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Groups for Expanding Coping Skills

The next groups will start in September.
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Wars, climate change, political strife. These days it seems the world’s going “to hell in a hand basket”, to quote a cliché. Not to mention the traffic, the nasty neighbor and your mother-in-law. Oh and don’t forget the pandemic. What’s a human to do?


Get your Amazon on –
yes, it can be fun!

What we covered:
Good, Bad, and Ugly ways to cope with Stress
A relaxation that soothes the emotional brain, & helps you remember your goodness
It’s your choice – Fight Flight Freeze? or Rest and Digest
Problem Solving – a tool for the Analyzer brain (June 4th – it’s emotional brain time!)

Foundations of Good Fit Coping
Trap it, Map it, Zap it tool – to help with wayward Thoughts and Emotions
Emotional management – a quick RAIN meditation (also shown toward end of webinar)
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Yes, it’s big girl or boy panty time. You want to make a difference, right? But yes, you didn’t think you’d have to pay it forward WHILE handling wildfire smoke forcing you to keep your windows closed. Or a sudden layoff. Or the car engine giving out. Or a laptop meltdown when all your work is virtual.

You know a lot when it comes to handling stress. Or thought you did. But the last years on planet earth have upped the ante for everyone. The usual approaches aren’t enough. And sometimes things that used to work, have stopped working. You may feel like you’re in over your head… and this corridor of change? Doesn’t look like it will shift anytime soon.

Put that remote down, and peel back the covers, friend.

What’s Amazon Stress Zapping? Well on one level, it’s staying calm and not freaking out. Dropping out of fight / flight / freeze mode when it’s triggered. Mostly though, it’s about not letting yourself get derailed from your momentum toward the things that matter. Stress derails you and makes it hard to stay on your plan. Never mind enjoy life.

But there is good news here.

Denise zapping some stress…

Stress management skills don’t erase stress. They just smack it down a few points and tell it who’s boss. Just like an amazon would. Then, she keeps moving. With a smile.

Today good stress management is a martial arts practice. You stay in momentum, even if it means adjusting your pace a bit.

And it’s a healing practice too. Because often stress points to what needs attention. That emotional intelligence can be important to listen to, to honor. And, sometimes, you just need to shut negative thoughts down. In this group you’ll learn the difference between good intel and the head’s BS (“head trash” as one leader calls it).

(Read a recent blog about dealing with head trash)
(See a blog re: How to rate your stress level – science-backed ways)

Who will rock this group? If this is you:

  • You are willing to learn new things and could add a few coping tools now
  • You’d like to know you can handle surprises and challenges that come up
  • You need to keep your momentum going on things that matter for the long run
  • You’re want to have options when stress overwhelms or burdens you
  • You know the world needs your positive view and you’re tired of getting derailed

Today, you must be able to navigate a world in upheaval. Ideally, you can do this with grace. This world needs thriving Entrepreneurs, Sensitives, and Health Professionals to be whistling while you work. Making the difference you came to give.

Even if this bucket is going down… Let’s do the best work and share the most help while it can truly make a difference. The 2020s are not for the faint of heart, right? Nope, it’s amazon panty time.

GROUP DETAILS: The first group is in June for 4 weeks.
Dates: June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 4 meetings over 3 weeks in June
Time: 2:00 Mtn time on Wednesdays – 60 minute groups, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Cost: $120 or covered by insurance – check the # on back of your card to be sure.
If you have insurance, it should cover this with a small co-pay if you live in Colorado.

What you’ll get:

  • Best coping tools of psychology: problem solving, thought & emotional mgmt.
  • Helpful perspectives such as Active / Passive coping, Maslow’s hierarchy update
  • Keys to enhance whole brain stress mgmt. – both thinking and emotional sides
  • 21 days of practice time, to eliminate bad habits and start new, helpful ones
  • Fast relief for how to slap a high stress level down in 10 minute intervals


See the bottom of the page for how to apply – answer 4 questions in an email to me.
Group details – see above for times, cost etc.

Denise Barnes, LPC

Denise Barnes MA, LPC, Rev., is a licensed therapist, intuitive coach and performer who first taught this framework in a psychosocial research study to 75 women exiting breast cancer treatment in the late nineties. It helped their best recovery and in some cases, transformation. She loves teaching the 4 Steps to Destress system because it’s an evidence-based practice* that works fast, and gives people what they need to weather rocky times.

Note: *The 4 Steps and the Transactional Model of Stress & Coping is a system that predates Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) which has been found at times to be a bit bulky and slow to implement. In contrast to weeks and weeks of eating raisins, we’ll start stress zapping like an amazon, within minutes.

What are the 4 steps? What stress mgmt. model is this based on?
Based on the Transactional Model of Stress and Coping, this model includes a perspective on how you can best cope with stress – and how different types of stress demand very different coping skills.

So you not only get foundational tools of coping psychology, such as problem solving, and tools for challenging thoughts & emotions.

You find out WHEN to use WHAT. They call it Good Fit Coping.

I’m already in therapy, but could use more tools. Can I still join?

Great question. Short answer yes, and this will speed your progress. Check with your therapist to be sure, and I’m happy to speak with them (ROI needed) or address any specific questions over email. mdenisebarnes at gmail

I know some tools but they don’t seem to help me as much as they’re supposed to.

Knowledge is important, but tools do take consistent practice to get over the hump to efficient and deep helpfulness. I’ll encourage you to write the steps out for a while – this uses the whole brain and is more effective. Once you have that down, you’ll be able to recognize stress faster, and shift it faster, without necessarily needing the writing down part.

I find it hard to meditate, though I know this is supposed to be a game changer. Will this help me relax?

We’re all different in terms of what works best for regular and consistent stress mgmt. and relaxation practices. But the studies are clear that there are major benefits to learning to “stop, be still and chill”, as my comedy character Tina T encourages. This group will support you to try a few options and get a groove going. There are too many benefits to regular relaxation practices (health and wellness especially) to skip or fudge on this piece.

How do I join / reserve my spot?

Apply to the group by emailing Denise with your answers to 4 questions:
use the form below but here they are FYI.

  1. What are your current go-to stress mgmt. practices or ways that you cope?
  2. What are your less-than-helpful or non-effective ways to cope with stress?
  3. How many times in a week do thoughts or moods derail you from your plan?
  4. What is your stress level average, in the last 2 weeks, on a scale of 1-10, 10 high?*Feel free to add anything else that would be good for me to know.

Group spots are first come, first serve.
Reserve your spot by paying/arranging payment for the group,

More questions? Text or email Denise to upgrade your stress mgmt. for life!
area code 303, phone 501-7402. email mdenisebarnes at gmail.

Keep in mind: Group spots are first come, first serve. You must apply and pay to reserve your seat. Group size will be small to ensure all get time and support.

Application for the group

Payment options: $120 for 4 groups
Or email mdenisebarnes@gmail.com to set up insurance / check payments

Thank you!
This will be a super helpful experience and big benefit for your life and mental health.