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Fun Ways to Minimize the Torture of Naming 2015’s Brilliant Plan

January is kind of a see saw at times. Looking back, looking ahead. Completing things, starting things. There is a desire to improve life, hence resolutions. But resolutions often fall by the wayside. So, how can you go beyond that, … Continue reading

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How to Properly Exhale a Year ’round the Sun – Farewell 2014

January looms large as a cornerstone of the year, doesn’t it? There I was today, so proud of myself as I was pulling into the Rec Center for water aerobics. Then realized – I’d totally spaced my gym bag! I … Continue reading

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4 ways to Gracefully Receive a Game Changing Holiday NO!

But what happens when you get given a “no” that disagrees with your hopes and plans for the season? I had this experience with a family tradition recently I’d come to expect, (and perhaps take for granted). I realized the holidays can be a virtual mine field for these kind of occurrences. No wonder stress can rule the season!

Well, no worries. With a few soul savvy steps, this challenge can be shifted to a sense of grace and appreciation. Newfound traditions can even be invented or reinvented – under duress perhaps at first, but eventually with a creative heart. Continue reading

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From Turnips to Transformation: Awaken to your Dark Side Part III

Part one of this series Part two “Expansiveness is a state of being that carries you deeply into the realm of your spirit by means of past learned or experienced limitations.” Angelic Messenger Cards, Pg. 49, Expansiveness Card Jackie was … Continue reading

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Soul Mission Control Update: 11-11-14

The group, (John the Baptist, Areeanna of the Pleiades, and Octavia the High Priestess), Channeled by Denise Barnes for Soul Savvy subscribers. To subscribe, please visit – or if here, see that box on the side of the page … Continue reading

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Light Workers: 3 Ideas for Healing your Dark Side

LIGHT WORKERS: THREE IDEAS FOR HEALING YOUR DARK SIDE Jackie tends to have trouble saying no; helping others comes easily. Lately she is realizing she ends up feeling drained at times when helping. She just had a friend live with … Continue reading

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Light Workers: Awaken to your Dark Side

Today is All Soul’s Day, the day when the veil between our world and that of spirit is the thinnest. I send blessings to you and yours, friends and family in this world, and the other parallel word, where the … Continue reading

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4 Essentials for Energy of Intention Mastery

The Authentic Action Mastermind group is setting the groundwork for some serious dream wrestling. Bringing vision to reality involves translating the metaphysical to the physical, and there can be some bumps in the road. Using energy work can help keep … Continue reading

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Is Prayer Good Enough for the Pain of the World?

Comrade story- inside a Mastermind group Meg is one of my Mastermind group members for the last seven years. She asked for my support a couple weeks back; here’s her story. Notice how this past life trauma was getting triggered … Continue reading

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Fall Equinox ’14 Channel from ‘the group’

Greetings and blessings to your wonderful eyes and the curvy road that has brought you to this reading. We are the group, an informal current nomenclature, for a group of guides and Ascended Masters that work with Denise; John the … Continue reading

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