Are you sleeping well lately? When life’s on track, and your mission is active in your life, there’s an ease, even joy, as you go about your business. If not, you’re lost. Something’s off, and there’s annoying blip that keeps going off, like an inner sonar or alarm system that’s been tripped.

If you struggle to get on track with your deepest purpose, I hear you. With the Covid-19 crisis, life today is full, demanding and distracting. Even without a global pandemic, deep gifts take time and courage to be made practical and functional in this world. Blocks may often have roots to unresolved past experiences or traumas. And when you’re creative and sensitive, it’s challenging to find the right balance of practicality alongside important dream creation.

Hey, it is no simple dance, this journey to your full potential. Joseph Campbell called it the hero’s journey. Some call it the shero’s journey, to give it a touch of the feminine side …

It can feel impossible to rise to that higher ground – it can seem too risky. But it’s not. There are hurdles – of distraction, naysayers, and time sucks. But you can create your next level of dreams. You can clear the confusion, and build the momentum that stop the alarm bells going off.

How does this sound?

  • You breakthrough the inertia, experiencing the inner smile instead of nagging regrets
  • You move through confusion and conflicting voices with beautiful comebacks
  • You get clear and start to rebuild the confidence that helps you handle anything

You can answer the call, and contribute your deep gifts to this needy, crazy ass world.

That’s what I help my clients do. Wrestling that next level of dreams into reality – sustainable, functionally. So that stress and anxiety is replaced by confidence and inner power. Clearing the fears or hesitations masquerading as confusion and yeah buts.

There’s no time to lose. Each day matters. Book a discovery consult, and Let’s talk soon.


Just as your challenges can have cognitive, emotional and past history aspects, my coaching holistically addresses gaps and unhelpful loops, in knowledge, mindset and emotions. This approach is different and respectful. It does not ignore spiritual and emotional intel.

My intuitive skills help get to the heart of the matter, saving time, and ending the circling. You’re guided to the exact breakthroughs and next steps that get you back on track. Each session gives insightful nuggets and tools. Your momentum keeps building. Acceleration is afoot.

Here are some of the awesome accomplishments of my clients:

  • Completion of creative project of deep meaning. Next steps are clear. Much more confidence
  • Post-divorce single mom/sole breadwinner status. Faced $ worries. Creates $ miracles
  • Visibility leaps – as writer and tribe leader. Huge growth in followers and reputation
  • Client sees two ideal job options. Wins latter after 6 mo. national competition. Would not have even applied for this job or gotten day job in meantime without coaching. Day job provides crucial skills for the new gig. Job opened only after last person retired, after twenty years
  • Clears past trauma that made $ feel like a monster chasing her. More $ ease and flow
  • Clarifying skill gaps, finds new courage and strength to take next steps. Joyful work emerges


My clients are creatives, healers and purpose-driven professionals who know expansion is calling, but they’re unsure how to make this happen. They have a clear sense of change afoot but lack confidence. They might be baffled why the blocks continue to prevent forward motion. In short, they’re stuck.

It’s not just about moneymaking – but money is important. Integrity, authenticity, and contribution to the world – these also matter. The work is not always easy, but there is relief when insights and clarity arrive. And though at times deep, perhaps challenging, it’s been called delightful. Those blocks are worked through, and movement and excitement returns.

Coaching with me turns the volume up on your own wisdom. When challenges show up, sometimes it is timely. Within sacred space, insights and options emerge. Session time revives your inner knowing and grows confidence in making the right decisions. Your wisdom and power leave refreshed, and ready for another dive into the most crucial next steps.

My clients are ready for change. They feel it coming around the bend. And this time, they’re ready for support. They’re ready to clear the old hurdles and confusions faster. They know that the investment in coaching could bring more income as well as sanity and ease. They’re glad to make that commitment to themselves. They realize that inviting support is part of that next stage of growth.

Let’s talk.

See Client Testimonials and Transformation Stories


Three current coaching programs include:

Dream Growing Clarity 4 month program
Unshakable Confidence 6 month program
Momentum Accelerator 9 month program

Your Soul Savvy Coaching will include customized options, for example:

2 monthly calls/virtual meetings, 45 minutes
Email access and support during the week
Feedback on creative / business materials and ideas
Intuitive readings, and strengthening your intuitive muscles
Sacred coaching space to clear the roots of repeating themes
Stress mastery training and tools for handling any adversity
Soul savvy library access for dream building clarity, mindset tools, and business smarts, like marketing messages, sales, networking

We’ll tailor your program to support your goals and learning style.


Schedule a Discovery Session. This is a no cost, no obligation conversation. If coaching with me isn’t your next step, I’ll have great ideas and resources for you. On the call, we’ll make sure it feels right to team up – that’s a big step, and a sacred one.

Pick a time to chat here, or contact me at denise at, if these times don’t work.
I look forward to connecting.

Denise Barnes