Are you sleeping well lately? When life’s on track, and your mission is active in your life, there’s an ease, even joy, as you go about your business. If not, you’re lost. Something’s off, and there’s annoying blip that keeps going off, like an inner sonar or alarm system that’s been tripped.

If you struggle to get on track with your deepest purpose, I hear you. Life today is full, demanding and distracting. Deep gifts take time and courage to be made practical and functional in this world. Blocks may often have roots to unresolved past experiences or traumas. And when you’re creative and sensitive, it’s challenging to find the right balance of practicality alongside important dream creation.

Hey, it is no simple dance, this s-hero-s journey.

It can feel impossible to rise to that higher ground – it can seem too risky. But it’s not. There are hurdles – of distraction, naysayers, and time sucks. But you can wrestle your next level of dreams into reality. You can clear the confusion, and build the creative accomplishments that stop the alarm system going off.

You can answer the call, and contribute your deep gifts to this needy, crazy ass world. Once you make that shift in direction, there’s immediate relief. That alarm is silenced.

That’s what I help my clients do. Wrestling that next level of dreams to sustainable reality – so that stress and anxiety is replaced by confidence and inner power. Clearing the fears or hesitations masquerading as confusion and yeah buts.

There’s no time to lose. Each day matters.


Just as your challenges can have cognitive, emotional and past history aspects, my coaching holistically addresses gaps and trip ups in knowledge, mindset and emotions. This approach is different and respectful. It does not ignore spiritual and emotional intel. My practical and intuitive approach gets to the heart of the matter, and saves a lot of circling. You’re guided to the exact breakthroughs and next steps that quickly get you back on track. Each session gives insightful nuggets and tools, keeping your momentum building.

Here are some of the awesome accomplishments of my clients:

  • Completion of creative project of deep meaning. Next steps are clear. Much more confidence.
  • Post-divorce and single mom/sole breadwinner status. Faced worries, income miracles.
  • Visibility leaps – as writer and tribe leader. Huge growth in followers and reputation.
  • Client sees two ideal job options. Wins latter after 6 mo. national competition. Would not have even applied for this job or gotten day job in meantime without coaching. Day job provides crucial skills for the new gig.
  • Clears past trauma that made $ feel like a monster chasing her. More $ ease and flow.
  • Clarifying gaps in skills that result in courage and strength to take next steps.


Many of my clients are creatives who know expansion is calling, but they’re confused with how to make this happen. They have a clear sense of change afoot but lack confidence. They might be baffled why the blocks continue to prevent forward motion.

It’s not just about money making. Integrity, authenticity, and contribution to the world – these all matter. The work is not always easy, but there is relief when insights come. And though challenging, it’s called delightful, when those blocks are explained, and movement can resume.

Coaching with me turns the volume up on your own wisdom. When challenges show up, sometimes it is timely. Within sacred space, insights and options emerge. Session time gives you shelter that revives your inner knowing and grows confidence in your intuition. Your wisdom and power leave refreshed, and ready for another dive into the next steps.

My clients are ready for change. They feel it coming around the bend. And this time, they’re ready for some support. They’re ready to clear the old hurdles and confusions faster. They know that the investment in coaching could bring more income as well as sanity and ease. They’re glad to make that commitment to themselves.


My background includes training as a therapist, life coach and intuitive. I’m a licensed therapist in Colorado, a communication and behavior change trainer, and a Reverend. I keep my creative work alive (singer/songwriter, one woman show composer, Best of Denver award 2007 for the Kick Ass Peace Prayers service), and have current performance and writing gigs going.

This background helps me zero in with clients, and get to the heart of the matter faster.
As a sensitive, I’ve broken through fears to stretch my own limits. My clients appreciate
that I’m on the same path. Growth is never ending – and I’ve had failures to weather in
that mix. I’m here to keep unfolding my deepest mission and full self. That means
choosing risk over comfort most of the time. Though I certainly have my candle lit baths and hot springs time too.


More willing to do things I ordinarily wouldn’t; more self-confident, more fulfilled
I would say the biggest learning – and this was HUGE for me – was the work around negative core beliefs. This helped me to realize that being “out there” and speaking my truth is actually safer than staying small. That led to my claiming my work as a real business instead of a hobby.  I can’t tell you how big that is! I feel more committed, willing to do things that I ordinarily wouldn’t do, especially in terms of outreach.  I feel more satisfied, more self-confident, and more fulfilled.  I expect to make more money.

What is unique about Denise’s work is the way she integrates the practical and the “magical” (Law of Attraction). You bring in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – more than anyone else I know. I have never seen anyone before who does that.  And she makes it fun besides!
Meg Sullivan, Reiki Master, Oakland, CA

Almost unfathomable what has shifted and the gears you got moving…

When Denise let me know that she was creating a webinar, I jumped at the chance to work with her on issues of wealth and creativity.  Having worked with Denise one-on-one in the past, however, I was unsure of how I’d feel sharing her time and expertise with other participants.  What I discovered was that her ability to zero in on the needs of her clients only became more charged and clear and created a sort of super magnet energy that connected the entire group in a dynamic, exciting, way.  Plus, by sharing the journey with other clients I was able to understand my journey more thoroughly, more quickly.  In one short month, I was on my way to living my intention: to be in awe of my joyful balanced life. I’m so grateful for the gears you got moving in me. It’s been almost unfathomable what has shifted.

Morgan Rowe, Actress, Writer, Seattle, WA


The best part – the family history and ancestral money exploration

When I heard Denise mention Healthy Wealth, I knew she was the coach for me. Since I already knew how to do health, I knew I could do wealth and was ready to connect this concept to my money zone. The best part of the work for me was the family history and ancestral money exploration. I had NO female models of independent, powerful businesswomen. We cleared a few other stories that weren’t serving me. Now I see what a pioneer I am, and how to navigate the practical and mystical next steps in healthy wealth creation.

Beverly Green, Image Consultant, Public Speaker, Falls Church, VA


With Denise’s tools and soul savvy magic I felt like a bud that could start to open and receive more light. I saw that we all want to grow, we all want this. The willingness to share what is true for me is world’s better than keeping it a secret to myself. It is
refreshing to feel that I’m doing something, really taking action!

Tessalin Green, Organizer, Musician, Boulder CO


Coaching includes a customized combo of monthly calls, email/phone support, feedback on creative and business materials, and access to the soul savvy library of tools/resources. The minimum time investment is 6 months. For previous clients, and those who might need to consult briefly, it is possible to arrange single sessions with email follow up. Please fill out the below questions and email your request – you’ll hear from me quickly.

Audio clips

Here I discuss common challenge areas for clients that they couldn’t figure out by themselves. Coaching provided fuel for breakthroughs that would not have happened in solo mode as quickly.


To start, we’ll have a brief phone call. Please email me your answers to the below questions. I’ll be in touch to set up a brief, no cost, no obligation conversation.

On the call, we’ll make sure it feels right to team up – that’s a big step, and a sacred one. If coaching with me isn’t your next step, I’ll likely have ideas and resources to share.

I only have one to two spots for new clients, but if we’re a good fit, I’ll put you on the waiting list.

In your email, let me know

What do you want to accomplish with coaching?
Why is now a good time?
What are the obstacles you’re facing, and what do you do to work with these right now?
What resonates with you about the coaching that is described here?
What do you most need in a coaching partnership?
Anything else that you’d like me to know before our call.

email mdenisebarnes at gmail, or text 303 501 7402

I look forward to our conversation.                                             Thanks, Denise Barnes