it’s total BS
  • over-delivering to clients, to loved ones, based on a old sense of inadequacy
  • not going to the next level in your work, in your relationships, due to fear
  • ____________________________ (your unique blocks – they’re endless)


The good news? These blocks are not “out to get you”. That’s just their job. The deal here on Earth is that there will be resistance. Some say the more it matters, the more powerful the push back. Hey, you didn’t just come here for the vodka or the ice cream, or even the sex, right? OK maybe a combination of the above… AND something more.


There are a few steps to take to be fully informed that you are in the right place and are using this precious life in the way you designed. Before you were born even. That “living the dream” that’s talked about (but usually includes pictures of BMWs- it’s not only that kind of weath though, is it?). Because you just know when it is NOT happening – all of the inner signals start bleeping at once…

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Here’s what can help – what the coaching program can  address:

  • Get outside your head – within a sacred, professional, objective, intuitive consult
  • Revisit the truth of the dream for this life – take stock with heart and spirit present
  • Name the blocks that stop you
  • Clear the blocks for good, alongside tools and practices that help with all of life
  • Experiment – with glee (OK the glee may be the advanced yoga position)
  • Create ongoing support to keep on track – personal and/or professional

The other good news? Reversing the inertia, even with small steps, brings huge shifts and mood improvements. Turn that ship around, from the doldrums to the more lively current, and momentum and gladness begin to multiply. You get noticed and supported, by forces outside yourself. They love to aid soulful causes.


With my Boulder-based therapy practice currently full, I only have a handful of openings for these coaching seats. As a lightworker myself, I take delight in helping other comrades get to the next level that is calling. I know that it makes a big difference for the planet and other lightworkers when one of you makes it happen. THESE ARE KILLER TIMES, aren’t they? Don’t waste your juice!

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What makes this program different? Yes – I’m a licensed psychotherapist for two decades, I completed Life Coach training and have delivered soul-based coaching for 15 years, and I know how to deliver the best of both of those worlds. And, a key thing that superpowers these skills and makes a real difference in helping clients get to the next level is my training as an intuitive. This intuitive edge helps me:

  • hone in on the right direction to take a session – saving time and sweat
  • skillfully challenge what isn’t accurate or needs updating in your view and actions
  • create an amazingly powerful container where your inner wisdom gets magnified
  • know the right moment to clear an old musty block that’s sucking your spirit away

Add in a sense of humor that super powers your shifts and improved perspective – and there you have it. It’s different, it’s deep and it’s worth your investment. If you haven’t experienced it, you can try a consult or a beginning level to make sure our styles work well together. The spring special is a great way to test the waters.

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The coaching programs will be customized to clear your unique stuckness and satisfy your needs for growth. Here are the common elements and goals for the three levels. The special runs through June 20th, 2019 – the end of spring! See below for the program and sale deets – let me know if you have q’s at mdenisebarnes at gmail dot com.


Clear the Decks    Level 1          $ 397

Master Plan update
Block detector
Mind/Body tools for your next steps

Prerequisite: Clarity Questionnaire
(60 minutes of your focused time)
2 sessions
Practical / Magical Tool training

2 each 60 mn coaching sessions
with clarifying pre-session work

Get an objective and wisdom filled consult re: why you’re stuck and how to move forward. This package helps you stop the circling and the emotional roller coaster, giving you the reset you’ve been hoping for to get excited about life again.

Results: New clarity about what’s gone wrong and how to correct it.

Clear plan for removing blocks

Mind/Body Tools – 3 best for you

You’ll be excited and hopeful about life again

All Hands On       Level 2          $ 997

Clear the Decks/Level 1 steps
Block Clearing – Past regrets, self sabotage, fears, old history replays

Tools for Momentum program

4 coaching sessions total
with intuitive and clearing work
Tools for Momentum program

Using Holistic Brain and Body methods, you’ll remove the gunk of past experience that blocks you, even when they’re well worn grooves. Plus stress mgmt. and self care online tools to keep you on track and preserving a positive approach.

Results: Clarity and New Life Story
Tools to handle any adversity, stress and greatly improve QOL
Understanding of the master plan
Experiment design for next projects

You’ll be back on track with your deep mission, aware of how to avoid old patterns and set up new ones – joy, forward momentum, healing.

Full Steam Ahead  Premium  $3697

The complete AHO package

6 months of next step coaching and support

AHO package, 4 sessions plus
6 months of coaching (2 sessions per month)

When the rubber meets the road there can be challenges, and this package guarantees that not only will you avoid getting derailed, you’ll strengthen your tools for stepping forth as a master of what used to keep you stuck and circling.

Results: Official end of the “quiet desperation” phase of life
Clarity, deep block clearing, tools
Plan for new life story experiment
Practical and intuitive support for upleveling, clearing fears and pushback in work, creative, relationships and financial areas.

Exuberance. Glee. The advanced position if it were yoga class.

Test drive: I understand this can feel like a big investment. Life changing upgrades often require investment and some risk. Don’t jump in beyond your ability. Work is in involved when you’re shifting gears. Leaving old patterns behind is a great relief, and it can be disruptive to your current world, relationships, and self comfort patterns. This can however, happen with ease and speed when you are ready for it.

Try Level 1 or even a free consult to make sure we are a good fit – that is key. Ask me the hard questions. Express your doubts and fears. Do your due diligence. Then even when the outcome is not necessarily certain (guarantees go so far because it will also depend on you), you will be able to lean into the coaching with clarity and confidence.


I’m so blessed to work with the most heartful intelligent creative healin’ agent conscious entrepreneur gifted sensitive innovators around. As the sacred space held here refreshes and strengthens your wisdom and confidence, brilliant results of peace, passion and fulfillment follow. Here are a few amazing ones and their before and after stories.

“I’m doing the work I love, and contributing in the way I am meant to”

I was feeling full of all kinds of ideas but really didn’t know what to do … I needed help to focus, and be accountable again. I was feeling a little deflated – the job market, my unique profession – and I was not finding my new work in Boulder or Colorado. You had a spiritual component that I was drawn to, and the work was holistic. That’s essential, and I was drawn to that and your openness. You never pushed one way or another; you just kept asking me the questions that helped me get to the creative place, to get me to the next level. Now I’m really in my element, and love the Northwest. I’m doing the work I love, and contributing in the way I am meant to. The work was really rich… heart and soul centered … phenomenal. I loved that you were so approachable and really knew what you were doing.

Sheila Tallmon, Children’s Camp Director
Seattle, WA

More willing to do things I ordinarily wouldn’t; more self-confident, more fulfilled
I would say the biggest learning – and this was HUGE for me – was the work around negative core beliefs. This helped me to realize that being “out there” and speaking my truth is actually safer than staying small. That led to my claiming my work as a real business instead of a hobby.  I can’t tell you how big that is! I feel more committed, willing to do things that I ordinarily wouldn’t do, especially in terms of outreach.  I feel more satisfied, more self-confident, and more fulfilled.  I expect to make more money.

What is unique about Denise’s work is the way she integrates the practical and the “magical” (Law of Attraction). You bring in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – more than anyone else I know. I have never seen anyone before who does that.  And she makes it fun besides!
Meg Sullivan, Reiki Master, Oakland, CA

Almost unfathomable what has shifted and the gears you got moving…

When Denise let me know that she was creating a webinar, I jumped at the chance to work with her on issues of wealth and creativity.  Having worked with Denise one-on-one in the past, however, I was unsure of how I’d feel sharing her time and expertise with other participants.  What I discovered was that her ability to zero in on the needs of her clients only became more charged and clear and created a sort of super magnet energy that connected the entire group in a dynamic, exciting, way.  Plus, by sharing the journey with other clients I was able to understand my journey more thoroughly, more quickly.  In one short month, I was on my way to living my intention: to be in awe of my joyful balanced life. I’m so grateful for the gears you got moving in me. It’s been almost unfathomable what has shifted.

Morgan Rowe, Actress, Writer, Coach/Counselor, Portland, ME

The best part – the family history and ancestral money exploration

When I heard Denise mention Healthy Wealth, I knew she was the coach for me. Since I already knew how to do health, I knew I could do wealth and was ready to connect this concept to my money zone. The best part of the work for me was the family history and ancestral money exploration. I had NO female models of independent, powerful businesswomen. We cleared a few other stories that weren’t serving me. Now I see what a pioneer I am, and how to navigate the practical and mystical next steps in healthy wealth creation.

Beverly Green, Image Consultant, Public Speaker, Falls Church, VA

Denise’s … soul savvy magic… I was a bud that could…open and receive light

With Denise’s tools and soul savvy magic I felt like a bud that could start to open and receive more light. I saw that we all want to grow, we all want this. The willingness to share what is true for me is world’s better than keeping it a secret to myself. It is refreshing to feel that I’m doing something, really taking action!

Tessalin Green,
Musician, Stylist, Organizer,
Boulder CO

To apply for a spot in the program, please answer the questions below. You can also use this format to ask any questions you have. I will get back to you within one business day.